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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 21 First Dungeon

[Beginning the first dungeon, all injures, status effects and ailments healed.]

[Good luck player.]

"All healed, good, that means Wolf will be ok." Reign sighs with relief, the ones he worried about the most were the injured Wolf and Beast, Wolf will be ok since everything is healed, and Reign could also feel his mana replenished which meant Beast could use his charged arrows for hard opponents. "Hopefully this won't be very difficult."

Reign was still in hiding, behind his hiding place he could still hear the footsteps and voices, judging from them he believes there are two goblins coming his way.

"Two goblins should be easy, if I can get one at the very beginning, I might be able to kill the second without anyone finding out."

Reign focuses and listens to the sounds, tensing all of his muscles he is prepared to strike at a moments notice, but he doesn't use his ability as the sparks would lighten up his surroundings and make himself visible to all enemies.

Step Step

"Agash sarjk gnjash!"

"Orufh faso sajck?"

The goblins were conversing in an unknown language, but it seemed like one was explaining something to the other. Reign lays prone on the ground and moves to the opposite side of where he heard the noises, slowly moving he carefully sticks his head out to see them.

The goblin that was explaining things was a bit skinnier than the other one that looked a bit more bulky than the others, wearing a stupid expression on his face he scratched his head while thinking. Both of them were armed, the skinny goblin had a rusty old knife on his belt while the bulky one had a wooden club in his hand.

They were both moving to the right side of the rock, they suddenly stop as the skinny goblin starts explaining more and showing the big stupid something on the rock with his hands.

"If I attack while they are both turning their backs on me I might be able to stealthily kill them both. I have to move fast to do it now though."

Reign pondered for only a moment before getting up and moving towards them while crouching. He was approaching slowly, he knew it was a big risk, if any of the two turn around he will be found and the sounds of battle would surely echo in the cave, attracting more goblins.

He was finally in range some twenty seconds later, the bulky goblin in his sight Reign takes out a knife and holds it in his left hand, as Wolf was now using a greatsword they all shared the knives and everyone had one just in case. With the knife in his left hand and sword in his right Reign planned to first kill the bulky goblin with a swift stab to the right side of the neck, immediately after that he will use his sword to stab the neck of the skinny one. From his crouching position he firmly positions his legs so that he can jump at the skinny goblin after attacking the first one.

Swish, thud

With a violent swing of the arm Reign plunges the knife straight through the right side of the goblins neck, the tip exiting at the left side. With the dagger in his neck the goblins wind pipe was blocked and it couldn't utter any words, just some low noises that the skinny goblin barely heard, but it still stopped what it was doing and slowly turned.

[ Lightning movement activated]


Activating his skill Reign lunges past the bulky goblin straight towards the skinny one, coating his sword in a bit of electricity he stabs at it. The light coming from Reigns sword scares the goblin who moves left, making Reign miss with his stab, landing on his feet and using the momentum he immediately rotates his body and swings his sword.


The sword manages to slash the goblin right beneath the eyes, making a line right across his nose, the lightning activates and shocks the poor goblin and then Reign plunges his sword through its neck, effectively killing them both without making a clamor.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl4 Goblin killed, 40 exp points gained-

-Lvl5 Goblin killed, 50 exp points gained-

-5 S coins gained

[The player has earned 90exp points and 5S coins]

" What, I gained the same amount as in a party, I thought that the party system divided exp, system, can you explain this to me?"

[In hopes of helping Earth and the players it has been decided that the party system will not divide exp but give everyone the same amount in the beginning, that function will only last in the early stages of the game.]

"I see, so the more we fight in the beginning the better for us as a group huh, that's good to know." Reign nods his head with understanding and goes to the skinny goblins corpse, taking the rusty dagger from it.

[ Rank F Rusty Dagger]

"It's the lowest rank huh, I'll still keep it, who knows if I'll need it later."

Reign takes the dagger and puts it on his belt before retrieving his knife from the corpse of the bigger one.

"I need to know how many enemies there are, that will make everything easier for me, but how can I do that?"

Reign wonders and looks around, after a while he figures it out, the rocks, they acted like walls around him, if he can climb them he could use them as a vantage point.

Moving to the rocks he jumps up, kicks it and grabs the ledge, it was about 2.8m tall, far to tall for the average goblin to get up on.

Getting up on the wall he stays laying down on it and slowly crawls to the edge, the last thing he wants is for someone to spot him. Getting to the end he slowly looks around. The cave was a huge one, with rock walls everywhere in it, he sees that his position is a bit elevated compared to the rest, probably to give the players an advantage over the goblins in the beginning.

Looking around he spots multiple groups of goblins inside, some were just patrolling while some were doing manual labor and mining some of the shining crystals that were in the ground. He estimates around 30 goblins and 3 hobgoblins inside the cave.

"There's a lot of them, and some groups have 3 or 4 goblins in them, I can't kill them the same way I did these guys, system, what exactly do I need to do to finish the dungeon?"

[The condition for clearing is simple, kill all the monsters inside the dungeon.]

"Great, that was what I thought." Reign says while clicking his tongue. "I won't be able to stay hidden all the time, but looking at how the groups are divided I could probably use guerilla tactics, kill a group and flee on the wall before the others arrive, that's the only choice, fighting all of them at once is a death sentence for me."

Looking around Reign slowly makes a plan of his incoming carnage, the walls weren't connected everywhere and he will need to move on the ground to get to some enemies, first though he plans on killing the small groups, those that only have 2 goblins, unfortunately there is only one such group in his vicinity.

"Them, I will go to them first and then attack the miners on the left side, if I'm lucky enough the sounds of their pickaxes will mask my attacks."

Reign moves on the wall, memorizing where they all are he gets down and moves forward, at where the first group is located at.

After some time he manages to find them, 2 normal looking goblins were in front of him, one was leaning on the wall while another goblin was using his knife to scratch the ground in boredom. Reign grabs a rock and moves towards them using nearby rocks as covers.

Swish, Clang

Throwing the rock far above the goblins it hits a wall and makes a sound, both of the goblins immediately tense up and look at the location. Reign aimed at a place right behind a boulder, the goblins, thinking that someone might be hiding there slowly move towards it.

Reign takes his knife and moves to them. He uses the same tactic again, it worked the first time so why change it right?

Plunging his knife in the goblin he immediately runs at the other one as it is a bit further away, finally jumping on it as it turns around he swings his sword vertically down, cutting a big part of its neck and going all the way down to his stomach, the attack was able to kill the goblin straight away.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl3 Goblin killed, 30 exp points gained-

-Lvl3 Goblin killed, 30 exp points gained-

[The player has earned 60exp points ]

"Good, now the mining team." Reign takes his knife and slowly moves towards the other goblins.

In a different dungeon Wolf was facing a dozen of goblins in front of him, with corpses all around, at least parts of corpses.

"Hahahaha, this is great, only this way can I use my sword fully, come, come at me you little cunts!" He laughs in a maniacal manner. "What, too afraid, alright, I'll come to you then!"

Running straight at the goblins he raises his sword and uses his flames, slashing apart everything in his way.

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