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Chapter 6: Argument

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In that world, there was the profession known as warrior. Through the training of Inner Qi and body fitness, every other action in between had immense strength within. Warriors that were outstanding and strong could even fly across roofs, walk on walls, and crack open huge, gold rocks. When Mo Wen was the imperial physician in the palace, the guards who were serving in the emperor’s presence each had their own unique martial art niche.

As the successor of a highly respected medical family, Mo Wen had trained his Inner Qi since a young age. After all, the Mo family was not a normal family and the medical skills passed down over generations were not average medical skills. Many of them required the coupling of Inner Qi before being able to treat complicated illnesses. In that lifetime, Mo Wen had a rather good foundation of Inner Qi. If not for that, he wouldn’t have been able to make a name for himself as the miracle physician.

But now, his body did not have a single bit of Inner Qi, so how would he be able to execute the golden needle technique?

Moreover he realized that Lao Yun, who was lying on the hospital bed, was not just a simple man. He had Inner Qi, though not of abundance and far from comparable to what Mo Wen had in that lifetime. However, he had been training up his internal energy. If not for that, upon getting the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison, it would have been impossible for him to hold on for a period of a few years when an average old person would have died long ago.

Once she heard Mo Wen say that he could not treat her grandfather’s illness, Yun Xiaoman’s gaze became dull in an instant. Then again, Grandfather Pan and Grandfather Zeng could not even cure him so who else could cure her grandfather’s illness? 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

“Do you know who can treat your grandfather’s illness?” said Mo Wen. Yun Xiaoman lifted her head to look at Mo Wen, her face filled with ardent hope. Mo Wen was the only person who dared to diagnose her grandfather’s illness and had, in that moment, made her feel as if she was grasping onto the last straw of possibility that her grandfather could be saved.

Mo Wen knitted his brows slightly but did not reply. He said there was someone who could cure Lao Yun’s illness, but actually quite a number of them were all people of the mysterious world. Whether or not there were any on earth, he did not know.

Mo Wen’s silence had obviously hurt Yun Xiaoman’s heart and her gaze dulled as she lowered her head, silently sitting back onto the chair.

Shen Jing lightly sighed but did not step in to interrupt. Mo Wen was just a student after all, and an illness that stumped even Professor Pan and Professor Zeng would definitely be difficult for Mo Wen to figure out. Moreover, she did not completely believe the diagnosis of Lao Yun being poisoned. Yun Xiaoman was not a doctor so she naturally would not have much understanding in the field. However, she knew deep in her heart that with Mo Wen’s diagnosis, even if he had really come up with a cure, would not be accepted by the hospital.

The atmosphere dipped into one of silence in an instant. The three people in the room did not speak. Shen Jing quietly dragged a chair for Mo Wen to sit in to prepare for the wait for Pan Aiguo, the consultant, to end and see whether or not they had come up with an effective cure.

Mo Wen’s fingers lightly tapped against the stool, periodically gazing at Yun Xiaoman curled up in the corner, while rays of indecisiveness flashed through his eyes.

After an indefinite amount of time, the door of the ward was pushed open by someone outside. A middle-aged lady who looked like a nurse walked in with a serving tray balanced in her hand as she started to insert the intravenous infusion for the patient on the hospital bed.

“Wait,” Mo Wen subconsciously called out to the middle-aged female nurse.

The nurse lifted her head and looked at Mo Wen with confusion. She even halted her actions because she was unsure of Mo Wen’s identity.

“Is that glucose?” Mo Wen shot a glance at the intravenous infusion vial in the nurse’s hand.

“That’s right,” the nurse said and nodded her head, looking at Mo Wen uncomprehendingly.

“Glucose is not suitable for the patient,” said Mo Wen as he knitted his brows.

Blood could prevent the spread of the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison to a certain degree but performing intravenous infusion would dilute the blood and aid in the spread of the poison. The Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison were not normal kinds of poisons and it would not spread in the blood.

The tip of the middle-aged nurse’s brows knitted together and her voice rose a little higher as she said, “Sir, if I don’t perform intravenous infusion on the patient, how can it guarantee that there are nutrients in the patient’s body!”

