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Chapter 9: Sealing of acupoints with golden needles

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Soon, Lao Han came back with another set of golden needles. Two sets would have more than one hundred needles.

Mo Wen took the golden needles and without a word, he walked to the bed and caught a glimpse of the patient. He swiped his hand on the Indian Sandalwood box with a few glittering golden needles lined in between his fingers.

He lifted up the blanket and three golden needles were slowly prodded into the surrounding area of Professor Yun’s heart. Subsequently, he took more golden needles from the box and inserted them to the cerebral cortex, arms, thighs, soles of the feet, and the back; golden needles were being inserted continuously.

Mo Wen was very detailed and careful with every golden needle since the places that they were being inserted were crucial areas of the body like blood vessels and meridians, which would be fatal if there was a mistake. Moreover, the difficulty level increased with the number of golden needles involved. There was a need to control the whole situation as even a slightest mistake in the order of insertion of the needles might cause the whole process to fail.

Everyone in the room fixed their eyes on Mo Wen with different emotions: some were anxious, some were expectant, some were curious, but most were worried. After all, Mo Wen was so young and it was difficult to believe that he’d be able to deal with a matter that would leave experts at their wits end.

Professor Han squinted his eyes at Mo Wen. Perhaps the patient did not know acupuncture, but he was an expert in it and knew the high risks involved when eighty-one golden needles were inserted into the acupoints and meridians of a body. The consequence of the slightest mistake was disastrous.

However, he kept his silence as he knew that the rest would not have given Mo Wen a chance to try if he were to tell them. However, what else could they do if Mo Wen did not try? They had basically no confidence in treating the patient or else they wouldn’t have waited so many years. Professor Yun would still die if Mo Wen did not try. Since they could not save him, there was a chance that a miracle might happen if Mo Wen were to try.

It was inevitable that Mo Wen took exactly half an hour to insert the eighty-one golden needles into Professor Yun’s body. If he was Divine Physician Mo of the past life, he would not have taken such a long time, rather only a few minutes.

It was different now as it was the first time Mo Wen was using this present body to perform acupuncture. He was not as familiar as before when the Divine Physician Mo of the past life had practised inner Qi. The Diving Physician had sharp ears, keen eyes, sensitive awareness, and flexible hands which were precise; performing the acupuncture technique was an easy matter.

Wiping away the beads of perspiration formed on his forehead, he secretly decided that he must practise inner Qi in the future. As a consequence, he would not be able to perform many medical skills, making a mild illness such as this to be so troublesome.

“How is it? Is it done?”

Yun Xiaoman asked with bated breath upon seeing Mo Wen stopped. She was definitely the most frightened person in the ward, tense since the beginning.

“Just wait ten minutes.”

Mo Wen nodded his head lightly. This technique was sealing of acupoints with golden needles. It used the intervention of the golden needles to seal acupoints and meridians from the outside to the inside, preventing the poison from spreading and even compressing it altogether. As a result, it would seal at a permanent location in the meridians.

Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison was a poison that attached itself onto the meridians so sealing acupoints with golden needle technique was effective in suppressing the poison as well as keeping it under control.

However, this could only be a temporary solution as a huge amount of Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison was compressed at the meridian and would burst at a later time. Once burst, the poison would be stronger and more volatile. This poison had been known for being difficult to deal with, it would be impossible to be completely cured without absolute clearance from the body. Mo Wen was only able to suppress the poison temporarily.

“Wait ten minutes?”

Professor Pan and Deputy Director Zeng exchanged glances and captured a passing doubt in each other’s eyes. They knew little of acupuncture but didn’t know the enigma of it. However, the patient seemed to be doing well and remained unchanged after the acupuncture so they were not worried.

The rest of the panel of experts were also looking at one another, not knowing what was happening. It seemed illusory to them as the illness was treated with a few golden needles without the use of any medicine or medical equipment. However, they were not frivolous or impatient people. Being employed by the Leading Military Hospital, they had to be certainly be more patient and staid than ordinary people.

