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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 26 Finishing The Dungeon


The other goblins scream as they see their fallen teammate, they never expected a betrayal from one of them, with an enemy at the front and back each they were at a loss. Using their confusion Reign charges and cuts the neck of one of them, making him fall down immediately and struggle during his final moments.

The last remaining goblin tries attacking him but ends up getting hit on his ankle with a pickaxes, the pickaxe fractures the bones and makes him fall. Lifting it up high in the air the goblin ends his life and looks at Reign with stars in his eyes.

"Alright, alright you did good, do you have a name by the way?"

[The player can name his subordinates if he wishes to.]

"Alright, I'll call you Greenie cuz, well you're green."

"Ah!" The goblin seemingly understands Reign and starts shouting out of joy.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl4 Goblin killed, 40 exp points gained-

-Lvl6 Goblin killed, 60 exp points gained-

- Lvl 1 Goblin Miner killed, 10 exp points gained-

[The player has earned 210exp points and 9S coins]

[Battle has been concluded, distributing subordinates experience...]

- Lvl 1 Goblin Miner killed, 10 exp points gained-

- Lvl 2 Goblin Miner killed, 15 exp points gained- π’π”«π–“π—Ώπ™šπ“ͺ𝐝.π‘π’π’Ž

[Your subordinate has killed 2 monsters, 25 exp points earned.]

"What, so he doesn't share the exp like the others?"

[Correct, subordinates only get exp from the monsters they kill, you can also allocate some of your exp to them.]

[ Level up! ]

[Current player level is 8, additional stats gained]

[Strength +1, Agility + 1 ]

Putting his old sword into the inventory Reign holds the new sword and opens up his stat window

Name : Reign

Level : 8 ( 80/900 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human? (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 0

Strength : 17 (20) (+2 from ability, +1 from item)

Agility : 18 (23) (+3 from ability, +2 from item)

Endurance : 12 (13) (+1 from item)

Vitality : 14

Willpower : 14

Spirit : 16 (23) (+1 from ability, +6 from item)


Knife Proficiency D+

Hand to hand combat B+

Sword Proficiency C


[ Lighting movement ] – Rank C

[ Lightning Stab ] – Rank B


Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 11 exp: 54%)

Unknown rank ??? ( lvl ? exp ???)

[ Strength has reached 20, first threshold reached, new skill gained.]

[Compact Punch ] – Rank C

[Description : By compressing all of his muscles together with mana the user is able to exert strength far greater than before, the more time it is spent preparing the skill the stronger it is but the consumption of mana and the stress on the muscles are bigger as well.]

"Another one huh, that can be useful, alright then Greenie, let's go and finish of the other goblins."

Greenie simply nods his head with a big smile and follows after Reign, he seems to have no issues killing his kin together with his master.

After a brief time they arrive to where yet another patrol was, the amount of goblins there was 3, Greenie goes to them right away, shouting at them and pointing at the place where the mining group was. With haste the goblin run, only to find Reign with his sword out at the corner.


A swift slash cuts the chest of one of them, making him fall backwards on another goblin. The third goblin tries attacking Reign but before he could do so he gets stabbed right through the throat.

Greenie lifts up his pickaxe and smashes it down towards the fallen goblin multiple times, turning his head into mush.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl4 Goblin killed, 40 exp points gained-

[The player has earned 90exp points and 3S coins]

[Battle has been concluded, distributing subordinates experience...]

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

[Your subordinate has killed 1 monster, 50 exp points earned.]

"Alright, now only the final group with the hobgoblin remains, that one will be the hardest group to kill, 1 hobgoblin and 6 goblins together, I'll have to use everything I got huh?"

Reign complains to Greenie, but the little goblin found it odd, from the sound of his masters voice he complained, but his face said otherwise, a wide smile could be seen on him, Reign looked like he was happy that the final group is hard.

"I really have changed huh?"

Chuckling to himself Reigns turns around and goes towards the final group, ordering Greenie to hide when they arrive as he was far too weak to fight any of them.

