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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 15 That’s The New Weapon?!

[ Level up! ]

[Current player level is 6, additional stats gained]

[ Strength + 1 , Agility + 1 ]

Reign sees a notification as soon they finished talking, killing the group of zombies actually gave everyone enough exp to level up.

Name : Reign

Level : 6 ( 20/700 )

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human? (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 4

Strength : 14 (15) (+1 from ability)

Agility : 15 (18) (+2 from ability, +1 from item)

Endurance : 12 (13) (+1 from item)

Vitality : 14

Willpower : 14

Spirit : 15


Knife Proficiency D

Hand to hand combat B

Sword Proficiency C-




Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 6 exp: 13%)

Unknown rank ??? ( lvl ? exp ???)

"Guys, check your stats, I can see my exp now, not to mention that my ability leveled up a lot."

Reign immediately tells his teammates the new things that he saw in his stat window. Besides that he was confused, his stats were a lot higher than before and he got a new ability, but why was it unknown?

The lightning manipulation went up by quite a lot, so it definitely had to do with the sea of lightning and the mana, but, did it have anything to do with the light and darkness he saw inside?

"Hey mine went up too"

"Same here, that's why my flames seemed stronger huh?"

"Here too"

"Me as well"

Everyone looked at their screen and confirmed that their abilities have leveled up. Reign now knew it was because of the mana training, but one more thing bothered him.

"Why does it say Human? ?" Reign whispered to himself with wonder.

"Hey man, everything ok?" Shadow comes to Reign's side and asks with a concerned face. "You look a little weird."

"I-I'm good, it's nothing, just thinking about stuff you know." Reign pats him on the shoulder and moves closer to the others. "We're all probably quite low on mana, we should get back and continue tomorrow when Wolf gets his new weapon."

"Yeah, let's go."

Everyone slowly makes their way back to the castle. Even though they previously didn't encounter anything on their way this time they managed to see some more zombies, even some stronger ones and elites in big groups.

[Lvl 7 Zombie]

[Lvl9 Elite Zombie]

The elite zombies were bigger than the normal ones, they were more muscular and a bit more alert instead of aimlessly walking around and staring. On one occasion they saw the zombies get in a fight with a beast.

[Lvl 8 Shadow Leopard]

The leopard was bigger than normal ones and incredibly quick, running around the zombies it managed to take a lot of them down by hitting them with its razor-sharp claws or crushing their skulls with its teeth, after a while though it saw it couldn't win against the sheer number of enemies and the stronger zombies in the back so it tried retreating but it got caught by one higher-level zombie and that spelled the end of it.

The elite together with the high-level zombies immediately pounced on it, tearing it apart in mere seconds and feasting on its flesh, some low-level zombies managed to take a few bites as well and leveled up.

"So it's not just us that can level up, it's everyone."

"I-I think I know what the evolution for beasts means now if I let them eat higher level beasts, won't they level up and maybe undergo the evolution, perhaps that's what the elite enemies are."


Slowly everyone made their way around the zombies and other enemies they encountered until they safely got back to the castle.

"You guys are ok huh?"

The soldier that previously talked with them was still at the gate, he looked a bit surprised that nothing happened to them.

Everyone entered the castle and went to the teleport, finally arriving on their floor they say goodnight and retreat to their rooms.

Reign was laying on his bead and thinking. He opens the stats screen and looks at it again.

"4 points huh, I'm using a sword so the speed is still important, but strength too, I'll go half-half."

[ Invest 2 points in Strength and 2 points in Agility ]


Reign accepts and he hears another notification.

[ Agility level 20, first threshold achieved, a new skill gained.]

[ lighting movement ]

[Description: by activating this skill an electric current flows through the body of the user, speed and hand movement gain a 15% boost.]

"So at 20 points we get a skill, that's good," Reign says while almost dismissing the notification, in his head he had more things to think about.

"I have a weird ability and a question mark on my race, what does that mean, what happened back then, I clearly felt the pull of the lightning while training, but when those two things appeared, it went silent, like it was afraid.

Reign puts his hand in front of him and uses his lightning.