Professor Han was the only one whose eyes were faintly showing astonishment while staring at the patient on the bed. With his knowledge of human body structure, the eighty-one golden needles were all inserted on the acupoints and meridians. Having so many golden needles on the acupoints of the body, it was a miracle that the patient was not showing any adverse reactions. Mo Wen could indeed use eighty-one golden needles simultaneously to treat an illness!

With the time ticking by, the time in the quiet yet solemn ward seemed to have slowed down and everyone seemed to be able to hear the beating of their own heart. Before ten minutes were up, someone noticed something.

“That... that golden needle!”

Shen Jing pointed to the golden needle on Professor Yu’s body and widened her eyes as if she had seen something unimaginable.

Her words had instantly directed the others’ attention to the golden needles.

“The color has changed...!”

“How does it happen?”

“What’s that all about?”

The color of the golden needles inserted on Professor Yun’s body began to change. The surfaces of the needles were covered with a layer of purplish blue radiance, as if they were being thrown into and dyed in a gallon of paint. The purplish blue lustre seemed like an illusion.

“Poison extraction! The strange poison was indeed purged out.”

Professor Han stepped forward in surprise and looked at the patient excitedly. He had thought of many methods in the past in an attempt to extract the poison from Professor Yun’s body. However, the poison was too difficult to deal with. Not only did he fail, but the backlash rapidly caused poison to burst off in advance.

However, at this instant, he was extremely ecstatic that these poisons that had been troubling him for years, were leaving the patient’s body little by little.

“Is Professor Yun’s illness induced by the poison?

A hint of amazement flashed across Professor Pan’s eyes, looking at the gradually darkened golden needles in disbelief. The scene in front of him seemed a little preposterous. Even though he knew all along that acupuncture in Ancient Hua Xia was profound and complex, to see it personally right before his eyes? He could not help but to be shocked.

“That’s right. Actually, I have been suspecting that the strange illness was induced by a certain kind of rare poison, but I have not found any solution for it. Today, I asked for Mo Wen’s assistance in treating the illness as he came to the same conclusion.”

Professor Han inhaled deeply and peered at Mo Wen thoughtfully. He was leaving things to chance at first and resorting to Mo Wen’s help out of desperation, but Mo Wen had definitely given him a pleasant surprise.

Mo Wen swept his eyes across the patient on the bed who looked calm as usual. Although the purpose of the golden needles was to seal the meridian thus preventing the poison from spreading, it was also effective in extracting the poison.

The poison had already covered the whole body of the patient and all the poisons would be compressed together once the golden needles sealed the meridians. When that happened, it would cause the poisons to concentrate and overflow outwards. Hence, part of the poisons would be purged out of the body through the golden needles.

Ten minutes later, all eighty-one golden needles had totally turned a darkened bluish purple, shimmering a cold sober glow as if there were many lurking poisonous snakes.

Just then, a shocking change happened to the patient. The terrifying bluish purple on the surface of the body began to gradually fade, and after another short span of time Professor Yun’s skin had basically returned to his normal skin color.

“Professor Yun actually recovered.”

Professor Pan gave Mo Wen a backward glance and a mixture of complex feelings flashed in his eyes. Was he really simply a student who was disadvantaged in the college entrance examination? Why did he seem to be the medical expert at this moment?

Zeng Yanting also touched his nose and stood awkwardly in front of the sickbed. He was reprimanding Mo Wen just now for sprouting nonsense, but now the reality was before him. His past speech felt as a harsh slap on his face as it was the first time, for as long as he had lived, that he had been so embarrassed in front of a younger person.

However, he was secretly relieved and yet sort of thankful towards Mo Wen that Professor Yun’s illness had been rendered under control.

Mo Wen noticed that the patient had nearly recovered so he stood up and walked out of the ward. The future management of the patient was naturally none of his concern.

“Mo Wen, wait for a moment.”

A voice came from behind him as he stepped out of the ward, it was from none other than Professor Han.

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