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Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1081 - 72 Tribes Alliance

Chapter 1081: 72 Tribes Alliance

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“He is just unconscious from his injuries. However, his injuries are quite serious. It is difficult to tell whether he will live,” the burly man said.

The burly man had inspected the youth’s injuries and was startled by what he discovered. Could someone live after being inflicted with such wounds? The youth had a rather frightening destructive power inside his body that was constantly eating away at his vitality. The burly man had come in contact with this destructive power for just a brief moment, but he was already scared to the point that he did not dare touch it again.

The woman walked over and glanced at the youth. She said, “Father, let us bring him back to the tribe. If we leave him lying there, he will certainly be eaten by wild beasts.”

The burly man frowned and replied, “Guli, we do not know where this person has come from. We cannot simply bring him back to the tribe.”

How could they simply bring a person that they encountered in the wild back to the tribe? They did not know where he came from and what his intentions for coming here were. What would happen if he was an evil person and they unintentionally brought a wolf into their midst?

Moreover, the most crucial point was this youth was definitely not ordinary. He was so severely injured, yet he was still alive. Based on this, the burly man could infer that the youth’s level of cultivation was extraordinary. Hence, the burly man would not simply bring him back to the tribe.

“Father, he doesn’t look like a bad person. If we save him, he will surely be grateful to us,” Zha Guli insisted.

“Child, as residents of these wastelands, sometimes being kind to others means being cruel to ourselves.” Zha Manhan gave his daughter a meaningful look. One who didn’t abide by the rule of living would find it hard to survive in these wastelands. As a father, Zha Manhan could not possibly protect his daughter forever.

“Father, I feel like he is not a bad person. Evil people have savage appearances, but his facial expression seems calm,” Zha Guli stood her ground.

“Guli, you are not your usual self. Could it be that you have another goal in mind?” Zha Manhan glanced at his daughter suspiciously. Residents of the wastelands had always been dealing with dangers their entire lives; no one here had sympathy for others. It was kind enough for them to not kick the youth when he was down. For them to save a stranger? That was a highly unlikely scenario.

Zha Guli didn’t explain further. Instead, she walked up to Mo Wen and put him on her back, saying, “Father, quickly process the corpse of the green snake. Then we will head back to the tribe.”

Seeing that Zha Guli was so adamant to save the youth, Zha Manhan could only acquiesce in her decision. He approached the huge green snake and skillfully processed the corpse which was tens of meters long. Finally, he bundled the body parts of the snakes according to different categories and kept everything in his storage sack.


Five days later, in a small old wooden house, Mo Wen sat cross-legged on a wooden bed. His body glowed with formless light.

After two days, he had already awoken from his comatose state. He discovered that the Spiritless Clean Fire’s power had rampaged all around inside his body. His body was a mess inside. Fortunately, he had cultivated the Heavenly Path body refining technique. There was a Heavenly Path Sacred Light protecting his body from the very beginning. Hence, he had not been burnt by the heavenly fire to the point of losing all his vitality and perishing.

Before healing his wounds, Mo Wen needed to clean up the heavenly fire within his body. Otherwise, his injuries would only continue to get worse. Fortunately, the heavenly fire was a power within his body, so it was relatively easier for him to straighten it out. If it was heavenly fire from other sources, with the terrifying might of heavenly fire, he would not be able to purge his body of the heavenly fire even if he was given 100 years.


There was the sound of a door being pushed open. A woman walked in from outside. Her figure was tall and healthy. She had very pronounced facial features and her body emanated a wild sense of beauty.

Zha Guli brought in a wooden plate laden with food and placed it on Mo Wen’s table.

Mo Wen slowly opened his eyes from his meditation and nodded towards Zha Guli slightly.

He already knew about his current situation. This place belonged to the Wu La Tribe. They were a tribe that descended from the humans who resided in the wastelands.

Although the wastelands were different from the Sorcerer Domain and was the realm of savage ancient beasts, there were also some human cultivators, or rather members of the Sorcerer Clan after the Ancient Age, living here.

