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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 12 New Information And Equipment

Reign was lying on his bed and looking at his stat window in front of his eyes.

Name : Reign

Level : 5

Class : None (more info in the class menu)

Race : Human (more info in the race menu)

Attribute points : 4

Strength : 13 (14) (+1 from ability)

Agility : 13 (15) (+2 from ability)

Endurance : 12

Vitality : 12

Willpower : 10

Spirit : 10


Knife Proficiency D

Hand to hand combat B




Lightning manipulation S ( lvl 2 exp: 25%)

"So my ability actually leveled up after that fight, +1 to agility huh, well can't ask for more right now."

Small sparks of electricity formed on Reign's hand, he couldn't fall asleep so he decided to practice his ability a little bit.

Small sparks of blue electricity formed on his hand. They disappear very quickly, only for new ones to take appear right away.

"I can make electricity appear with just a bit of effort but that's it, I can't control it at all, I can't even make it appear at any other place except my hands either."

Reign looks at the sparks in his hands and thinks about what he should do.

"Control, I need to gain more control over this power, right now I can only shock enemies that I can touch, had I had more control over it I could have thrown a charged knife at the cockatrice and shocked it, the fight would have been a lot easier that way."

Reign lies down and looks at the ceiling, going over everything that happened today.

"To think the world would change so suddenly, I have to get stronger, me and everyone else."

Reign closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep.

The next morning, the sleeping beau- Reign, the sleeping Reign was woken by loud knocks on his door.


"Wake up man, we have to get to the captain now, everyone's waiting for you!"

He could hear Shadow shouting from behind the door, Reign slowly gets up from the bed and shouts back:

"Alright, I'm up, be there in a second!"

Reign goes to a nearby nightstand where some new clothes were. Examining them he exclaims

"Wow, this is actually equipment, not bad."

[ D rank leather armor ]

Def: 15

Agility + 1

Description: A normal leather armor that offers minimal protection and stat boost.

[ D rank leather boots ]

Def: 10

Agility + 1

Description: Normal leather boots that offer minimal protection and stat boost.

[ D rank leather pants ]

Def: 10

Endurance + 1

Description: Normal leather pants that offer minimal protection and stat boost.

" So these give defense and some stats, good, with these we should have fewer injuries when fighting."

Reign puts on the equipment and looks at himself in the mirror. The leather was black with some dark blue lines on it, looking like lightning bolts were trapped on it.

"It's cool but, aren't the lines a bit eerie?"

Reign says while checking it out, the armor had 2 pockets on each side, 1 chest pocket, and 2 inside of it, their size was good, he could definitely put some short knives or monster parts there.


Reign unlocks his door and opens it, stepping outside he sees that everyone got new clothing too.

Shadow was wearing dark blue and gray armor, the design was a bit different from his as well, it was slicker, and looked like it was made for fast movement and stealth. Beast was wearing all green armor, he looked like a druid with it, the armor looked like it was made from leaves and tree bark, even though it was the same as theirs. Wolf had a bright red armor on, some light white lines were painted on it, giving the illusion of fire dancing on it. Lastly, Tank, he wore gray armor that looked a lot bulkier than the others, the front side of the armor had multiple layers of leather and it looked a bit like a scale mail.

"Oh so it wasn't only me that got armor huh?"

"You're late, let's go, we have a lot to do today, you guys haven't forgotten the chests we got from the system didn't you?' (Wolf)

"Oh right, let's open them now!"

Shadow excitedly says and tries to call out the system, but Wolf stops him.

"Let's do that outside, we should go to the captain first."

"Alright, I guess you're right…"

Shadow's mood was immediately dampened, but the fact that they will get even more items still lingered in his mind.

"Chests, what are you talking about, what chests?"

Tank looks over and asks them

"We got them from defeating the giant cockatrice, I'll explain on the way, let's not keep the soldier waiting."

Reign said while walking towards the soldier the captain sent.

"Oh that's great, if you guys get any spare weapons can I get one, I'm not good with knives you know, and the shield isn't really that good for attacking."

"Don't worry, if nobody wants a weapon we'll give it to you."

Tank and Reign finished their conversation right upon arriving in front of the captain's office, the soldier knocks and politely talks:

" I have brought the players captain."

"Good, get in."

A calm voice was heard from inside the room, the soldier nods and opens the door.


Reign and the others enter the room while the soldier stays outside and closes the door behind them, in front of them they see the back of the captain who was looking outside the window. He slowly turns around and sits on his chair.

"Sit down everyone."

He looked completely different from yesterday, the energetic face and voice were gone, replaced by a serious one, everyone sits down and listens to him.

