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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 19 Fierce Battle Part 2!

Reign drops on his knees after the victory, coughing violently he checks at Shadow who got up, injured but still in a fighting condition he gets to Reign to check upon him.

"Hey man, how are you?"

"I'll be ok," cough, "go help the others, I just need a moment to rest, I'll be right with you."

Reign continues coughing and looks at the other 2 battles taking place, Tank was injured in multiple places by the kobold, but the kobold was as well, its tail looked grotesque and broken while his right arm was bloody and had a big cut on it.

Even though injured and bloody Tank on the other hand was in better condition, all of the wounds he suffered were superficial cuts, only one was more serious, and that was a stab wound on his abdomen, the kobold managed to pass his defense for a moment and stabbed him, in return he used his shield and tried to break its arm, retreating the kobold saved it but still suffered the huge cut by its sharp edge.

Wolf on the other hand was much worse, multiple cuts were on his body, and 2 shallow stab wounds could be visible on his stomach and left leg. The kobold luckily suffered for them, 2 arrows were lodged in its body and his tail was cut off in the middle.

Shadow immediately races to Wolf, his opponent was stronger than Tanks and his injuries were more severe, even though Beast tried his best to help, the arrow at the beginning of the fight drained almost all of his mana and he was forced to use the normal ones which the kobold leader managed to dodge or deflect except the two in him.

Shadow draws close and uses his usual tactic of throwing a knife at his opponent, the leader already detected him and thus manages to block it with the spear. That, however, turns out to be a mistake, with his tail gone the kobolds center of balance was easily disrupted, doing a hasty deflection like that makes him stumble and Wolf, well he doesn't let such an opportunity go to waste.

Immediately sprinting at his opponent Wolf lift his sword to the side and uses his ability, the flames showing on it were weak, just a thin layer shrouded the sword but it was still better than nothing. He slashes at the kobold, turning his hips on the left and using the full strength his body could achieve he also uses his new skill.

[ Muscle pump ]

[Description: By using this skill the user makes his blood boil and flow faster, pumping his muscles with a great amount of strength, making his attacking power and strength go up by 25%]

The drawbacks of the skill were not light, boiling blood, and making it pump faster was a great way to put a huge amount of stress on the heart, but Wolf didn't care at this moment, he only needed one good hit and he would de-activate it. Using his mana to the max he makes the sword as heavy as he can. Right before the moment of impact, it reaches a weight of 9kg.

The kobold knows it was too late to do anything so he stabs his spear into the ground and uses his forearm to prop it against the attack. π™žπ–“π“ƒπ˜³π™šπ”žπ™™.𝒄om


A huge sound was created the second Wolf's greatsword hit the defending kobolds spear. Sparks explode from the hit and flames blaze from his sword, Wolf was giving it his all for this one hit. The spear immediately bends and the kobold shouts a cry of pain, his arm was broken.


The spear cracks at the middle, the wood used to make it was crude and couldn't withstand any longer. With a loud sound, it breaks and Wolf's sword plunges deep inside the kobold's arm that was propping the spear.

Crying out the kobold punches him with his other arm and immediately follows up with a kick to his already injured abdomen. Wolf was knocked back, his arm releasing the sword and blood spurting out from his abdomen.


Wolf gets to the kobold and stabs his dagger deep inside his right side, managing to puncture his lung. A low sound of a breath escapes the kobold's mouth as his back straightens out from the pain. It moves its injured arm backward and manages to hit Shadow with his elbow. The strength of the kobold was huge and the attack was strong enough to push Shadow back and drop him on his knees.

The kobold was dying, the amount of blood it has lost from his tail and arm was huge, coupled with the lung that was pierced his final moments were near. With painful steps it goes towards Shadow, he was closer and the kobold felt less threat from him.


Right at that moment, an arrow flies towards it. With his injuries, the kobold forgot about Beast and that proves fatal. Looking ahead it glares at him before the arrow pierces through his forehead, cocking back his head and killing him.


The body of the kobold drops to its knees, head back and its arms lowered it slowly collapses.

Seeing both of his teammates dead the final kobold panics. The huge human in front of him already injured him greatly, now that he was alone the other enemies will definitely join and kill him. It feints a stab, making Tank stop and ready his shield. Right at that moment the kobold turns around and runs. It doesn't get far though, as the somewhat recovered Reign stands in front of him.

With heavy breathing and blood flowing from his forehead he brings his sword up and gets ready to face the injured kobold. Behind a loud shout was heard as Tank suddenly charges at it, it was the same charge he tried at the beginning of the fight, only now it was deadlier.

Dodge and he will be attacked by the human wielding a sword, face the attack and he will be heavily injured for sure. The kobold panics, not knowing what to do. Tank draws neared while Reign slowly moves towards it, it had to think of something or it will die.

Its eyes suddenly sharpen up, it changes the hold on the spear, holding it in reverse now. With a loud cry, it throws the spear at Reign and immediately jumps at the side, dodging Tanks attack, or so it thought.

? Tank immediately slowed his charge down when he saw the kobold changing the spear hold, which gave him enough control to spin around and use his mace to hit the kobold from its left side.


A crack was heard, the mace hits the kobold right below the shoulder, not only breaking its arm but a couple of its ribs too. It cries out in pain and falls to the ground. Giving it its all to ignore the pain he uses his right hand to prop himself up. It fails, the arm slips on the grass and it falls again.

Reign draws closer to it, the spear it threw at him was not dangerous, it was slow and Reign easily dodged it. With its tail and arm broken the kobold was no longer a threat. Tank goes in front of it and lifts his mace. The kobold looks up and tries pleading for its life but the language spoken by them was vastly different from humans. All Tank heard was hissing, thinking the kobold was cursing at him he gives a loud shout and hit the kobold on the head.

Bam! Crack!

The attack immediately cracks open the skull, brain matter, and blood spurt out from it. With anger Tank hits the head again, just to be sure that he will kill it.


"It's dead Tank, was that really so necessary?"

"That was super necessary." ( A: yeah, ufc reference there.)

Both of them hug another and go towards the others.

Shadow was up on his feet while Beast was next to Wolf who was lying down in pain, the last kick he suffered was quite a painful one.

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