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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 24 Hidden Dungeon

[ Level up! ]

[Current player level is 7, additional stats gained]

[Spirit +1, Agility + 1 ]

Putting his sword into the inventory Reign held his new sword and opened up his stat window

Name : Reign

Level : 7 ( 460/800 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human? (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 0

Strength : 16 (19) (+2 from ability, +1 from item)

Agility : 17 (22) (+3 from ability, +2 from item)

Endurance : 12 (13) (+1 from item)

Vitality: 14

Willpower: 14

Spirit : 16 (23) (+1 from ability, +6 from item)


Knife Proficiency D+

Hand-to-hand combat B+

Sword Proficiency C


[ Lighting movement ] โ€“ Rank C

[ Lightning Stab ] โ€“ Rank B


Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 11 exp: 21%)

Unknown rank ??? ( lvl ? exp ???)

[ Spirit has reached 20, the first threshold reached, a new passive ability gained.]

[ Mana organ ] (beginning phase)

[Description: An organ found in every being that has mana, still in the beginning phrases this organ is very small but can still absorb and store a large amount of mana.]

Surprised by the new ability Reign finds himself in wonder as he can now sense the surrounding mana around him better. The mana was slowly flowing in him and by concentrating he could sense it going inside the mana organ located near the heart.

Reign was able to absorb mana before, but the process was quite slow when done subconsciously, and focusing on the absorption could only be done in a safe place as it was hard to lose track of time and your surroundings while doing it.

With this Reign didn't need to worry about his depleted mana, just by focusing a bit on it he could absorb it a lot easier and faster than before, in about 45 minutes his mana should be back to full without him doing anything.

Focusing a bit Reign relaxes and takes in the surrounding mana. The amount in the cave was huge, and most surprisingly it was coming from the crystals in the cave, the shining crystals were not just a type of beautiful gems, they were full of mana, and that was the reason they shine.

"Those goblins, why are they mining them, do they have a use for them?"

[Ding! A clue to the secret dungeon discovered, please collect more clues to gain access to the hidden group dungeon.]

"Ah!" Reign cries out in surprise. "So there are things like that too, a hidden dungeon huh, should be fun." He smiles and says while looking up, Reign had noticed earlier that he and the others have changed, put into these kinds of situations and dangers normal people would have long since abandoned all hope and despaired, but they didn't, not only did they not mind it, they seemed to welcome it.

"I called Wolf a psycho back then but when I think about it more carefully, aren't all of us like that?"

"Doesn't matter, I got a new weapon and a necklace, not to mention my level up, I should be able to fight against the goblins with less difficulty."

Reign layed down completely still and focused on absorbing the mana around him for a bit, he confirmed that the speed was much faster than before, seeing a nearby crystal he got up and went to it.

"In novels, the characters can always drain things like this to replenish their ki and similar things, I wonder if I can do the same?"

Reign puts his hand on the crystal, immediately he feels the mana inside surging wildly towards him, the mana gathers where his hand is and enters his body through it, replenishing his mana with incredible speed, in only a couple of seconds he gained the same as 5 minutes of focusing. Soon he feels that his mana is full and draws back his hand, he was afraid that if he was to absorb more he would explode from the inside.

"Alright, time to find a new mining group, this time I'll try to follow them when they get a crystal, maybe that way I'll find more clues."

Reign gets on a wall and observes. Clicking his tongue he sees that the goblin groups have become larger, and there was one group where the miners are.

"Tch, it's going to be harder than I thought."

Moving slowly he goes towards the miners, a dungeon like this had enough goblins for him to level up at least once, if he can get the hidden dungeon and enter with everyone they should be able to become a lot stronger.

Reign was going slowly, stopping from time to time to check if there are any sounds of footsteps nearby. Slowly but surely he was getting closer, from time to time he would climb up to check if he was on the right track. Finally, after some 30 minutes, he got to the place where the goblin miners were.

Clang Clang

The sounds of the pickaxes hitting the rocks could be heard, Reign climbed up again and observed them, 2 miners were mining at one spot, the crystal there seemed to have been nearly dug out. Patiently waiting, Reign continued observing them, it took a painfully long time for them to finally dig up the crystal, the miners were very weak, quite inferior to humans so it took a while. Reign noticed that the miners give the crystal to the group that was guarding them there, the biggest goblin takes it and they move. ๐–Ž๐–“๐‘›๐™งe๐—ฎ๐™™*๐˜ค๐’๐˜ฎ

Reign decided to follow them, first, he got down and went to a corner, sticking his head a bit he looked at the leaving goblins, he got up again and followed after them, moving stealthily so as to not alarm them. Every time he got to a new corner he would climb up and crawl while observing the goblins from the edge, when they turned a corner he would go down until he reached it, that way he was able to successfully follow them.

At one point the goblins rendezvoused with a group whose leader was a hobgoblin, he picked the crystal and they started returning. Reign switches his target to them now.

[Ding! Further clues were found.]

With the notification showing up he knew this was the right move, he patiently waits for the previous group to leave and follows them.

After some 5 minutes, the hobgoblin gets to a door in the wall of the cave. The door was quite big for goblins, it's size was between that of a normal human door and gate. Knocking and patiently waiting the hobgoblin takes out the crystal.


The big door creaked as it opened, and from it, another hobgoblin walked out, it was bigger than the others, and it had armor on as well. The armor looked old and shabby, but compared to the hobgoblins that only had a rag on, it was a significant improvement.

[Lvl9 Hobgoblin captain ]

"Ghahy knasd asfd!"

The hobgoblins converse a bit using their weird language, finally, the captain takes the crystal, pats the hobgoblin on the shoulder, and goes back, closing the door behind him.

[Ding! After a series of clues, you have managed to discover a hidden dungeon.]

[Hidden Dungeon Goblin Base, Difficulty level: 10 ]

[Description: In a mountain deep inside the wilderness lies a mountain, it was unknown how but a large number of goblins took residence inside the caves there. After many years the goblins became stronger and made a base in the center, the goblin boss resides inside and makes his underlings mine for mana crystals, brave adventurers, venture inside, kill the boss and find out what the goblins do with the crystals.]

[Dungeon not available, please complete the current dungeon first.]

"So that's it huh, this one even comes with a difficulty, well if a captain was level 9 then I should presume that the boss is at least a level 10."

Reign was happy that he managed to find the hidden dungeon, but first, he had to finish the one he was in, hoping that all of his teammates are alright he looked at the group of goblins below him and decided to start attacking.

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