"First of all, I must apologize for my behavior yesterday, I guess a was a bit overexcited."Eldar coughs lightly and tells them with an embarrassed face. " But now, let me explain why I and the other soldiers are here."

"You see, "the game" that you guys are participating in isn't really something that happens often, the alliance usually eases up things before letting more mana in a world and giving tests similar to this one, alas times have changed, our enemies have started using a different approach, one like this and we had no choice but to follow." π‘–π”«πš—π«π’†πšŠπ™™.π‘π™€π‘š

Eldar slowly explains things to everyone, the origin of "the game" and details about the so-called alliance were not mentioned but holes in their knowledge were slowly being filled.

"The reason why I and the others are here is because the higher-ups still don't want to leave everything to chance, making the so-called safe zones and putting soldiers here gives people more of a fighting chance."

Eldar slowly gets up and walks in front of his table.

"I volunteered to come here, you don't need to know the details why, but just know that I'll try my best to protect and help you guys, the better my zone does the better of a record I have, so you don't need to worry about that."

"S-sir, can I ask you a question?"

Beast raises his hand and asks with a shy voice.

"Oh, yes, ask away."

"What is the purpose of the game?"

"Ah, see, the goal of the game is for one person in the world to transcend, that's all I can tell you, but once it happens that's it, the game is finished, your planet is safe and part of the alliance."

"Transcend, transcend what?" Reign asks.

"As I said, that's all I can tell you so far, now moving on, levels, as you probably saw you can get a class at level 10, the system will tell you more about that in due time but what you need to know is that monsters change at level 10 as well, a level 9 monster and a level 10 can't be compared, so until you get a class, never and I mean never, try to fight a level 10 and above."

"So that's why I felt such pressure from that boar."

Wolf talks with a low voice and says.

"Well, sorry to say but that's all, off you go now, the corpse will be given to you at the entrance, by the way, I suggest you go the blacksmith right away."

Eldar sits down and waves his hand, a strong wind blasts everyone at the door, right before hitting it, the wind disappears and the door opens, in a second they find themselves standing outside.

"W-what just happened?"

Tank gulps and asks everyone with a befuddled face.

"He kicked us out, well, let's go, we have chests to open and a corpse to give."

Reign moves towards the teleport circle nearby. "Oh, and you two try to not throw up this time ok?" He turns his head around and says, right before disappearing with a flash.


Shadow grumbles and steps in after him.

Outside of the castle a soldier comes and gets the cockatrice out of a ring he was wearing. He briefly explains that the ring works as a storage device and that they can get them as well. When told the price of it though they immediately calmed down.

"Alright, chest time, let's open the chests!!"

Shadow jumps around with excitement while yelling.

"Alright, for god's sake calm down."

Wolf grabs him by the collar and says.

"Alright, system, we'd like to receive our rewards now."

Reign calmly announces.

[ Announcement: player 06 and his party were the first to successfully kill an elite monster, the rewards are the following. ]

-50 S coins -

- 1 Mysterious item box –

With a flash of light 4 rainbow-colored chests materialize in front of them

"Oh me first, me first!"

Shadow immediately jumps at his chest and opens it.

[ Mysterious item box opened, gained 30 S coins and D rank Iron Headband]

[D rank Iron Headband ]

Def: 10

Vitality + 1

Description: an Iron Headband that someone made, nobody knows why someone made such a useless item but it gives its wearer a bit of defense and health to the body.

"Well, that sucks."

Shadow holds the headband in front of him with a frown, the design of it was quite nice actually, patterns and lines were carved on it, giving it a nice look.

[ Mysterious item box opened gained C rank Steel Mace ]

"Seems like I was quite lucky this time, Tank, what do you think about using this?"

Reign asks Tank while holding a big mace. Its length was about 1,2m long and its head was about 10cm in diameter.

"Hahahaha, I like it, with this baby for attacking and this shield for blocking no one will be able to hurt you guys."

Tank laughs while showing off his shield, the shield was quite bland, no patterns or inscriptions were on it, it just looked like a big slab of metal. With a width of 0.5m and a height of 1.2 meters, it was quite a large and heavy shield, of course with his incredible strength, Tank had no problems with using it.

"I just got 100 S coins."

Wolf announces.

"I got this"

Beast shows everyone an armband that he got from the item box.

[ B rank elven armband]

Def: 45

Agility + 4

Spirit + 5

Willpower + 4

Description: an armband usually used by the elites of the elven army, by focusing mana on it it can create a shield of pure mana to defend its wearer.

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