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Chapter 29: Strange incident

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The crux of a Dragon Tiger Fist was all about concept. Mo Wen had a unique understanding of it, which allowed his practice to go smoothly. The concept included a set of continual fighting techniques, with strokes as ferocious as a tiger and the grandeur of a dragon. One stroke linked to another with constant progression. After two hours of practice, Mo Wen finally came to a stop. He let out a long exhale, like a mythological dragon spitting vapor, for five minutes before he finally stopped.

Wang Yuan was stunned while watching Mo Wen and asked, “What fighting technique is that?” He had been practicing with Mo Wen for a few days and noticed that Mo Wen had been working on this fighting technique every day.

He didn’t mind too much at first. However, when he observed carefully, Wang Yuan realized that this fighting technique contained an indescribable grandeur that was almost as unfathomable as the depths of the ocean. If one fixated on the movements, they might hear the cries of a dragon and the roar of a tiger. However, once awakened from the trance, they would hear nothing.

The more Wang Yuan understood it, the more amazed he was. He tried to mimicked the set of fighting techniques but was surprised to realize that he didn’t have any recollection of them. There did not seem to be any specific strokes and it seemed like Mo Wen was casually striking punches without any form or order. This set of fighting techniques was impossible to learn even if one watched and observed carefully every day.

“Dragon Tiger Fist.”, Mo Wen smiled while answering. Dragon Tiger Fist didn’t have any exact strokes; it was simply a method of practicing the internal and external processes of the body. However, it was not justifiable to think that this practice did not possess any strokes as Dragon Tiger Fist was able to integrate any and all kinds of strokes.

If fighting techniques like Tai Chi, Shape-Will Fist, and Vajrapani Style were integrated into Dragon Tiger Fist, the combination would exhibit an exponential amount of power.

“It seems to be a more formidable fighting technique than the “Fragmented Golden Fist” my Master taught me,” Wang Yuan said enviously.

Mo Wen smiled without commenting. Wang Yuan’s Master was only a martial arts practitioner of the Soothing Pulse Realm. It would be odd if he could teach any profound knowledge of martial arts.

However, Mo Wen was shocked with one discovery: the ancient martial arts practitioners of this world had taken the correct path of The Practice. That path was to start with training the body to transmute into Essence. This was unlike the world of Mo Wen’s other lifetime. There, they would start off with the practice of Inner Qi. That old way was obviously treading on the wrong path.

Normally, according to the traditional path of The Practice, ancient martial arts practitioners on this world should have achieved skills beyond those in the previous world. However, it was strange to hear Wang Yuan state that a martial arts practitioner of the Soothing Pulse Realm was already a legendary rank martial arts expert!

Could there be any secret in it? Or could it be that Wang Yuan didn’t fully understand everything due to his lack of knowledge and experience?

Wang Yuan walked towards him and pretended to ask casually, “Mo Wen, you seemed to be quite close to Qin Xiaoyu. What is your relationship with her?”

“It’s just a normal friendship,” Mo Wen answered while scrutinizing Wang Yuan suspiciously.

“Really?” Wang Yuan countered, he obviously had some doubts. Mo Wen just shrugged his shoulders as he didn’t wish to talk about it any further. Wang Yuan’s mouth twitched indignantly and he retorted, “Pfft you liar. Everyone knows that Qin Xiaoyu looks for you all the time. Qin Xiaoyu is the only girl whom I’ve had feelings for in my whole life. Yet, she is casting pearls before a swine like you; God must be blind.”

Wang Yuan continued, “You better be careful. There are many people in the military region who like Qin Xiaoyu and they seem to be making inquiries about you recently.” Wang Yuan paused and seemed to have thought of something, and then gave a gloating, evil laugh.

Mo Wen shrugged his shoulders again.

Wang Yuan knew Mo Wen’s temperament quite well. Mo Wen’s nonchalant poker face which seemed so set in stone that it wouldn’t even change even if the heavens collapsed.

Wang Yuan looked strangely at Mo Wen and asked, “I forgot to ask you something. Qin Xiaoyu mentioned that you are also a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty Class 1314. Why are you not assigned to the same dormitory as our class?” A few days ago, Qin Xiaoyu had mentioned Mo Wen was in the same class, which was something he hadn’t realized before.

Surprise flashed instantaneously in Mo Wen’s eyes as he responded, “The school assigned dormitories according to class?” He had no idea, especially since the dormitory he was assigned to had nothing to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty Class 1314. It was an extremely weird dormitory.

Wang Yuan inquired while scratching his head, “That’s right, didn’t you know? Could it be that you registered too late and the dormitories for our Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty Class 1314 were full so they had to assign you to the dormitory of another class?”

The dormitories in the school were usually assigned according to class schedule. A dormitory and neighbouring dormitories consisted of the students from the same class. This way, students would be able to interact and mingle with one another. This also made it more convenient for the mentor to manage all the students.

That’s why he didn’t recognize Mo Wen. If they were in the same class, then he should have some impression of Mo Wen after a few days.

Mo Wen thought that the dormitories were randomly arranged depending on the availability; however, now he knew that students of the same class were usually arranged to be together. Mo Wen uttered with a queer look on his face, “my dormitory is A-16-805.”

Why was he not assigned to the dormitory of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty class 1314, but instead to the weird dormitory?

That dormitory was basically uninhabitable for a normal student. Disregarding other complaints, just the vermins in the dormitory were enough to scare the daylights out of students, or worse, kill them with a bite.

Could the Dormitory Administrator have made a mistake which resulted in assigning him to that particular dormitory?

Wang Yuan blinked while pondering as it sounded so familiar and he seemed to have heard of it somewhere but couldn’t recall just where, “Dormitory A-16-805?” The Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty were assigned to B-13, quite a distance from area A.

Mo Wen nodded as he replied, “Yes, only one dormitory is occupied on the eighth story of that dormitory building but I actually like the quietness.” 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

Shock flickered in Wang Yuan’s eye as he inquired, “Only one dormitory is occupied?”

Although Hua Xia University had many dormitory buildings, the school had so many people that it couldn’t spare a whole story of a building by leaving all but one dormitory empty.

Suddenly, Wang Yuan thought of something and jumped up like a cat whose tail was stepped on, “What! Are you really the one who occupied that legendary monstrous dormitory? A-16-805! That’s right, A-16-805. I was wondering why it sounded so familiar, it is indeed that dormitory!” He then looked at Mo Wen with eyes full of disbelief.

He examined Mo Wen carefully, seemingly checking if he had lost a limb or two.

Mo Wen furrowed his brows, “What happened?” He obviously knew something was amiss in that dormitory; however, Wang Yuan must have known something else or he wouldn’t have reacted that way.

Wang Yuan was still trying to verify the information very cautiously, “Mo Wen, are you really staying in that dormitory, A-16-805?””What’s the problem,” Mo Wen asked while raising his eyebrows.

Wang Yuan looked at Mo Wen queerly and moved a few steps back, “My goodness, you are simply not human. I’m going to keep my distance from you in the future.”

Mo Wen rubbed his chin and asked thoughtfully, “Is that dormitory vastly different from the rest?”

“Don’t you know,” Wang Yuan widened his eyes and asked unbelievably.

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