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Chapter 5: Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison

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A red Audi A8 slowly drove out of Yixin Garden with three people seated in it. They were Mo Wen, Professor Pan, and Shen Jing who were rushing to the hospital.

What shocked Mo Wen a little was that the Audi saloon was not Professor Pan’s car, but rather Shen Jing’s. Although he did not have a very deep understanding of cars, he knew that Audi A8s cost at least over a million. An average university lecturer would not be able to afford it based on his own abilities, so did that mean that Shen Jing was still a rich heir?

The journey was silent and the car was driving on the capital’s inner-ring road. Shen Jing knew that the patient could not afford to wait much longer as well, so the car was travelling at a speed much faster than usual.

The capital’s military region’s leading hospital remained as one of Hua Xia country’s top hospitals where many seniors and masters in the field were gathered, as well as many heavily ill patients who only this hospital dared to treat. One could say that the patients in the military region’s leading hospital, if they were not fraught with a critical illness, were people of influence.

At this moment, a VIP ward on the top floor of the hospital was pushed open by someone from the outside and a row of four people entered. The person right in front was a doctor wearing a long, white coat about sixty years of age, his hair a little white. Closely following behind him was an old gentleman who was seemingly even older than him, but still had a good spirit. Behind the gentlemen, there was a young boy and girl. The girl was pure and pretty, and even though the guy’s looks were not particularly outstanding, he also had a lasting appeal with his face still retaining some childishness. He, ultimately, was the youngest of all.

The ward was very big and the facilities and environment were of the highest standards in all aspects. At this moment, an old man was lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask attached to his face. Beside him, there were several medical personnel constantly monitoring him.

“Pan Aiguo, I’m afraid Lao Yun can’t hold on anymore.”

The senior in the long white coat at the front glanced at the old man and said with a little sorrow, “The method that we researched on last time no longer works!”

Professor Pan heard and took a step forward to carefully check on the condition of the old man on the hospital bed, only to find that his complexion was purplish blue in color and that he had already completely entered into comatose. Not only that, but when Professor Pan rolled up the sleeves of the old man, his palms and arms were also a shade of purplish blue, as if his entire body had been thrown into a tank of purple dye to be dyed this color.

“This time, the attack is very serious!”

Professor Pan’s pupils contracted. Previously, his attacks only caused sections to turn purplish blue, but now it had covered his entire body. It was impossible for him to suppress it no matter how much he wanted to.

“Even though the method we researched on last time can suppress his condition within a short period of time, the rebound effect is even more serious. Previously, we held a few specialist consultations, but there was no solution to the problem that had been discussed,” the senior in the long white coat said, letting out a small sigh as if there was really no solution left.

Mo Wen and Shen Jing only stood quietly by the side, glancing curiously at the patient on the bed. But they did not open their mouths to interrupt, as they knew that it was not the time for them to speak.

On the journey here before, Mo Wen also had some knowledge of the senior in the long white coat. He was the deputy director of the military region’s leading hospital and his name was Zeng Yanting. He was also the main attending doctor of the old man on the hospital bed, and his medical expertise had a certain level of reputation in the medical field.

But at that moment, the two outstanding and famous doctors were at their wits ends with regards to the patient on the bed. And from what Mo Wen knew, the old man with the surname Yun who was lying on the bed was also their old friend. Moreover, his social status had to be rather high, or it would have been impossible for him to dispatch the entire military hospital’s resources just to save him.

“Grandfather Pan, I beg you, you have got to save my grandfather.”

Seated on the hospital bed was a young girl who was about Mo Wen’s age. She lifted her head and her tears were falling like pear blossoms, looking at Pan Aiguo and Zeng Yanting pitifully.

That girl was wearing a green skirt and actually looked very pretty, almost comparable to the huge beauty by his side, Shen Jing. However, her face was currently haggard and she had traces of dark eye circles, evidently not having rested well recently. Looking at the two famous doctors of the medical field walk in at that moment, her tears could not help but fall instantly.

“Xiaoman, Grandfather Pan will definitely give it my all,” Pan Aiguo said with a sigh.

“Zeng Yanting, call in the others and let’s hold another specialist consultation. We have to think of a solution no matter what.” Pan Aiguo sighed deeply, as he knew for sure that the person on the hospital bed could not hold on for much longer. They had to think of a solution to suppress the illness within the shortest time possible.

“This is all we can do now.”

Zeng Yanting nodded as he listened and called up Pan Aiguo before preparing to leave the ward. Pan Aiguo, who was just preparing to leave the room, seemed to have thought of something and turned his body to face Mo Wen and Shen Jing.

“You both can also properly research into Lao Yun’s illness and see if you are able to think of any solutions that can suppress the illness.”

Shen Jing was a doctor of the hospital anyway. As for Mo Wen, being able to know such profound medical techniques showed that he probably had very skilled doctors as his mentors. With the two of them together, they would perhaps be able to be of some use. At that point in time, Pan Aiguo had absolutely no other ideas, which was why he had the two juniors help think of solutions as well.

He clearly did not have much expectation for them as he quickly walked out of the ward once he finished, preparing to gather all the specialists from the hospital in this field for another consultation.

“Mo Wen, do you know what illness that is?”

Seeing as Pan Aiguo and Zeng Yanting had gone out of the ward, Shen Jing asked this softly. She couldn’t even pinpoint what illness the old man on the hospital bed had contracted; how could she dare imagine that she would come up with a solution? There were so many specialists in the military hospital that were rendered helpless and she definitely did not think of herself as more outstanding than those masters.

“Can’t say for sure.”

Mo Wen hesitated for a bit before saying so. When he finished talking, he walked over to the bedside directly as if he was really about to check on the old man’s condition.

Can’t say for sure?

