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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 29 Further Plans


An arrow travels through the air in the forest, with incredible speed and accuracy it pierces through three zombies' heads at once, killing them immediately.


A huge shield hits one zombie, pushing it back near a bush from which a goblin wielding a sword as big as itself jumps out. With all of its might, the goblin slashes the zombie's legs, cutting cleanly through one, but getting stopped by the bone of the second one. The zombie, losing a leg stumbles and falls to the ground, the goblin doesn't wait and immediately chops at its neck twice, managing to cut off the head.

As more zombies gather to where the goblin is, two wolves jump out from behind and bite their necks, throwing them on the ground with their momentum. The wolves waste no time and start ripping apart the necks as they violently move their heads left and right.

At another side lightning and fire clash against a group of zombies being led by an elite, the zombies moved slow and the greatsword that carried flames with it proved to be an obstacle they couldn't pass, behind them sparks of lightning erupt as a dark red sword slashes through them, shocking the ones that managed to survive.

The elite tries to attack the enemies but is stopped by his own shadow that grabs at his ankles, immobilizing him. With a loud sound a spear of lightning shows up in front of him, aiming straight at his chest, the zombie tries to dodge but proves to be too slow for it. Right before he gets hit he sees the spear was just the sword and an arm of the opponent fully coated in lightning, creating the illusion of a lightning spear.

The attack hits and pierces straight through him, it wasn't enough to kill the elite though as it tries moving, but before he can a punch is thrown at his temple.


The punch connects and the zombie immediately feels an unknown power enter his skull together with the amazing strength behind it.


The forward half of the zombie's head gets crushed and explodes as the upper body bends backward, the remainders of the head almost touching the ground. The legs of the zombie were almost split from the ankles as the shadows were still holding on to them, the stomach gets a bit ripped but no blood escapes from the wound.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl5 Zombie killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl4 Zombie killed, 40 exp points gained-

-Lvl5 Zombie killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl6 Zombie killed, 60 exp points gained-

-Lvl8 Elite Zombie killed, 170 exp points gained –


[The player has earned 570exp points and 23S coins]

-Rank E Spear acquired

-Rank E Leather Armor (rags) acquired

-Rank F Switchblade acquired

[Battle has been concluded, distributing subordinates experience...]

-Lvl5 Zombie killed, 50 exp points gained-

[Your subordinate has killed 1 monster, 50 exp points earned.]

[Battle has been concluded, distributing pets experience...]

-Lvl5 Zombie killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl6 Zombie killed, 60 exp points gained-

[Your pets have killed 2 monsters, 110 exp points earned.]

[Level up!]

[Current player level is 9, additional stats gained]

[Strength +1, Agility + 1 ]

Name : Reign

Level : 9 ( 510/2000 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human? (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 0

Strength : 18 (21) (+2 from ability, +1 from item)

Agility : 19 (24) (+3 from ability, +2 from item)

Endurance : 12 (13) (+1 from item)

Vitality : 14

Willpower : 14

Spirit : 16 (23) (+1 from ability, +6 from item)


Knife Proficiency D+ π‘–π”«πš—π«π’†πšŠπ™™.π‘π™€π‘š

Hand to hand combat B+

Sword Proficiency C


[ Lighting movement ] – Rank C

[ Lightning Stab ] – Rank B

[Compact Punch ] – Rank C


Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 12 exp: 6%)

Unknown rank ??? ( lvl ? exp ???)

"Alright, all of us should have leveled up now right?" Reign asks everyone as they gather.

"Yeah, but damn, we need 2000 for level 10, that's high man," Shadow grumbles as he walks towards them with his hands in his pockets.

"Well that's a given, it wouldn't be an important level if it's not a little bit difficult to get there, I actually think it isn't that much when you think about it," Wolf tells the annoyed Shadow as he comes to them and starts petting the wolves. The wolves seem to enjoy Wolf's petting and immediately start brushing against his legs followed by them lying down on their backs.

"Are you sure it isn't you that's a tamer, these guys seem to like you even more than Beast." Tank jokingly says as he extends his arm to pet one of the wolves, the wolf noticing it immediately glares at Tank cautiously. "Hey there buddy, don't be scared, I might be big but I won't hurt you."

Tank starts petting it but the wolf still gives him a weird look, it seems it doesn't enjoy Tanks petting as much as Wolfs.

"I think so too, they are quite obedient and all but the way they act around you is just amazing Wolf, do you have a skill or something that helps you with that?" Beast says as he looks at his pets that don't even bother to look at him whenever Wolf is nearby.

"No, I was just around wolves a lot when I was a kid, my uncle had a hobby of raising and taming them, that's probably why these guys don't mind me." Wolf doesn't even lift his head up as he tells them, he just continues petting the wolves.

"Alright, it's already quite late, we should get back and then hunt as much as we can from tomorrow on, even if we can't get a class in time, the level should probably be a big help in the dungeon," Reign says as he puts his sword back in the scabbard, turning around they all go back as the system picks up anything valuable for them.

"The inventory is amazing, it's too bad that will be gone after the tutorial as well, we should save up some coins and buy the spatial whatever that is." Shadow

"It costs a thousand coins though, we'll need to earn a lot more to be able to afford the most basic one." Tank added from the side.

"Yeah but it will be worth it, can you imagine trying to carry everything by ourselves, also I think we can sell these materials as well, not just use them for crafting," Shadow says with a knowing expression.

"You're right, I saw something like a market in the castle walls, we should go and check it out." Beast excitedly says.

"Alright you guys, let's go back first, we'll check that out in the morning." Reign turns his head around and tells them, they all nod and continue with their journey back to the castle.

"By the way, are you guys sure we can do the dungeon at level 10 without classes, Eldar did say that's important to get." Shadow inquires with everyone.

"Yes but think about it, we all have high-rank abilities and are pioneers, I think we should be able to cross the difference with that, not to mention that even level 8 elites aren't that hard anymore, I don't think level 9s will be much harder so that only leaves level 10 and higher that can pose a challenge." Reign assures them.

The party finally arrives at the castle, entering it they all teleport to their floor and go to their rooms to rest. They had previously opened the boxes gained from the dungeons in hopes of getting something to further strengthen them, but all they got was trash items, not even Beasts luck helped

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