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Chapter 15: Beautiful female lecturer

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The nurse at the front desk service area saw Mo Wen and Han Jiangong walking towards her and froze for a moment when she recognized Han Jiangong. She stood up immediately and respectfully greeted him, “Director Han, do you have any requests?”

“Let me have a look at the medical record of the patient #806032.” Han Jiangong said to the nurse so that he could obtain the medical record of Mo Wen’s friend.

“Ah! Alright, I will check immediately.” The nurse looked at Mo Wen apprehensively after hearing Han Jiangong because she had just rejected the same request from Mo Wen. However, in the blink of an eye, he came back with Han Jiangong, the Deputy Director of the hospital! She would be in deep trouble if he were to speak ill of her in front of Director Han.

The nurse spoke with diligence as she started checking on the patient’s hospital record on the laptop at the front desk. “Director Han, the patient #806032 is Qin Shufen, forty-two years old. She was diagnosed with Non-Hereditary Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome caused by overworking. She was in serious condition but that has now been upgraded to life threatening.”

The nurse speedily reported the information of the medical record and placed the laptop in front of Han Jiangong.

“Non-hereditary Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome?” Mo Wen furrowed his brows because he didn’t know much about this illness. Under normal circumstances an illness that could be healed was not considered as a serious illness. However, in serious cases, illnesses could be life threatening and in extra serious cases, there may even be a need for organ transplants.

Han Jiangong took the laptop to look at the report in detail. After reading for a while, he nodded slightly and returned the laptop to the nurse.

Han Jiangong spoke solemnly as he didn’t expect the condition of Mo Wen’s friend to be so serious. “Your friend’s condition is relatively bad and the degree of organs dysfunction is high. Although she is better after a short period of recovery, the need for an organ transplant in the future cannot be ruled out.” However, Han Jiangong was not terribly concerned with potential complications. After all, Leading Military Hospital was one of the most famous hospitals in the country. It was known to save multiple patients from various serious illnesses.

It would not be an easy matter to cure this disease. However, Han Jiangong would be happy to help Mo Wen if he requested help. Mo Wen was still owed a favor and this would be the best chance to repay him. Furthermore, it was obvious from the record on the laptop that the patient seemed to have financial difficulties. She continuously owed past a week’s worth of medical fees. It would take a long time to cure Multiple Organs Dysfunction Syndrome so the cost of hospitalization would be huge. If organ transplants were required, the costs would be even higher. So, Han Jiangong was quite certain that Mo Wen would accept this offer of help.

Mo Wen smiled and said after pondering for a moment, “Brother Han, please take good care of that friend of mine. I would owe you a favor for your help.” Having lived two lifetimes, Mo Wen knew what Han Jiangong was thinking about. However, Qin Xiaoyou only had her mother left and he did not want her to be sad. As such, Mo Wen decided it would be alright to owe Han Jiangong a favor.

“Brother Mo, don’t say that. Your friend is also my friend, and I will take care of her.” Han Jiangong agreed happily. In order to befriend Mo Wen, a man of mysterious background but young and capable, such a favor was just a small matter.

“Tell the head of the department to move patient #806032 to VIP ward. In the future, she is to be treated by the most specialized doctors of the hospital.” Han Jiangong said without delay. He started arranging for the future treatment of Qin Shufen and didn’t mention anything about the medical fees. He was hoping that Mo Wen wouldn’t pay for the medical fees so that Mo Wen would owe him even more. With his position in the hospital, Han Jiangong could waive a patient’s medical fees by arranging a special research study treatment program for her.

“Thank you, Brother Han.” Mo Wen smiled faintly without mentioning the medical fee matter. Not paying a medical fee was not in his character because he disliked owing people. Mo Wen would repay it when he came into some more money.

During this whole exchange, the nurse was watching Han Jiangong and Mo Wen with her eyes widened and mouth wide open. Both men, one in his sixties and the other in his twenties, looked like a grandfather and grandson but they were calling each other brothers. What was going on!

It was already seven o’clock in the morning and the streets were filled with people; another busy day had already started.

Walking out of the hospital, Mo Wen took a bus towards Hua Xia University. It was already the end of August where registration period for new students was occuring. Many incoming students from farther places would usually come a few days earlier.

With Hua Xia University’s reputation, it was a well-known landmark in the capital and the bus would stop near the main gate.

While descending from the bus, Mo Wen saw a crowd gathered at the main gate. Most of them were the students ,with their suitcases, who had come for registration. The first thing Mo Wen did was to look for Shen Jing. Yesterday, he made an appointment to meet Shen Jing near the main gate of the school at eight o’clock in the morning so she could guide him through the registration procedure.

It was already past eight o’clock. He didn’t know if Shen Jing had already left after waiting because he was late due to Shen Xiaoyou’s medical matter.

Just that instant, the main gate of the university was crowded with a throng of people. Some volunteers wore red armbands and beckoned the new students to guide them through registration procedures. There were also seniors with other ulterior motives lurking and crouching at the main gate. They waited for pretty juniors to walk past so that the seniors could approach and offer to carry suitcases. Some seniors would guide the way and some would even try to cool down by fanning the folding fans.

It was not easy to find a person in the large crowd. After searching for a while, Mo Wen was still unable to locate Shen Jing. Had she left out of anger? Mo Yan smiled wryly and thought that if he only had a phone, he would be able to contact and find her.

Suddenly, out of the corner of Mo Wen’s eye, he caught a glimpse of a beautiful figure. The figure was surrounded by the crowd, but you would never notice it if not coincidentally looking through the gaps.

Mo Wen brushed his chin lightly before resignedly approaching in her direction. “Professor Shen Jing, I am majoring in clinical specialty in the Medical Faculty, why are you not teaching us?”

“That’s right Professor Shen Jing, I would pay full attention if you taught us.”

“Professor Shen Jing, I heard that you will be leading a class of new students, which class will it be?”

“Let me be a new student again, I want to be in Professor Shen’s class.”

Shen Jing became a bit helpless when a group of students started to surround her. Although she was smiling gently, her eyes were continuously darting outside through the gaps of the crowd. It was obvious Shen Jing was preoccupied with some other matters, but this was unbeknownst to the many students who continued to ask her questions. She became very annoyed after some time and sent them off in batches.

Shen Jing had quite the reputation in Hua Xia University. She was known as one of the three most beautiful lecturers and had a gentle, kind personality. Her presence often mimicked that of an older sister and she had a bigger following of fans in the boy students than the pretty girl students in school.

Today, she was dressed in a tight-fitting, royal blue dress. It showed off her beautiful curvaceous figure and complemented her slender neck, sharp chin, delicate little nose, and gentle eyes. She had an air of prominence while wearing a pair of black heels and her height of nearly 5’9”. She looked so stunning that everything paled in comparison.

Shen Jing was not wearing any pantyhose. Her calves were as beautiful as a lotus flower and her fair skin as soft as silk.

Mo Wen concluded, while crouching at the road peering at the multitude of passing girls, that girls who wore dresses in summer without pantyhose were genuinely beautiful girls.

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