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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 22 A Dangerous Situation

Sticking to the nearby boulders and shadows Reign watches the miners as the mindlessly mind the crystals in front of them.

"There's 4 of them, even though they are not looking at each other if I attack one there's a big chance another one will see me from the corner of his eyes, damn it, I don't know if I can do this without getting found out."

Reign thinks for a bit and wonders if there is any way he can kill them without notice.

"Throwing a rock won't be good enough, with all the noise from the mining there's a big chance they won't even hear the rock, and even if they do they will probably just think it was a pickaxe, on the other hand even if it works and they get distracted the most I can kill without notice is 2, I guess that's it for a stealthy approach, I'll kill them quickly and retreat."

Reign moves towards the miners and inspects them, he is surprised to find their names being a bit different and their levels quite low.

[ Lvl 2 Goblin Miner ]

[ Lvl 2 Goblin Miner ]

[ Lvl 2 Goblin Miner ]

[ Lvl 1 Goblin Miner ]

"They're weak and unarmed, well except for the pickaxes, but they still shouldn't pose a problem for me, I need to do this fast."

[ Lightning movement activated]


Breaking into a sprint Reign activates both his skill and ability, he doesn't want any goblins to show up before he defeats the ones here so time and speed is of the essence.


The goblins are surprised by the light that suddenly flared up and quickly look at its direction. The goblin nearest to Reign screams as it finds out a human is right in front of it with his sword high up in the air.


Before the goblin could even try to defend itself Reigns swords cuts through it and quickly puts an end to his life.


The other goblins scream while holding their pickaxes, for a moment they don't know what to do, should they fight this horrible opponent or try to escape. Their thoughts are cut short though as Reign quickly moves to the next one, seeing his speed they know they can't escape and they try to group together, the first goblins slowly moves backwards while facing Reign while the other two run to him.


Reign throws a dagger but him moving so fast and not being proficient with knives makes it miss the goblin by a big margin, holding the sword with both hands he jumps up and delivers a fierce slash at the goblin.

The goblin saw how one of his kind perished under a similar attack, putting the pickaxe up he tries blocking Reign sword.


The sword is stopped, cutting halfway into the pickaxe it releases an electric shock that manages to stun the goblin for a bit. Reign lifts the sword with the pickaxe still there and stabs the goblins chest, piercing it all the way to the part where the pickaxe was connected to the sword.


With a loud shout Reign kicks the pickaxe and the goblin together, managing to unwedge the sword from it.


The goblins corpse crashes into one of the coming goblins, making him collapse on the ground, Reign quickly moves and tries finishing him off.


Hearing the sound of wind tearing he promptly moves his sword to the left, successfully blocking a pickaxe, but still getting a shallow wound on his side from the tip.

"Damn it!"

Pushing the pickaxe aside he confronts the last goblin that came, even though he almost succeeded with it, Reign was fast enough to block him, and now his end was upon him.


With a quick slash he manages to cut off the goblins right arm at the elbow, as the goblin screams and holds the remaining half he immediately cuts off the head, now only one remains.

Moving to the now standing goblin Reign nonchalantly holds his sword to the side and delivers a sharp kick to its ankles. The kick was vicious and fast, the goblins legs immediately go up in the air and he falls down, losing his pickaxe in the process. With a quick stab to the chest Reign ends his life.

"Alright, that's 4 less enemies, I need to go up and see which group to attack next."

Reign moves towards the wall but notices something.

"Wait, where is the notification?"

Immediately Reign gets a bad feeling, turning behind him he notices a group of goblins glaring at him, at the front of the group was a hobgoblin. π’Ύπ“ƒπ–“π—ΏπžπšŠπ‘‘.π’„π˜°π‘š


Reign turns around and tries to run away from where he came from, but only finds yet another group there, this one as well was led by a hobgoblin.

"No escape huh, alright then, I was getting bored anyway."

Picking up his blade Reign activates his skill and ability once again, 2 hobgoblins at the front and back respectively, 4 goblins in front of him and 5 behind, this was not going to be easy.

Without wasting any time Reign runs at the group, he knows he needs to cut down their numbers fast as possible because once the ones behind catch up he will be in a really bad situation.

Lunging with full speed Reign was incredibly fast, his agility of 20 points gives him a speed that's almost double that of an average human, coupled with his skill he was now moving even faster.

The hobgoblin sees Reign lunging, his sword in a stabbing position, jumping left he manages to dodge and even cut Reign from the side, but the hobgoblin was never the main target.


Reigns mouth forms a small smile as he sees the goblins in front of him, quickly rotating he swings his sword with all of his might and manages to cut open the neck of one of them. The goblins however quickly recover themselves and attack.

Reign jumps backwards and manages to dodge most of the attacks, only earning a small cut on his forearm.

Swinging his sword to the right he intercepts the incoming sword of the hobgoblin, his electricity works its magic and shocks him, but Reign again jumps backwards, dodging more attacks from the goblins. The three goblins in front of him were equipped with 2 short swords and a short spear, fighting the three wouldn't be too difficult for him, but the hobgoblin was a bigger threat.

[Lvl 6 Hobgoblin]

The level was high, but compared to the kobold Reign previously faced it was weaker, a lot weaker.

"So, levels aren't everything huh, I need to keep that in mind."

Thinking that while swinging his sword he manages to shock 2 more goblins, quickly turning his wrist he cuts the arm of the spear wielding goblin and shocks him too. Moving quickly he cuts off the head, but earns a cut to his shoulder from the now recovered hobgoblin.

Moving backwards Reign sees that the other hobgoblin drew incredibly close to their position, with the goblins right behind him.

"I need to kill at least one more before they arrive."

Thought Reign as he dodged more attacks from the goblin and hobgoblin, blocking some of them he notices that his electricity didn't shock them this time, it probably had something to do with how thin it was on the sword, and the high levels of his enemies.

Thinking quickly Reign moves forward to the goblins, jumping above them he dodges the attacks and throws a dagger to the hobgoblin that was preparing to attack him, the dagger manages to hit him in the chest, making his attack stop.

"A chance!"

Reign kick a goblin in the head, making it fall down. Spinning slowly while in the air he swings his sword at the only standing goblin who tries to block.


With a furious shout Reign slashes his sword down and cuts the goblins short sword in half, continuing on to cut deep inside the goblin, his sword stopping at the chest.

With a quick kick Reign knocks down the goblin and takes his sword out of him, turning around he puts his sword on his left in a panic.


The other hobgoblin had arrived, slashing at Reign his attack gets blocked, but he manages to move Reign to the side a bit, breaking his balance. Copying what he saw from Reign he delivers an awkward front kick that connects. Moving back Reign takes a deep breath and looks in front of him.

One goblin was getting up from his left side, 5 were in front of him and 2 hobgoblins, one injured and one fine were with them.

"Well, this is going to be tough."

Positioning his sword in front of him Reign takes a deep breath and gets ready for the incoming fight.

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