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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 511 Raigon’s Struggle

As Reign made his way over to the battlefield, the battle was almost over. Even though the king had tried his hardest in order to escape, he was unable to do so since he was not only heavily injured, but also didn't have his wings anymore, which heavily limited his speed.

Without his wings, the king was unable to shake off Raigon who was flying above him and bombarding him with attacks.

Since they were on the king's side of the battlefield, Raigon was able to attack without caring for the safety of the troops, which the king knew so he started running toward the enemy troops.

Raigon spared no mana when it came to finishing the king off. He relentlessly attacked him, showering the area with golden arrows, spears, swords, axes, he even made multiple giant golden icebergs that he had thrown at the king and tried to stop him by creating numerous golden gates and walls.

It worked, but only to slow the king down.

His injuries got worse and worse during the battle, but he was still able to reach the front line of Riplas's army.

He then unleashed a massacre upon the soldiers.

It seemed that the king was trying to make sure that even if he was to die, he would take as many of them as he could with him.

Raigon was completely unable to stop his massacre as the bastard suddenly became more powerful.

Even though his body had started breaking down and he was losing gallons of blood by the minute, he was relentless.

He slaughtered his way deeper and deeper inside the army and it was only then that Raigon understood what he was actually planning to do.

"Oh no you don't!" He shouted out as an incredible amount of mana was released by him.

Giant golden chains rose from the ground, some even injuring the soldiers, but Raigon didn't have the luxury to care about them right now. The chains quickly shot at the king before twisting and turning around and creating a giant ball around the king.

Some soldiers were captured with the king, and even though it pained his heart, Raigon knew that he had to sacrifice them as he could not allow the king to do what he was planning to do.

Just 300 meters ahead was where a giant tent was set up, and inside that tent, was Eisenhorn who was still unconscious.

'No matter what, I have to protect him, with the new power he has gained, he is an incredibly important part of the kingdom, we can't lose him, not now." Raigon said as he steeled his mind before sending the giant ball of golden chains up.

Suddenly chains started shooting up once again from the ground and more of them enveloped the ball and started constricting.

Raigon's plan was to put as many layers of the chains around the king before crushing him with them. He would use up almost all of his remaining mana in order to do so, but it would be worth it.

'Damn, and here I wanted to help out and crush the enemy army after this, oh well, killing this bastard is enough." Raigon smirked before using his mana and forcing the chains to constrict to their maximum.

The ball started shrinking more and more until he could feel resistance. The resistance came from the king who was fiercely struggling inside.

'How the hell did his strength improve so much in such a short time period, damn it, I hate these demon-worshipper bastards!' Raigon cursed inside his head as he continued to put pressure on the ball.

The whole situation continued for a full 4 minutes.

For one to resist such a force for so long was almost unthinkable as this could severely injure if not outright kill a low-grade Tier III opponent. Since the king was of such grade, the same as Raigon, he should have been dead, especially since he was severely injured beforehand.

Raigon could feel that his strength was depleting and his mana was almost gone. He couldn't continue doing this much longer and after 20 more seconds passed, he used up what mana he had left to cause the chains to break and explode, hopefully dealing enough damage to kill the king.

The explosion wasn't a grandiose one, it was simply chained that were under great pressure being broken, which sent pieces of them flying around, but they dissipated as Raigon had no more mana left to keep them materialized.

He was barely able to keep himself floating and slowly floated down to where the body of the king was located at.

As he was some 5 meters away from the king, he suddenly released his skill and the wings disappeared as he plummeted down.

A spear suddenly shot up from the king and stabbed at Raigon.

Thanks to his quick thinking, the spear, which was aimed at his heart, penetrated through the shoulder. Well, only the upper half of the spear managed to stab through the upper part of the shoulder.

The injury wasn't light and one could even see the bone from it.

Raigon fell down on the ground and a small cloud of dust rose before he got up on one knee and stared ahead.

The king of Ios was still alive.

His body was different, however.

He had gone through a great change as four eyes were now present on his face while two horns rose from the forehead. His armor was gone, crushed by Raigon's skill while the rest of his body fared only a bit better.

Bones could be seen sticking out of his body, some appeared after the transformation and could be used as weapons, but were broken thanks to Raigon and his ball of golden chains.

Some stuck out because parts of the body were broken, and the bones penetrated through the skin.

"You damn bastard, you almost got me." The king spoke in a crazed voice as he licked the back of his hand that was bleeding. A small piece of bone was sticking out, but the king merely glanced at it before grabbing it and setting it back inside.

"Honestly, if I hadn't taken over the body at the last minute, I'm certain this bastard whose body I was inhabiting would have died." The king, who was now revealed to actually be the demon who was inside of him, spoke.

"So, he was possessed, huh?"

"Well, kind of, I gave him my power and stayed with him in hopes of being able to see a good show, and honestly, I did." The demon spoke with a light chuckle.

"I was hoping he would manage to get to that bastard, or at least attack from a distance and kill him, but that obviously didn't happen." The demon said as he glanced at the place where Eisenhorn was currently resting at.

'Damn, I might die a true death if I go there, the Transcendents have definitely appeared, they would be apprehensive about killing a human, but for a demon that invaded the world? They would merely get a slap on the wrist by the system, tch, unfair.' The demon spoke as he stared at Raigon.

"Well, I guess killing you will have to suffice, I do need a new body, this one is pretty much finished." The demon said with a wide smile before stepping toward Raigon who clenched his teeth as he tried to use mana.

"Oh come on, you know you can't do that." The demon said as he suddenly appeared behind Raigon.

"Tch, damn it, there goes a leg." The demon suddenly said as a snapping sound was heard from his body.

After taking over the body and boosting it with his power, it was barely able to keep up and was slowly getting crushed from the inside. Moving as fast as the demon did now made the bones in the right leg shatter completely.

"Damn it, that freaking hurts!" The demon said as he kneeled down on the ground, but he didn't forget to grab Raigon and pull him down as well.

He quickly grabbed Raigon's throat before staring down at him.

"But still, to get such an exquisite new vessel is quite satisfying, I wonder if I'll manage to inherit your Creation ability after devouring your soul." The demon smiled brightly before clenching his hand.

Raigon struggled, he tried using his hands to punch the demon, but it was to no avail. He was exhausted, his legs and arms barely moved and each hit was doing nothing, it was as if his fists were made out of cotton as they dealt absolutely no damage to the demon.

'Damn it, damn it, I won't die like this, no way!' Raigon shouted inside as he grabbed the demon's arm.

'I still have some mana, just a tiny bit, but I have some, I'll rather use it to implode myself and take this bastard down than allow him to take over!'

Suddenly mana started emanating from inside Raigon's body. It was a small amount that would usually not bother the demon, but since both of them were heavily injured and weak, it was enough to even kill him.

"What, damn, so you would rather die than let me take over?"

"Haaa, seems like I'll have to find a new body after this, huh?"

"You won't." A cold voice said behind the demon as a sword suddenly penetrated his heart.

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