"It's still there, that same feeling, the buzz of lightning sounds like thousands of friends greeting me, the violent power inside of it like a gentle breeze that wants to help me, and yet, it's still a little different than before like it's apprehensive of me, or is it just scared of what's inside me?"

"No, that shouldn't be it." Reign shakes his head. "If those things are inside me then that means the lightning should be as well."

Reign spends a lot of time thinking while looking at the sparks in his hand.

"The others didn't have an experience like mine, Tank says he saw a huge mountain that spoke to him, Beast says he saw and heard thousands of animals, Shadow was in a place of pure darkness and Wolf says he was in front of the Sun. Why was mine so different than theirs?"

Reign asks himself, out of a sudden he feels drowsy and exhausted, he spent all of his remaining mana by using the lightning, slowly his eyelids close and he falls asleep.

Reign saw a man in his dreams, the man stood in front of him and talked. He was clad in a pure white robe with black marking, his hair white as the snow was long and fell all the way down to his back. He couldn't see his face, every time he tried to look at it he just couldn't discern any facial features, the voice he heard was beautiful, and yet he couldn't understand it, it wasn't a different language, it was simply the words, they at the same time made sense and didn't, he only heard 4 words.

" Chosen of the universe-"

Waking up in the morning he couldn't remember anything, looking at the ceiling he felt lost, he knew he had a dream, one that confused him but no matter how much he tried to remember he couldn't.


"Reign, you're late again you bastard, we're gonna pick up Wolf's sword, get your ass up!"

Shadow's voice could be heard again from the other side, Reign gets up absent-mindedly and puts on his clothes, opening the door he could see everyone waiting for him.

"Sorry guys."

"Dude, the f happened, you look so pale," Shadow says while looking at his friend's face.

"I just couldn't fall asleep last night is all." Reign waves it off and tells everyone and looks at Wolf. "So, let's go see that thing you ordered."

Everyone gets in the teleport and goes down to the ground level, on it they could see a couple of students walking around, all kinds of emotions on their faces. Some looked like they lost their souls, almost the same as the zombies from last night, while some were wearing big smiles as they excitedly talked with others about fighting and learning from the soldiers.

Wolf stops a professor that was walking nearby and asks them about it.

"Those soldiers are supposed to teach us to fight, I heard we're even going to get some weapons from them." The man shakes his head. "They said that living here is not free, after some time they will ask for rent, and for us to pay we need to fight whatever is outside or be thrown out."

The worry on his face was evident, even though most of the students here knew how to fight it was a different thing when it came to a life and death battle, nobody knew which of them would survive, even though everyone felt sorry they knew that this was a setting of the game, without these safe zones the monsters outside would have already rushed to the school and many would have already been dead.

Leaving the castle they make their way to the smithy, Shadow was jumping around excitedly, it looked like he was getting a new weapon and not Wolf who was calm and collected the whole way there.

Arriving they could see Adrian smoking.

"Ahh you're here you brats, well it's finished, let me take it out real quick."

He goes inside his smithy and sounds of things moving and being thrown could be heard together with his voice.

"Where did I put that piece of shit, aha, here it is!"

The door was open and Adrian gets out with a weapon in his hand, looking at the weapon everyone exclaims.

"What the hell is that?!"

"Hey old man, are you sure this is what he ordered?"

"It's ok, that's what I wanted," Wolf says and goes up to the old man, taking the weapon from his hand he tries swinging it with one hand.

"It's heavy, using it with only one hand won't be easy."

In his hand, Wolf holds a greatsword made from bones. Its size was about 1.4m and it was 5kg heavy, looking at him everyone was shocked.

"A greatsword, but you're so good with the knives, why would you change your weapon like that?" Shadow puzzlingly asks.

"Simple, they're boring, not to mention that I always wanted to use one of these, instead of using daggers and backstabbing opponents I would prefer to go head-on and hack and slash them with this," Wolf says with a huge grin on his face, everyone suddenly got chills from him and back away a bit.

"Aha, I get it, you're just a psycho aren't you mister royalty, I mean I know you rich guys have weird hobbies and such but I never thought –"

"Shut up you bastard!"

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