Shen Jing was slightly stunned. Listening to his words, could it be that he really had an inkling of what it was? In a state of curiosity, she also walked over to the bedside subconsciously.

The girl seated at the bedside quickly got up and made way as she saw them approach, afraid that she would affect the two of them at work, not caring at all whether or not they were doctors.

Mo Wen walked to the bedside and very naturally rolled up the old man’s sleeve. He started to feel his pulse. Even though it was his first time taking someone’s pulse and diagnosing an illness, his actions were all very natural as if he had already practiced the motion hundreds and thousands of times. People who did not know would have really thought that he was a medical expert from somewhere.

After a moment of his diagnosis, he retrieved his hand and an enlightened expression spread across his face; one that also seemed like he was deep in thought.

“How is it?”

Shen Jing had kept her eyes on Mo Wen throughout and Mo Wen’s previous skilled actions also took her by surprise. At this time, she subconsciously just asked him this question as if Mo Wen was the doctor and she—who was a doctor in reality—was just a bystander.

“If what I expect is not wrong, Lao Yun should have been poisoned.”

Mo Wen’s expression looked conflicted as he said this. The poison that Lao Yun got was exceptionally familiar to him. Before, he could not be sure but after a round of taking his pulse, it was basically confirmed.

When he started talking about it, he realized the poisoning that Lao Yun had received was one that he had gotten before. Of course, it was not the present him, but him from the memory of his past life. It was in the memory of his past life when his sister, Mo Dong, had caught a weird and serious disease, and he travelled across the world in search of a cure.

During that period, he had often weaved through deep mountains and old forests, personally trying hundreds of leaves and grasses and using his own body to test thousands of rare medicinal items. Amongst them, there were hundreds that he did not know the name of, which caused his body to get poisoned a total of 10 different times. If not for his excellent medical skills, he would have long been dead.

However, out of helplessness, he ultimately barged into the foggy mountains that were fraught with dangers. His eventual fate of whether he lived or died was yet to be known.

The poison that Lao Yun got was one of the ten that he had gotten back in those years. It was called the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison. Even though this poison was not one that was lethal at once, it was incredibly difficult to cure completely. Once one was poisoned with it, it was highly difficult to cure and, in most cases, the poisoned party would remain in the poisoned state before slowly being tortured to death. It was obvious that it was even scarier than dying instantly from it.

The Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison naturally came from the Purplish Blue and White Flower. The Purplish Blue and White Flower could be seen as a miracle drug and was a rare miracle to find back in that world of his. However, the mature Purplish Blue and White Flower contained poison and accidentally coming into contact with it would render one with an inescapable nightmare.

Thus, although the Purplish Blue and White Flower was a miracle drug, nobody dared to use it. Only the great medical masters who knew how to neutralize the poison in the Purplish Blue and White Flower could use it as a medicinal item.

The thing that Mo Wen found weird was that there was actually the Purplish Blue and White Flower on earth, and it was even a matured one. Lao Yun had perhaps not known of the lethal effects of the Purplish Blue and White Flower which caused him to get poisoned from his lack of fear of it.

“Poisoned! How can it be?”

Shen Jing had an obvious look of disbelief on her face and no matter what had happened, she was still a doctor, so why should she listen to Mo Wen spouting nonsense?

Generally speaking, only the poisonings that were immediately lethal were the ones that could not be treated. However, once one arrived at the hospital, poisoning was not a scary thing anymore. No matter the lethalness of the poison, hospitals had many methods to treat the poison.

Even if the poison affected the nerve, it could be easily dispelled although doing so slowly may cause brain damage or cause the person to become a vegetable, someone with dementia or a fool. But the poison would have been eradicated.

However, the situation now was an illness that rendered many expert medical doctors helpless. How could it be an illness that was incited by poisoning?

Mo Wen glanced at Shen Jing but did not bother about her. Some things just could not be explained to her. Naturally, the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison was not a simple poison, and normal cures for poisoning were of no use at all. If they did not cure the root of the problem, they did not even have to bother thinking about detoxifying the poison. Because the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison adhered to mysterious channels in the human body and surrounding subcutaneous ulcers, it made the usual methods of a cure impossible for the detoxification.

“May I ask... Can it be cured?”

The girl called Xiaoman saw that Mo Wen had drawn a conclusion and happiness flashed past her face for an instant. She did not care what the reason for her grandfather’s illness was. Instead, she just wanted to know if he could be cured.

“It’s not impossible, but it will be difficult. At least, I won’t be able to do it.”

Mo Wen inhaled deeply but said this helplessly. If he was still the miraculous physician that he had remembered, then detoxifying the poison was not anything difficult. He had many methods of dispelling the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison because regardless, he had over ten poisons in his body back then and still prolonged his life by a few years. Many odd poisons were even more lethal than the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison by hundreds and thousands of times; many of those trifling poisons were incomparable with regards to everything else.

Now, he had switched up his time and space and the situation was now different. He was now just Mo Wen on earth and not Mo Wen, the miraculous physician. Just based on that condition alone, there were many things that could no longer be satisfied.

For example, medicinal herbs. He knew of a few medicinal items that could neutralise the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison, but it may not necessarily be available on Earth. Even if there were, it was impossible for the name to be the same. To collect those medicinal items one by one... he did not even dare to think about how long it would take.

Apart from that, there was also another method that used the golden needle. He would draw the needle into the channels of the body using his internal energy and dispel all the poison within. However, internal energy had to be trained from a young age and in that lifetime, he had trained up his internal energy rather well; so much so that it was enough to dispel the Purplish Blue and White Flower Poison. Yet, this current body of his did not have a hint of training of internal energy and therefore it was impossible for him to execute the golden needle technique to help the patient.

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