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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 30 Market

Early in the morning everyone got together and left to find the market. Leaving the castle and looking around they notice a lot of small buildings and stalls that they didn't pay attention to earlier. A weapons shop, armor shop, potion shop, alchemist, trap shop and many more that offered a wide variety of things to buy or make.

"Hey, since this is similar to a game, shouldn't we be able to learn how to do these things as well, do you think we can get learn from these guys how to do that, like Adrian, shouldn't he be able to help someone become a smith?" Shadow excitedly asks everyone as he looks at all the shops and buildings around them.

"I guess, but first let's go and see if we can sell any of these items, we should check with the old man if he can make anything from them first though." Reign calms the excited Shadow down and tells in a calm voice.

They all agree and make their way to the smithy first, seeing Adrian smoking a cigarette as usual they approach him and show them all the items they have collected.

"Hmmm, the kobolds bones are useful, the scales I could use to create some vambraces but I don't think they will be anything special, you have to bring me some better material if you hope to get anything like that sword or better." Adrian shakes his head and takes a deep puff of the cigarette as he tells them.

"I see, so we can sell everything else to the market except the tail bones and fangs, the scales I don't think will be that useful." Reign proposes to everyone, seeing them all nod their heads they all go to the market to sell their goodies.

"Hello dear customers, are you buying or perhaps selling something?" A fat man behind the counter asks them, the man looked like a generic merchant you could see in dramas and games, wearing a gold chain and being decorated with rings on his fingers he gives a smile that looked friendly but felt weird. Looking at the man in front of them everyone had the same thought.

"This guys a fucking snake!"

With that thought in their minds they all approach quite calmly, trying not to show any nervousness in front of him, lest he takes them as easy prey and rips them off.

"We're selling materials." Wolf leads the party as he tells the merchant, he worked with a lot of slippery bastards before and knew the best way to talk with them, the key element is to always be calm and collected, the other one was to never back down in front of them, the bigger the bastard you are, the better things will be for you.

"Ohhhh well isn't that nice, you lot are the first to come to poor Oscar with something, well come one, bring it out, what do you want to sell?" Oscar says with a hearty laugh and a big smile.

"Here it is." Wolf waves his hand and a bunch of monster materials start dropping from the air on the counter, after a couple of seconds the counter was full of them.

"Well let's see what we got here, hmm some kobold scales, zombie brains, zombie hearts, some beaks, fangs, claws…" Oscar starts looking through the pile in front of him, he expertly names everything and gives an estimate on the quality and damage of every piece, finally finishing he counts everything down before looking straight at them. "Not bad you guys, there's some good things mixed in this pile, they are worth a nice sum but unfortunately a lot of it is damaged, I'm afraid the most I can do is 113 S Coins." Oscar tells them calmly with a regretful face.

"200." Wolf doesn't even change his expression as he tells Oscar, hearing the number the fat merchant almost falls of his chair. "200?!" He shouts. "That's impossible, I can give at most 125, and that's because you guys are the first to try and sell anything."

"210." Wolf calmly replies, everyone glances at Wolf but does nothing to stop him, inside though they were far from calm.

"What, boy do you even know how haggling works, you lower the price, you don't make it higher!" Oscar is fuming at Wolf, his face all red and now looking very differently from the calm and friendly face he previously had.

"220, the more you wait the higher it gets." Wolf again replies.

"What, impossible, that's impossible, 150, and that's final, take it or leave it." Leaning over the counter Oscar glares at Wolf only to see a smile blossom on the cold face.

"You have a deal mister Oscar." Taking his hand Wolf shakes it.

"Wha-" Oscar looks befuddled as he gives a handshake to Wolf, finally realizing what's happening he snaps out of it and takes his hand back. "You little twerp, you're a tricky one huh."

[Trade made, 150S Coins gained.]

[Distributing equally to everyone.]

[30 S Coins received.]

A series of notifications were heard as the materials in front of them suddenly disappear.

"Alright, shall we go and level up, we are running on a tight schedule now you know." Wolf turns around and tells everyone, absent mindedly they all nod their heads and slowly move towards the gate.

Somewhere on Earth


An earth shattering explosion suddenly happens, a group of monster get caught in the middle of it and get blown to pieces.

"Success!" A man walks out of a ruined building nearby, wearing formal attire he slowly moves towards the corpses of the monsters he just killed.

"Even though it drains all of my mana right away this skill is simply incredible, with this I'm certain I can kill that thing."

The man suddenly hears a notification and looks in front of him.

[Level up!]

[Players current level is 19 … ]

"I wonder if there are any people with a similar level as me, I guess not, not everyone got thrown into this kind of a hell hole right away."

The man turns around and looks at the ruins of the once prosperous city, the huge skyscrapers have become nests for huge aerial monsters, many landmarks in the city turning into dungeons filled with incredibly strong enemies and a huge snake could be found right outside of the city, coiling around the statue that once signified freedom.

"I wonder if I'll be able to defeat all of them by myself, it doesn't matter, I have to, till then please survive and wait for me Lee and Reign, I'll find you boys no matter what.

The man picks up any materials that had any worth and slowly makes his way back to the ruins.

3 days later.


A Hobgoblins head travels through the air as it gets cut off from the body. Landing on the ground it gets crushed by huge boots that step on it.

[Level up!]

[Current player level is 10, additional stats gained]

[Spirit +1, Agility + 1 ]

[Please get a class and finalize the level to get full rewards.]

Name : Reign

Level : 10 ( 420/3000 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human? (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 4

Strength : 18 (21) (+2 from ability, +1 from item)

Agility : 20 (25) (+3 from ability, +2 from item)

Endurance : 12 (13) (+1 from item)

Vitality : 14

Willpower : 14

Spirit : 17 (25) (+2 from ability, +6 from item)


Knife Proficiency D+

Hand to hand combat B+

Sword Proficiency C


[ Lighting movement ] – Rank C

[ Lightning Stab ] – Rank B

[Compact Punch ] – Rank C


Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 15 exp: 13%)

Unknown rank ??? ( lvl ? exp ???)

"Finally, I didn't think it would take us this long to finally level up, we only have 1 day left until the tutorial phrase is finished, let's go to the dungeon right away." Reign puts his sword back into his scabbard and tells everyone.

Everyone nods with a serious face and slowly they make their way towards the dungeon they previously entered, finally arriving at their destination Reign puts his hand on the boulder and gets a notification.

[Hidden dungeon detected, enter the dungeon?]

[Yes / No ]


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