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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 17 Kobolds!


The giant sword slams into a goblin and almost cleaves it in half. The huge sword continues and smashes into the ground, logging itself in it. The corpse of the goblin was right under it and looked grotesque.

[Battle has been concluded, distributing experience...]

-Lvl2 Goblin killed, 20exp points gained-

-Lvl2 Goblin killed, 20exp points gained- π‘–π”«π’π‘Ÿe𝖆𝗱*π’„π—Όπ‘š

[The party has earned 40exp points, distributing evenly to all]

The sword managed to crush its skull, making its eyes pop out and brain matter together with blood splashed everywhere, it didn't end there though. The ribcage of the goblin was protruding from its body, the strength of the sword slash was strong enough to break the ribs and destroy the heart, it only stopped when it got to the end of its stomach.


With a loud shout Wolf rises it up, blood and pieces of flesh rise with it, splattering him once again. Wolf didn't care, he loved his new weapon, the exhilarating feeling he got when using it was like no other. With a big grin, he lovingly stares at his sword, the smile together with his bloody armor gave off a chilling feeling.

"Dude, you don't think he was like a serial killer or something before he got here?"

"No, his fighting skills are too good to be something like that, but I really do wonder about his past, nobody can become like this with a normal upbringing, you and I know that very well."

Reign and Shadow conversed with each other while Tank and Beast looked at Wolf from the side, Tank was calm, the sight of the carnage in front of him didn't bother him at all but Beast was shaking, just killing monsters was enough to make him nauseous, but this, this was too much.

Even without participating in the battle this time he almost vomited during it, Wolf's bloodthirsty style of fighting with his sword was completely different than with knives. He just went at his enemies and used the advantage the sword's length gave him to completely destroy the 2 goblins they found, with the first one he fought while maintaining a lighter weight, and using just 1 hand he was able to quickly destroy the goblin's hand and behead it.

The other one he went with the opposite, by making his sword as heavy as he could he simply slashed once with both of his hands and it was enough to end it.

"Yeah, I think this will be enough practice, I already have a solid grasp of using it, my proficiency is still low but I'm confident in leveling it up fast."

Wolf was walking towards them with the sword propped upon his shoulder. The white and red armor looked menacing with all the bloodstains left on them.

"So, are we finally going to find some monsters of level 5 and above?"

"Yeah, the faster we become stronger the better."

Slowly they made their way through the forest, Beast by using his ability helped them to steer off any dangerous monsters and Wolf would scout every time Beast wasn't certain. The party is now looking at a group of monsters that Wolf scouted.

< Lvl7 Kobold >

< Lvl5 Kobold >

< Lvl6 Kobold >

3 Kobolds were in front of them, resting against nearby trees. The kobolds looked like big lizards that walked on two legs. Their arms were long and sharp claws could be seen on them, their dark red scales shined a bit every time a ray of sunlight hit them. They had a long neck and a lizard like head with a big long mouth, everyone knew that a bite from them would be incredibly painful.

They weren't without any equipment though, they had a cloth tied around their waist, falling down to their knees, their upper body was naked, their muscles and scars visible to everyone. Two of the kobolds had a spear, the level 5 kobold was sitting underneath a tree and hugging his spear, being alert even while resting, the level 7 was eating something nearby, his spear resting about 1m away from him. The last kobold was using a crude sword, the sword was shabby and full of nicks, it's blade looked a bit dull, but still dangerous.

"What do you guys think, should we attack them?" Shadow asks everyone

"Well we do have superior numbers and equipment, not to mention the element of surprise is also ours."

"Yes, if we use the usual tactic, Beast hitting the strongest with a fully charged arrow and the rest of us charging right away we should be able to win without issues." Wolf confidently says, his demeanor changing slowly, like a predator looking at prey.

"Alright, I think Tank should charge the level 5, me and Shadow will go to the level 6, and Wolf, you think you can manage the level 7?"

"I can't say for certain now, if it's injured then probably yes, if not I might have issues."

"Alright, let's go then, that rusty spear won't be able to touch me with my shield anyway, so don't worry about it."

Everyone nods and disperses, Beast sighs and takes out an arrow before they got here he poured mana into the quiver to create a stronger arrow, even when he poured half of it only 1 arrow was made, that's the one he was using now.

Everyone got into position, as usual, Beast notches his arrow and pulls the string, pouring mana again, the arrow slowly starts to be coated in green light. Waiting for a bit he stops and aims at the strongest kobold, with a steady breathing and a steady arm he releases the arrow.

Right before the arrow is released something happens, the kobold flinches a bit and looks at Beast, even while being far away it still manages to see a glimpse of him and the green arrow, it dodges to the right, where his spear is.


The arrow was fast, much faster than the other arrows Beast had used, in a mere moment it finds its way to the kobold and manages to hit its shoulder. Unfortunately, the kobolds reflexes were too fast for Beast and the arrow only manages to graze him.

Everyone had already charged and now it was too late to go back, turning their backs to the enemy would make them easy targets.

"This is bad, they reacted a lot faster than we thought." Wolf thought while going straight at the now armed kobold, it roars in anger as it realizes that they have been attacked.

The other spear-wielding kobold tried to get to him but Tank shows up from its side, with his shield propped up he charges at him, like a battering ram that destroys everything in front of him.

The kobold lunges to the side and manages to evade the charge, now stopped he glares at the giant in front of him and readies his spear.

Shadow and Reign jump out of hiding and face the sword-wielding kobold from its left and right respectively.

The kobold holds his sword in front of himself and glances at them with no fear.

The battle had started, it was not the start that they were hoping for but it was one they had to accept.

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