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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 20 A Dungeon

Cough Cough

Wolf coughs violently as he puts himself in a sitting position.

"Fucking bastard really did a number on me." He says while holding his stomach with his right hand. "Hey, can anyone do me a favor and take one of their skirts, or just cut a part of it, I need to bandage my stomach and we have no bandages."

"I'll get it." Says Shadow and runs towards the nearest kobold, using his dagger he cuts off half of the cloth skirt it was wearing, leaving enough to cover up its most important parts.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl5 Kobold killed, 60 exp points gained-

-Lvl6 Kobold killed, 70 exp points gained-

-Lvl7 Kobold killed, 80 exp points gained-

-20 S coins gained

[The party has earned 210exp points and 20S coins, distributing evenly to all]

"All of that and that's all we got, damn it." Reign kicks a nearby tree in frustration.

Shadow gives the piece of cloth to Wolf who puts it around his stomach and tells Beast to firmly tie it to his back. With the cloth piece tied the blood coming out from the wound lessened and soon he got up.

"Alright, anyone have any idea if anything from these guys is valuable?"

[Confirmed player, the fangs of the kobold and their tail bone can be used for equipment, the scales are valuable as well, would you like me to collect them for you?]

"What?!" Everyone suddenly exclaims.

"System, are you telling me you could have collected everything before, why did we go through all that trouble with the goblins and cockatrice then?!" Reign shouts furiously at the sky.

[Correction, I was unable to do it then, players first must show value for me to unlock certain functions, so far the party has been able to unlock a full 1.8% of my functions, higher than the 0.7% average of the planets players.]

"Oh, so by proving our worth we get more options, system, can I know what further options you have, oh and how do we prove our value, is it by killing monsters?" Beast asks the system.

[Negative player, I cannot answer your first question, as for the second one, proving value is easiest by killing monsters but not the only way.]

"Alright, anyway system, please do take the materials." Reign


Suddenly the kobolds bodies get shrouded in a black haze, before anyone could do anything they see the corpses of the kobolds naked, their scales gone, the mouths bleeding and the tails severed, with a hole in the severed parts.

[Materials picked, for a limited time I will unlock part of the function of inventory, you can continue and ask me for the materials anytime.]

"There's even an inventory, that's awesome!" Tank exclaims with a big smile, the corpses didn't bother him at all, he was just excited that they got some helpful things from the stingy and annoying system.

"Alright guys, let's go back, Wolf should get some rest and treatment if possible." Reign turns around and tells everyone. They all nod and slowly make their way back.

After a couple of minutes everyone suddenly stops, there was danger ahead, Beast sensed it and it was a big one.

"How bad is it?"

"Very, whatever is there gives me a similar feeling like the boar did, we should slowly get around and- RUN!!"

Beast suddenly shouts and runs to the right, in shock everyone freezes for a moment before regaining their senses and running after him. Knowing Beast he would never do something without thinking about it.

"What is it Beast?!" Shadow asks him while slowly catching up to him.

"It discovered us, it's fast, we have to find somewhere to hide or it will get us!" πš’π“·π™£π’“π‘’π’Άο½„.π˜€π—Όπ™’

"Shit, everyone run fast, look out for possible caves or anything like that." Wolf runs and shouts, his hand still on his stomach he gives it his best to not fall behind, he knows these guys would never leave him, but if they didn't, they would all die.

"There, I see something there guys!" Tank shouts and points to the left. Everyone could see a big boulder that had a small entrance, it was big enough for Tank and the others to pass one by one.

"Go, hurry up!" Reign shouts and runs towards it, they could hear the beast behind them now, the loud breathing it made and the growls it produced, even the trees were shaking from time to time because of it.

Finally they make it to the boulder, but what was in front isn't what they hoped to see.

[Beginner dungeon A]


[ Yes / No ]

The entrance was actually something similar to a black hole, above it were letters which shoved it was actually a dungeon of sorts.

"What should we do now?" Shadow asks with a panicking voice, he looks behind them and he can see the shadow of a big beast coming their way.

"I think we should enter guys, if we don't we will all die." Beast says with an anxious voice.

"Are you sure, like completely sure of it Beast, this dungeon could end up being even more dangerous you know!" Reign puts both of his hands on Beasts shoulders and asks him, he had faith in Beast, but he still had to know how certain he was.

"Now that it's closer I know, this thing is a bit stronger than the boar, that's the feeling I get."

Suddenly the beast slows down and shows itself to them. With its prey standing in place it had no more reason to run after them, with slow and steady steps it emerges.

[ Lvl16 Ogre ]

In front of them they see a giant ogre, its skin was green with red lines drawn on it. It only wore a cloth, similar to the kobolds from before. It was big, with a height of 2.5m and muscles bulging all over its body everyone knew they couldn't defeat it.

It's arms were thicker than the legs of an average man, and it's legs looked like they were logs connected to its body. Two fangs protruded from its mouth and on its shoulder it carried a huge axe, the axe itself was as big as Tank, they could only imagine what would happen if it hits them.

Looking at them with a smirk he slowly moves towards them and drops his arm that holds the axe.


The axe falls down with it and makes a loud slamming noise, the ground beneath it crack open a bit and a small dust cloud is created.

"Enter the dungeon, that's our only hope right now." Reign says and clicks the yes option right away, everyone follow after him and with a flash they disappear from the ogres eyes.

He stops, it couldn't comprehend what just happened, the prey was right in front of him, he was going to have a little bit of fun and kill them, chop them in pieces but before he could do anything, they just disappeared?


In a fit of rage the ogre shouts, the nearby grass and bushes flail around as the wind produced by his shouts moves them.

His anger had still not dissipated so it jumps at the boulder and with all of his might, he slashes down with the axe.


The axe does no damage to it however.


It cracks, and a shockwave is produced from the boulder, the ogres flies back and slams into a tree, breaking it in half.


It falls down heavily on the ground, slowly moving his arms he gets back up and looks at the boulder with fear in his eyes, slowly going backwards he takes his cracked axe and goes away.

In a far away place in the universe.

"Endless light and boundless darkness huh, that brat really is him, interesting, the end of the story that happened over the course of millions of years is slowly coming to an end."

The man from Reigns dreams says, he was on a huge mountain in a different world, the mountains size was enormous, easily eclipsing mount Everest in size. Looking in front of him a mirror formed from light shows him Reign and everyone else right before they entered the dungeon.

"The wish of the universe, will it really go as prophesized, that I truly wonder."

He chuckled and dissipates it, slowly standing back up he looks at the sky and smiles.

Back on Earth, in a cave full with monsters Reign was looking at the notification in front of him.

[ Beginner dungeon A entered, starting the dungeon of goblins.]

[Type : Solo ]

"Where is everybody?" He wonders and looks around him, the ceiling of the cave was packed with numerous crystals that shined a blue light, making the cave light up a bit. In the distance he could hear voices, they weren't human voices though, from his fights before he recognized them as goblin voices.

Looking at the notification again he exclaims.

"So, I have to do this alone, everyone else is the same I guess, damn it!"

He punches a rock with frustration, his arm feels no pain though and the rock cracks a bit. He suddenly hears footsteps coming from the front, he hides behind a nearby boulder and sighs.

"Nothing I can do I guess, first I have to survive this, I hope everyone manages to as well."

He draws his sword and prepares for battle, he knows the coming battles will not be easy and any distraction can prove fatal.

The first dungeon run begins!

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