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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 25 A Subordinate

From the top of the wall Reign waits silently for the group to pass, his target was the hobgoblin, he thinks that the goblins inside of here have never dealt with anyone who can use the high walls to attack them and such won't bother with being cautious from above. Holding his sword Reign decides to use his skill to immediately kill the hobgoblin and then slaughter the other 3 goblins.

[Lvl7 Hobgoblin]

[Lvl5 Goblin]

[Lvl6 Goblin]

[Lvl5 Goblin]

Reign observes the goblins that are coming nearby, the hobgoblin was at the back of the group, seemingly proud of delivering the crystal to the captain. Slowly they arrive below Reign, he slowly gets up in a crouching position, ready to jump down and defeat his target in one swift attack.

"Just a bit more … Now!"

Reign jumps down at the hobgoblin, coating his sword in lightning he activates his skill and delivers a fearsome stab.

[Lightning stab]

The attack arrives before any of his enemies realized it, the sword cuts through the skull of the hobgoblin with ease and the lightning concentrated on the tip explodes, frying his brain and throat. The poor thing didn't even have time to scream or comprehend what had happened, it died straight away.


The goblins in front scream in terror, they didn't know what happened, they were happily walking back to patrol and in the next second a bright flash of light appeared, followed by the sound of thousands of birds chirping. Their leader was dead, next to his corpse was a human holding a dark red sword, sparks of lightning still lingered on the ground and the humans right hand, it was him, they knew it, the one that killed a lot of their kin just a little while ago, he has come back and launched another attack.

They didn't know what to do, they knew they weren't the humans match, it had killed the strongest amongst them right away and now it seemed like it was their turn. The human lifts his head up and looks at them.

"It worked, this skill really is amazing, the only downside is the mana usage, I'm nearly drained from using it right now, luckily for me these guys seem to be afraid of me, I just need to look relaxed and I might be able to finish this off quickly."

Reign starts walking towards the goblins, his calmness and slow pace of walking unnerved the goblins, he didn't take them seriously at all, they were just prey waiting to be slaughtered. They lift their weapons up and get ready, they knew escape was impossible.

Step, Step

The sound of Reigns footsteps was the only sound in the vicinity, he finally got into range and lifts his sword up slowly. The goblins tense up and get ready, but before they do one of them suddenly turns around and runs away, leaving the other 2 to die.


Surprised by the betrayal of their teammate the 2 goblins couldn't help but turn their heads around for a moment while exclaiming. That was enough for Reign, his sword already lifted and him in striking distance he immediately swings his sword with full strength and beheads both of them.

Kicking the ground he runs at the second one, the speed difference was huge and it had no chance of escape. The goblin looks behind him and is frightened by Reign, turning around it tries to make a last stand but before he can Reign throws his lightning coated sword at him, impaling him through the chest and killing him.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-Lvl4 Goblin killed, 40 exp points gained-

-Lvl7 Hobgoblin killed, 70 exp points gained –

- 15 S coins gained

[The player has earned 210exp points and 15S coins]

"Hhaaaaaa." Reign breathes out and takes his sword out of the corpse, using his lightning he fries off the blood, making the sword clean once again. Putting the sword back into the scabbard he goes back to where the miners are, eager to finish the dungeon.

On the way back Reign suddenly gets an idea.

"Isn't mana something that characters in games and novels use while fighting, shouldn't I be able to like strengthen myself with it?"

Not waiting for a second he gets back on the wall and tries experimenting with the little mana he had left. Focusing on his right hand he could feel the mana moving towards it, albeit quite slowly. After some time it gets to his hand and he feels it growing larger slowly, clenching his fist he tries hitting the wall, wanting to check if his hand became stronger.


With a loud noise he punches the wall, making it crack a little.

"It works, the enhancement is weak and takes a long time, but it works, I'm certain that with more practice I'll be able to control it easier and faster, hahahaha, I wonder if the others have found this out as well.

Reign laughs in joy, his theory was correct, this world was really interesting, everything you imagine doing with mana seems to be possible.

"Alright, let's find a crystal to get back my mana and then hunt the remaining goblins, it should only be the miners and 2 groups remaining now.

Going to a nearby crystal Reign repeats the same as he did before, this time it takes a bit longer to fully replenish his mana and afterwards Reign kneels down, feeling a slight headache.

"Damn it, seems like it's not very good to do this often huh."

The headache disappears quickly and he gets up, climbing the wall again he looks at where the miners are and goes towards them.

Finally at his destination he goes around, climbing the wall yet again.

(A: I know I'm using this very often, sorry if you got annoyed guys.)

He slowly positions himself above the 4 goblins that are standing guard and simply jumps down. The strategy of attacking from above works again, the dumb goblins never expected someone to attack them like this.

Falling down Reign positions his sword above a goblin, as he lands the sword goes straight through the back of the neck, exiting through the chest, not wanting to wait Reign immediately swings the sword to the side, managing to lift the goblin together with it. As the sword is violently swung to the right it brings the goblin with it, cutting through the neck midway the swing and allowing the sword to get to its target faster.


Reign slashes another goblins chest, making a deep cut on it from where blood starts spurting out, dying Reign red. The corpse of the first goblin arrives right after the sword, crashing into the wounded goblin and bringing it down.


The goblins scream in confusion, the nasty human showed up again and managed to kill half of them right away. Reign doesn't stop though, the goblins are no match for him right now so he continues with his attacks, trying to bring down all of them right away.

The goblins try blocking him but the difference in strength is too large, every time they block their arms are flung away like kites on a string. It doesn't take Reign long to overpower them and kill them.

Turning around he sees the miners that are shaking in fear, they knew what was going to happen, they knew they had no chance against him. He approaches them and 3 of them pick up their pickaxes, ready to fight, only one drops his and walks towards Reign.


Reign looks at the goblin that came forward, the goblin looks in his eyes with no fear, dropping on its knees it says something that Reign cannot understand.

[The lvl 2 Goblin Miner asks to become your companion, do you accept?]

[Yes / No]


Reign cries out in shock, this was something him and the others tried to do before, by using Beasts ability they tried to tame a goblin, but they were left with no success, and now one of them is asking to become his companion.

"Hmmm, system, if I accept and kill the other goblins, will the dungeon be counted as finished?"

[Affirmative player, if a monster decides to become a subordinate to a player it is no longer a viewed as others.]

"Well, why the hell not then."

Reign accepts and immediately he can see the goblins stats.

Goblin Miner

Name: None

Level: 2 ( 30/300 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Goblin (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 0

Strength : 6

Agility :5

Endurance : 4

Vitality : 6

Willpower : 7

Spirit : 3


Pickaxe Proficiency C





Description : The lowest rank amongst goblins, a trash monster that can be thrown away at any time.

"Tch, those stats really are too low."

Reign clicks his tongue and looks at the goblin, the goblin noticing his gaze moves back and picks up his pickaxe, giving Reign a sly look. Reign watches him as he goes back to the others and shouts something to them, together they form up, ready to face Reign.

"Oh, so you're going to pose as a double agent huh, alright I guess you can be useful."

Reign runs towards the miners, right before he arrives his goblin lifts up his pickaxe and bring it down hard on the head of another miner, his skull cracks and he falls down.

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