"I guess I'll give you enough exp to level up when I kill them, I wonder what needs to happen for you to evolve though?"

Greenie listens to his master and suddenly exclaims, turning back he runs to the corpses of the goblins.

"Huh, what are doing there Greenie?"

Amused by his reaction Reign follows slowly after him, he sees that Greenie has taken a sword from one of the goblins and is waving it around, much like how a newbie waves a sword when trying to practice.

"Hm, you mean you need weapons or you need to fight more?"

"Khm!" Greenie nods seriously to his master, both of the options Reign asked were correct, that was what monsters do, fighting to their survival is what makes them evolve, the more they fight and win the more they can evolve, otherwise even if a goblin was lvl100 it would stand no chance against a mere lvl50 tiger, that was the harsh truth.

"Alright, I'll ask the blacksmith if he can forge some things for you when we get back, for now let's finish this dungeon."

Greenie just nods in excitement and follows after Reign. Finally after 5 minutes of walking they arrive to where the final group was, the hobgoblin was sitting down on a rock and was lecturing the goblins about something, they were far away from any walls though, positioned in the center of the area it was impossible to use the attack from above tactic, Reign had to fight them on an even footing.

"Alright Greenie, remember to stay here and just watch, do not go inside to fight, you will die, ok?"

Reign firmly tells Greenie, pronouncing the latter part of the sentence slowly, the same as you would to a little child. Greenie nods seriously and sits down, just moving his head a bit to be able to see the fight that was about to start.

The hobgoblins lecture was interrupted by a series of slow steps moving towards them, looking at the side the hobgoblin screams in anger and gets up. The human that had caused so much damage and troubles was there.

"Grrrr!" The goblins all growl at Reign, picking up their weapons they get ready to fight him.

"Not bad, it seems like you taught them something huh?" Reign nonchalantly says to the hobgoblin as he walks towards them with a smile. His sword was in his right hand while his left was clenched tightly in a fist. "To bad that it doesn't matter."

The hobgoblin gets behind the group, he has learned from the previous fight that charging blindlessly at the opponent was a sure way to get killed, so he decided to use some of his subordinates as cannon fodder for the fight.

[ Lighting movement activated ]

Reign breaks into a sprint, running straight towards the goblins he uses his lightning on his sword and suddenly stops, throwing the rank D Iron Sword in his hand with all his might, targeting the hobgoblin. Right afterwards he sprints again and a dark red sword appears in his hand.

The hobgoblin panics, the sword Reign threw was incredibly fast but lucky for him not accurate, arriving at them it penetrates a goblin on the left side of the group. Reign arrives at them right then and punches

Compact Punch

Using a fair amount of time to compress Reign finally unleashes his skill, his fist moves incredibly fast and a loud boom could be heard before it even hit. Finally hitting a goblin its chest caves in completely and it is thrown back with fierce strength, hitting the hobgoblin at the back.

"Shit, that hurt."

Reign grimaces a bit, the strength of the punch was terrifying but so was the drawback, his hand felt awful, an agonizing pain was felt and his mana had drained by a fifth.

Ignoring the pain he swings his sword around and slashes at the goblins, the goblins were in a disarray, the tactics used by Reign weren't something they ever expected and 2 of them were dead as a result.

With the group like that Reign had no issues killing them off, leaving 2 alive and calling over Greenie to finish them. Greenie comes with a wide smile and promptly does so. Turning back Reign sees the hobgoblin getting back up, the hit it took was not light and it was already injured. Seeing his subordinates dead and a goblin helping the human, it goes mad and attacks him.

"This shit again, when will guys learn?"

Reign dodges the attack with ease and leaves a deep cut on the hobgoblins side, he doesn't even flinch though, the berserk mode was truly terrifying when it came to that. Lunging again the hobgoblin tries to cut Reign in half but only finds his sword cutting through the air. That was the last thing he sees before Reign decapitates him.

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