In the face of some unreasonable requests of the patient’s family, she as a nurse could not help but feel a little exasperated. Giving the patient glucose was to ensure that the body’s metabolic processes would function as per normal. Was she to just watch a patient who could not consume food starve to death?

Unknowingly, the middle-aged nurse viewed Mo Wen as the patient’s family member. In her tens of years of working as a nurse in the hospital, she had seen all kinds of exotic family members.

“Nurse, the patient really cannot have intravenous infusions right now,” Mo Wen said with a little exasperation while using his body to shield the patient from the middle-aged nurse. He naturally could not naturally explain to the nurse about such situations. Even if he tried to explain, it would not go through. Currently, Lao Yun was in the explosive period of the poison and it could be said that his life was hanging thinly by a thread. Once the intravenous infusion was done, it would dilute the blood and the widespread Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison would take the life of the patient in an instant.

The middle-aged nurse’s expression became dark in that moment. It was the first time she had come into contact with such an unreasonable family member who took matters into his own hands. Previously, even though she had met family members that were difficult to please, they would not constantly prevent her from providing treatment either, so what was wrong with this youth?

Providing intravenous infusion for a patient followed a strict time policy and if it were to be delayed, she could not bear the consequences should anything faulty happen to the patient.

Shen Jing was slightly puzzled as she rose and walked over behind Mo Wen and tugged on his shirt. Using a low voice that could only be heard by Mo Wen, she said, “Exactly what is happening? Don’t keep the nurse from doing her job.” She could not understand his rationale either.

Yun Xiaoman stood up as well and similarly looked at Mo Wen and the middle-aged nurse in confusion.

“Performing the intravenous infusion now would very likely take the life of the patient,” Mo Wen tilted his head to look at Yun Xiaoman and said in a solemn voice.

Upon hearing that, Yun Xiaoman shouted in surprise, “Ah...!” She subconsciously tilted her body sideward and shielded the patient, her pair of pupils keenly traced on the middle-aged nurse as if she was a murderer coming to take a life.

“Sir, the hospital has the duty to cure patients, please do not disrupt our treatment. Disrupting the treatment will then really cost the life of the patient,” the middle-aged nurse said while glaring at Mo Wen angrily. She was very tempted to scold him for spouting nonsense but upon reconsideration that he was the patient’s family, she swallowed her words.

Yun Xiaoman looked at the two people who would not back down from the argument and similarly was caught in a dilemma. After all, one of them was a doctor of the hospital and the other was the only one who dared diagnose the illness of her grandfather though an outsider. Besides, Professor Pan had also previously asked the two to help treat her grandfather so he was obviously also a doctor. At that moment, she could not decide who to listen to.

The middle-aged nurse looked over to Shen Jing who was at one side, obviously hoping that she could help put in a helping word or two. After all, Shen Jing was a doctor of the military hospital, and even though she was from a different department, she was still a familiar face.

However, Shen Jing forced a smile and did not understand why Mo Wen was so adamant. As a doctor of a reputable hospital, she naturally knew that Mo Wen’s actions were deliberately provocative and was creating trouble for the nurse. Yet, she also did not dare to completely deny whatever Mo Wen was saying. After all, Mo Wen had previously displayed exceptional knowledge in the medical field and even Pan Aiguo had been full of praises.

Mo Wen looked at Yun Xiaoman briefly and asked, “What do you mean?”

If Yun Xiaoman agreed to the nurse performing the intravenous infusion, then he would not put up a fight as he had done everything possible.

Yun Xiaoman looked at Mo Wen and the nurse. She stuttered for a long time saying, “I... I...”, but could not form a proper sentence She was currently at a loss and with such concern over her grandfather’s life, how would she dare to casually make a decision?

The situation was locked in a stalemate for a moment and just as they all did not know how else to proceed, the door was pushed open again once more.

Professor Pan had just walked into the ward but he had already sensed that there was something not right about the atmosphere. He asked the room, “What’s going on?” Behind him, a huge crowd swarmed in within an instant with at least five to six of them in lab coats.

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