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Chapter 8: Little Experiment

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At that instant, all eyes in the room were set on Mo Wen. Since he dared to declare that he was able to get the patient’s condition under control, he had to explain what he meant as it is easy to make empty promises. Those present in the room were reputed experts in the medical field so it was impossible to fool them.

“Young man, don’t blurt out something without consideration. If you are able to keep Professor Yun’s condition under control, convince me with your explanation. If not, leave immediately and don’t interrupt our treatment for the patient.”

A tinge of annoyance flashed in the eyes of Zeng Yan Ting as he thought Mo Wen had many character flaws – pretending to be a know-it-all, boastful and frivolous. However, in the eyes of Mo Wen, Zeng Yan Ting was just an arrogant, impractical guy who enjoyed performing grandiose deeds to impress others.

Mo Wen pursed his lips without giving an explanation, pulled Shen Jing, and was about to leave. Since the others had never believed in him, there was no need to tax himself over it. Explanation? Things of two different worlds, how could he explain it?


Professor Han blocked Mo Wen’s way again saying, “Since this young man is able to get the patient’s condition under control, is it possible for him to help in keeping the patient’s toxin in control?”

He didn’t think like the rest because Mo Wen was the only person, other than himself, who had the ability to identify the cause of Professor Yun’s illness. It was impossible that it was pure luck. He was unlike these foolish old men and knew Hua Xia was a big place that produced lots of outstanding people and experts of all kinds.

“Professor Han, what’s wrong with you? You are a reputable master in the medical field, how can you believe in such a frivolous youngster?”

Zeng Yan Ting furrowed his brows as Professor Han’s reaction was a little strange. He was usually more serious than anyone, what happened to him today? He was not acting like his usual self.

“Lao Zeng, don’t say anything. I believe him, let’s give it try?”

Professor Han kept a straight face and looked at the others. With such a stern facial expression, nobody would think that he was joking.

Just then, Professor Pan spoke. “I believe in him too, just let him give it a try. In fact, we were not confident with the solution that we came up with. If Mo Wen is unable to do it, will we be able to come up with a better solution?”

He agreed with Professor Han’s opinion. He had some interaction with Mo Wen before and he instinctively felt that he was not a frivolous and arrogant person. Mo Wen had some medical knowledge, perhaps he could come up with a solution that they did not know.

Zeng Yan Ting wanted to say something but stopped short as he didn’t expect Professor Pan to agree as well. Now that two people concurred with Mo Wen, he would appear to be too incredulous to say anything further against him.

He didn’t look down on the young generation due to his seniority but Professor Yun’s status was too special to have anything bad happened to him. Being the doctor in-charge, he had a huge responsibility not to take the risk of allowing a young man to treat his patient.

However, the responsibility was bestowed on Professor Han and Professor Pan since they had proposed it so it was not for him to comment any further.

“Alright, we will let you try.” Zeng Yan Ting said with a sigh.

Mo Wen’s brows furrowed and casted a strange glance at the rest of the people. He had to help to treat the patient just because they agreed? Moreover, in the current situation, the treatment was going to be free and there wasn’t even a consultation fee. He was not Mr. Nice Guy.

He was also not interested in proving anything to them. In the past life, people always begged him to treat their illness. The title of Miracle Physician Mo had been his golden brand, he shouldn’t need to prove anything.

“Mo, I owe you a favour. Please help in the treatment.”

Professor Han was very shrewd to read Mo Wen’s thoughts at one glance. He was not angry but secretly happy about it. An old person like him would naturally understand and know that only a person with real ability was able to have such mentality. After all, the people in this room were all influential figures in the medical field and only ordinary people wouldn’t wait to impress them.

“Brother Mo, please help my grandfather. I believe in you.”

Yu Xiao Man looked at Mo Wen with tearful eyes. Her thought was simple: Mo Wen was not related to them and appeared unreasonable when he stood up to the nurse to treat her grandfather’s illness, but actually his intention was for the good of her grandfather. Despite her young age, she was able to decipher the good from the bad.

“Do you have the golden needle?” Mo Wen looked acquiescently at Professor Han.

Since he was able to mention it, he would surely be able to do it. Even though he was unable to cure Professor Yun’s illness completely, it would be easy for him to get the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison under control.


Professor Han took out a delicate Indian Sandalwood box from his white laboratory coat upon hearing it, opened the lid to find a neat row of two-inches golden needles. He was different in comparison to the rest as he was a typical old Chinese Physician from a Chinese Physician family. Hence, he usually carried golden needles with him as he practised the techniques of acupuncture.

“Are forty-nine golden needles enough?” Professor Han asked while looking at Mo Wen. Despite knowing that forty-nine golden needles would be sufficient, he still asked casually. The golden needles in his hands were made of pure gold so the making of a set of golden needles was extremely costly.

“Not enough, I need eighty-one golden needles.” Mo Wen shook his head.

“Eighty-one golden needles!”

Professor Han was dumbfounded upon hearing it as he knew that the traditional acupuncture would be more difficult as the number of golden needles increased. After all, acupuncture is complex as it involves the meridians and acupoints of a human body. With every additional needle inserted the effects would be totally different. In addition it becomes more difficult to manage so any slight accident could cost a patient’s life.

He only manufactured forty-nine golden needles but never had to use all at once. Normally about twenty needles would be used and only in rare situations would thirty needles be used.

Eighty-one golden needles! Could Mo Wen manage so many golden needles?

It was shocking to him as he had not heard of anyone who treated their patient with so many golden needles.

“That’s correct, eighty-one golden needles.”

Mo Wen nodded as he extended his hand. A streak of gold flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes and a row of needles appeared in his hand. They were lined neatly in order giving out a faint golden intermittent glow as the light reflected off them.

Professor Han’s pupils dilated as he focused on Mo Wen’s hand. That hand might look normal in eyes of the laymen, but he knew that it was very familiar with the management of golden needles from the way it was being held and used. He must have practised countless times to be so good that he surpassed Lao Han.

“There is another set in the office, I will get them for you.”

Professor Han did not hesitate further, turned around, and left the ward for the needles. At that moment, he was very curious how many surprises this young man could bring. Could he actually treat the patient with eighty-one golden needles?

It was unprecedented with no record in history of anyone who had used eighty-one golden needles simultaneously to perform acupuncture. It was only a reincarnated Hua Tuo who had this ability.

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