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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 16 Bone Greatsword And Jacks Strength

Wolf was like a little child while inspecting his greatsword, even though he was raised from a young age to be an elite assassin, he never liked the way they fought, being stealthy and killing your target in one swift hit is the safest way to do it sure, but going close and fighting with a giant sword-like in movies and games was his fantasy, and now, now he can live it to the fullest.

Rank C Bone Greatsword

Atk: 50

Def: 10

Strength + 1

Description: A sword forged by the master blacksmith Adrian absentmindedly, using the fangs and body of monsters that the players delivered he made a giant sword that can become heavier and lighter when mana is poured in it.

"It can change weight?!"

Wolf exclaimed and immediately tried pouring mana while imagining the sword being lighter. He notices the difference almost instantaneously, the weight of the sword changed from being 5kg to about 2, and it was slowly getting a bit lighter as well.

"The minimum is 1kg and the max it can go is 20," Adrian says from the side while looking at Wolf, he was pleased with his behavior and even had thoughts of slight regret for not making the sword a bit better, those thoughts immediately went away when he remembered that he made it for free though.

"It's great, the option is incredibly useful, although it does drain mana a bit quickly over time."

"Well, of course, the lighter or heavier the go the more it consumes, at your level, I don't recommend going further than 3kg lighter and 10 heavier, you might run out of mana while still fighting."

Reign and the others watch Wolf with eyes wide open, the cold guy they knew was gone, and instead, they see someone completely different, someone, they never thought existed.

"Reign, am I dreaming?" Shadow asks while looking at Wolf.

"I wanted to ask you the same thing bro."

"Hey Wolfie, come on, show us the description man, the description!" Tank yells and suddenly runs straight at Wolf.

"Alright, calm down, here it is."

"Wow!" Everyone exclaims at the same time while inspecting it, the option to change the weight is truly something great, imagine fighting someone and mid-fight his swings become a lot faster, or an attack suddenly becomes much heavier and stronger, it could be a decisive factor during a battle.

"I-I definitely didn't expect him to choose such a weapon." Beast shyly says with a low voice.

"I don't think anyone did buddy." Shadow leans closer to him and whispers.

"So, are you guys done with your antics, because I really want to test this thing out, I never used anything like this so let's go fight some low level enemies first ok?"

"Hahahaha, hell yeah, let's go!" Tank excitedly says and lifts both of his arms up.

"Before you guys leave remember this, I can make you guys weapons if you bring me corpses like this, but it won't be free, and if you want something like this I'll need more materials too."

"How much would a weapon like Wolfs cost?" Reign asks Adrian

"With proper materials about 200, with bad ones up to 500, and if you expect me to make it with my own, 1000."


Everyone draws a sharp breath of air, even while killing all those monsters the only one that dropped coins was the elite, plus the achievement they had 60 each, Tank had 0 and Wolf had 160 because of the chest.

"Sir, if I may ask, what monsters drop coins, only the one we gave you dropped some."

"Well, elites always give coins, but the others, only those that are level 5 and higher drop them, the low leveled ones will never give you a single one."

"So that's it, the cockatrice was the only monster beyond level 5 that we fought, the others were lower so we never got anything." Shadow happily exclaims, now that they knew that they will have an easier time with getting equipment.

"The captain never mentioned that, he sure can be unreliable."

"Be quiet, what if he hears you?" Beast gets to Tanks side and tells him with teary eyes, he still couldn't forget their meeting with the captain, he never wants to get on the guy's bad side.

"Alright, sorry for that Brainy."

"Anyway let's go, a soldier mentioned that the captain was scanning the area with something, in a couple of days we will have a map of the nearby terrain, he said that it's possible that some cities shifted from the terraforming, we may have humans nearby, we have to get stronger if we want to go to where they are."

Wolf tells everyone and slowly moves towards the gate, the giant sword on his back casting a long shadow behind him.

"Damn, that guy kinda looks cool like that" Shadow clicks his tongue and follows after him.