Usually, the members of the Sorcerer Clan that lived in the wastelands were cultivators whose ancestors had committed terrible crimes and had been banished into the wastelands. These cultivators banded together and formed tribes. They multiplied in numbers and that was how the wastelands came to have members of the Sorcerer Clan.

The Wu La Tribe was not very big, only having a population of a few hundred thousand. Even within a radius of 1 000 000 miles, they were considered a very small tribe, let alone in the entire wastelands.

Zha Guli’s father was the chieftain of the Wu La Tribe. He was a later stage Primordial Soul Realm cultivator.

“How are your injuries?” Zha Guli asked while staring at Mo Wen.

For the past few days, she was in charge of preparing meals for Mo Wen. Normal food played a negligible role in helping cultivators to recover their strength, but the meals that Zha Guli prepared were not ordinary. They were made with the flesh and blood of the wild beasts. This kind of food was very beneficial for cultivators in recovering injuries.

“Okay,” Mo Wen said.

Mo Wen didn’t care much about his wounds. His priority was set on unraveling the heavenly fire in his body. The heavenly fire was the reason that inhibited his wounds from recovering. After he had unraveled the heavenly fire, his injuries would be healed in no time.

Upon hearing his response, Zha Guli nodded and said, “The 72 Tribes Alliance is not at peace recently. It’s best if you can recover as soon as possible.”

The 72 Tribes Alliance was an alliance formed among the 72 human tribes who lived nearby. It was tough for a tribe to survive alone in the wastelands. Only by uniting their forces could the humans possibly survive in the wastelands. The Wu La Tribe was one of the tribes in the 72 Tribes Alliance. However, since the Wu La Tribe was just a small tribe, their position in the 72 Tribes Alliance was one of the lowest.

“Miss Guli, thank you for saving me. When I have recovered my level of cultivation, I will complete any one task that you assign, provided that the task is within my capability,” Mo Wen said with a faint smile. 𝒊n𝙣𝓻𝚎𝒶𝚍. 𝑐𝗼𝓶

Zha Guli would inquire about Mo Wen’s recovery progress daily. Clearly, this Miss Guli had saved him with a purpose in mind.

“We’ll talk about it after you have fully recovered. Do you know why I have saved you? It is because I can tell that you are not a bad person. Besides, I am indeed in need of the help of others. Otherwise, regardless of how high your level of cultivation is, I will not bother saving you. I am born with a very sharp intuition. Even my father doesn’t know this talent of mine.”

Zha Guli gave Mo Wen a look and straight away revealed her intention. Her words were straight to the point.

“But your level of cultivation is only at the later stage of the Primordial Soul Realm, similar to my father’s. You might not be able to help me.” Zha Guli sighed, turning and leaving the room.

Indeed, she had her own intentions for saving Mo Wen. However, this youth’s level of cultivation was still too low.

Initially, she believed that she had encountered a senior expert. However, after she rescued Mo Wen and brought him back to the tribe, upon inspection, he was merely at the later stage Primordial Soul Realm.

“Is later stage Primordial Soul Realm levels of cultivation very weak?”

Mo Wen touched his chin. When he was at the later stage Primordial Soul Realm, he could easily kill even intermediate stage Tide Changing Realm cultivators. It was wrong to judge a book by its cover; it was even worse to judge a person by their level of cultivation. Of course, he was concealing his true level of cultivation, which was at the later stage Primordial Soul Realm. No one would guess that a cultivator could still hide their level of cultivation after falling unconscious.

When Mo Wen was unconscious, he was not completely unconscious. His Primordial Soul’s level of cultivation was strong enough for him to faintly retain a hint of reason. Hence, when Zha Guli brought him back to her tribe for inspection, he had hidden his level of cultivation. The higher one’s level of cultivation, the more dangers they would face. This was an unchanging rule of the world. If he was a Supreme Profundity Realm or even a Divine Illusionary Realm cultivator, once he was discovered by the Wu La Tribe, there would most likely be people who would get greedy. They would try to take his life and steal his treasures.


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