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Is this really a Game?!

Chapter 11 Captain Eldar

" So Reign is still Reign, Lee is Shadow, Brainy is Beast and Agarlic is Wolf, ok."

Tank nods with a serious expression, from the side Wolf, gives an annoyed expression again and shouts at him.

"For the thousandth time, Adarlic, with a D, D, not g, it's not garlic you dumb fu-"

Reign holds Wolf from behind and tries to calm him down, Tank looks at him, shrugs his shoulders, and looks at Beast.

"But damn, to think you would have such a name, Beast huh, I don't want to sound obnoxious or anything but I don't think it suits you right now, well with your ability it maybe will, oh and yeah, my ability is rank B, just like you, it's called Copper body.

"That too suits you just like your name, so you really are like a tank character huh, strong body and a shield, it will come in handy with fights, we wouldn't have gotten as injured if we had you previously.

Shadow examines Tank and says.

"You guys got injured?!"

Tank suddenly shouts in anger.

"Who did that, let's go, I'm gonna kill the bastard!"

"Umm, T-Tank, it's right behind you."


Tank turns around and sees the corpse of the cockatrice, realizing that the perpetrator was already dead he quickly calms down and turns to face Reign and the others with a worried face.

"Are you guys ok then, did you break anything, are you bleeding anywhere, are –"

"Tank, don't worry, just scratches and light injures, we'll be ok."

Reign approaches Tank and puts a hand on his shoulder.

"Now, we need to go and find the captain, the system told us that he will explain everything to us."

"Oh, well he's in the castle, I think he is on top of the tower."

Everyone looks up and feels a sense of annoyance, to climb all the way up there will take an eternity, they wished there was a faster way.

"Everyone is in the castle, getting their rooms and trying to familiarize themselves with it, we're going to be living there from now on so, hey, wait, what's that on the tower?"

Tank suddenly stops speaking and asks, everyone looks up again and sees a small figure on top of the tower of the castle, squinting their eyes they try to see it better but fail. After a little bit the shadow moves, it jumps, it jumps from the 90m tall tower and starts to get increasingly larger.

"Is someone trying to kill themselves because of everything, well I guess some people would get depressed."

Wolf calmly says, whether or not some students die did not bother or interest him, he knew that now the world is a different place, a place even more dangerous than the ones he went to when doing his job, his 3, now 4 teammates are the only ones whose wellbeing he cared about.

"W-what should we do guys, s-should we try to catch the person?"

Beast asks, he watches as the shadow falls, nobody moves, catching someone falling from that height is impossible, all of them knew it, whoever it is, they're as good as dead.

The person falls down, but, right before hitting the ground, it stops, standing upright the man's feet are just a millimeter above the ground.

A strong wind forms from underneath his feet and blows all the nearby dust away, everyone quickly shields their eyes from it before looking at the man.

The man looked average at first, his wavy black hair falling over his forehead was being blown up by the wind, wearing a black and white suit he looked more like an adventurer than a soldier. He wasn't big, his height was just shy of 175cm (5 feet 10 inches), no noticeable muscles were shown on his body either, but one place drew everyone, his eyes. His irises were pitch black, when looking at them you would think you see the whole universe inside them, it was that mystical feeling that made the party a bit wary of him.

[ Lvl 45 Captain Eldar ]

Wolf looked at him and gulped, death, an inescapable death was what he felt from this man, nobody could compare to him, even when seeing the best in the world of assassins Wolf never had a feeling like this from anyone, the boar, the white tiger, the vice-captain, all of them were like toddlers compared to him.

"Well well well, so we already have a group that went hunting here."

Eldar looks at them and says with a grin.

"You even managed to kill an elite monster, good, very good, seems like I'll be getting a nice promotion after all of this hahahahahaha!"

He looked at the beast and started laughing, the laugh was one of pure joy and happiness.

"Well don't just stand there, come here you guys, at least introduce yourselves to me, we're going to be spending a lot of time together you know?"

Eldar quickly waves at them and sits down on a nearby chair, with a flash of light 5 more chairs were placed around him.

"Come, come, tell me all about yourselves, looking at how you killed that thing all 5 of you are pioneers right?!"

Eldars beckons at them again and asks with a beaming smile, his eyes were open wide, almost popping from their sockets.

Reign and the other slowly make their way towards him, they were very confused but with the system telling them before that the captain is supposed to explain everything to them, they had no choice.

Everyone sits on a chair and starts answering the barrage of questions the captain had for them.

After a while.

It was already nighttime.

Everyone looked sleepy and tired.

"Hahahahahaah so not only did I get a place with 5 pioneers, but one of them is also a seed of hope, hahahahahaaha!"

Eldar was still full of energy, actually, he was even more energetic than before, the more questions everyone answered the happier and happier he got.

"Captain please do behave yourself, I know you're happy and all but let these guys go, I'm sure they're very tired from everything they had to do today, especially from listening to you."

The vice-captain suddenly shows up, he stands right next to the captain and berates him, instead of him being below in rank, right now it looked like he was the captain who was berating one of his men.

"I guess you're right, sorry for that guys, I'm sure all of you must have questions you want to ask me and things to do, go and rest, Jack has notified a couple of soldiers to take you to your rooms, I'll send someone in the morning to bring you to my office."

Eldar gets up and calmly tells them, turning around he walks away from them.

"Oh and don't worry about that monster, I'll take care of the corpse and give it to you tomorrow, the blacksmith will probably want it."

Reign and the others perk up when they hear that, they were happy that their effort of bringing the corpse back here wasn't wasted.

"Alright guys, these soldiers will take you to your rooms, I'll see you with the captain tomorrow so get some rest, you deserved it."

Jack tells them and leaves, leaving 5 soldiers with them. Everyone gets up and follows the soldiers into the castle.

The inside of the castle looked the same as they expected, except for some details. There were no candles or torches to light it, instead, there were stone-like crystals inside, when they asked the soldiers about it they calmly explained everything.

Underneath a castle was a huge array that drew surrounding mana towards it, that coupled with the huge source underneath it made it so that everything inside the castle had power. The crystals shone by using mana, the water in showers is heated by it, stoves and other kitchen appliances were inside too, only differing in looks. By using the mana gathered by the array everything was quite comfortable, the castle even has teleportation circles to help with going up and down the floors.

"Teleports, wow, so those really exist? "

Shadow asked one soldier in an amazing voice.

"Yes, we're going to one right now, you guys should get ready, the first time using one of those is always rough."

"Oh and by the way you guys will be getting different rooms from the others, one of the privileges of being pioneers, your rooms will be right underneath the captain's quarters."

After walking for a bit longer they arrived at a circular light right next to the staircase, it looked surreal, the ethereal light was slowly moving from the floor, it looked like it was dancing in the air, only to disappear at the top.

"Alright, just walk inside and you'll be on your floor, just don't forget to clench your stomach."

A soldier said before he entered the teleport circle, in a flash he disappeared.

"So, shall we?"

Reign asks everyone and moves forward. He slowly steps inside the circle and takes a deep breath. The teleport flashes and he disappears.

Teleportation felt incredibly nauseating, imagine being on a roller coaster that moved in all directions with a speed of 1000 km/h. Even if only for a moment, it was enough to make anyone unprepared puke.

A light flashed and Reign jumps out of the teleport, he immediately falls on his knees and tries to calm himself down.

After a while everyone arrives, Wolf and Tank were able to endure like Reign but Shadow and Beast vomited immediately after teleporting, there was no mess, with a flash everything on the floor disappeared and the soldiers came to them and took them to their rooms.

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