"You guys again?" The soldier at the gate asks. "Don't you guys take any rest, if you continue like this you might all die you know?"

Without even waiting for an answer he turns around and presses a magic circle nearby, the huge gate slowly starts opening, but before everyone could leave they suddenly stop and look in front of them with a shocked face.

[Lvl 30 Alpha Direwolf ]

A huge wolf was standing in front of the castle, it looks at everyone with a surprised look on its face and starts growling, the huge wolf lived far away from the castle actually, it only came here because the mountain where his lair was suddenly got destroyed, when he looked up he saw corpses of drakes and dragons falling, he immediately abandoned his pack and followed after a drake that managed to escape, he thought that the drake was going somewhere safe.

It was only a day later he managed to find the place where the white tiger used to be, he sensed that the drake came here and returned, not wanting to risk anything he followed 4 trails that moved together, finally arriving at the huge castle.

"Don't worry everyone, it's just a little pet that came to play." The vice-captain Jack gives a reassuring voice and moves towards the wolf, Beast wanted to warn him to get back but he remembered his level, this wolf was probably no match for him.

"Hey there big guy, what the hell do you think you're doing here so early in the morning?"

Jack grins while walking towards the wolf with a confident face.


The wolf growls and starts backing away, it feels a tremendous amount of danger from this little being in front of him, it was confused, why would something so much smaller than it seem so frightful?

It didn't know but it trusted its senses, if it doesn't retreat, it will probably die today.

"Ah, you're no fun, so be it, I'll end this right away," Jack says and draws his sword out of its sheath. The sword was pitch black with thin orange lines that were drawn on it, the handle decorated with straps of unknown black leather. Simply drawing it produced a hum that vibrated through the air around it, the sound became louder and the sword looked like it was shaking.


Jack calmly says and brings his sword down, he didn't slash, just brought his sword down vertically with a calm and slow movement. The very second the sword was down a sonic boom was heard and a huge sword ray was produced. The wolf was cut in half, the earth 100m from the vice-captain was split, trees that were on the way weren't spared either.


Tank gulps while looking at the sight in front of him, it was something straight out of a fantasy novel, with a simple movement Jack managed to not only kill the wolf but destroy anything in his path.

"I-Is he really just level 35, the wolf wasn't even able to escape."

"That's because he isn't." A nearby soldier says. "When someone takes a mission like this his power and level have to be brought down, otherwise nothing on this planet could stand a chance against the captain, of course, their skills still stay the same so they are much stronger than others at their level."

"So, this is his strength while being weakened, amazing," Wolf says. He knew that the man in front of them was strong, ridiculously strong, but this, this was beyond his imagination.

"Alright boys, I checked, this wolf was the only one around, it seems like he strayed away from his pack, or maybe even left it, do be more careful in the forest just in case, you never know if any more could show up."

Jack was holding the wolf with one arm above his head, the sight of the huge 4m wolf being held up by him looked surreal, so surreal that nobody heard a single word he said, they just stared at the huge wolf's head that was in front of them.

"Ah for fucks sake guys, go out, it's safe, happy hunting, I'm gonna bring this thing inside." Jack facepalms and says, walking towards the castle, even while holding something as big and heavy as the wolf his steps didn't slow down at all, his back was straight and he looked relaxed.

"Guys, do you think we'll be as strong as him one day?" 𝒾𝖓𝓷r𝐞𝘢𝒹.𝒄𝗼𝙢

"I don't know, right now I'm just wondering how strong the captain is, considering the fact that he is 10 levels higher."

"Hey, he uses a sword like me, do you think he'll teach me if I ask nicely?"

Everyone was staring blankly at Jack's back and talking with themselves, the power he showed had truly shocked them, and showed them how weak they truly were in this new world.

"Hahahahaha, I kinda want to spar with him, how many punches do you think I could take?"

"I think a finger flick would be enough to kill you, you meathead."

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