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Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1079 - Going Down Together

Chapter 1079: Going Down Together

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Mo Wen and Gu Motian, one escaping and one chasing, moved from the wastelands to the depth of the territorial waters which were located near the wastelands. The deeper they moved into the territorial waters, the more wild beasts they encountered. However, right now, no savage ancient beasts came out from the water to block their way. It was because Gu Motian’s aura was too alarming; even the savage ancient beasts were frightened by it.

The longer Gu Motian battled with Mo Wen, the more impressed he was with this youth. However, exactly due to this reason, Gu Motian’s intention to kill Mo Wen grew stronger too.

Immortal cultivators challenged the limits of the heavens and earth and competed for resources with cultivators and every other living creature in the world. Cultivators who were talented had better luck as well. When Gu Motian killed these talented cultivators, their luck was transferred to him. Hence, the more talented cultivators Gu Motian killed, the more luck he gathered, and the higher his achievements would be.

When one took into account all the realms, they would notice that all the unparalleled strong cultivators became who they were after killing countless people. All of them were the last ones standing after rounds and rounds of eliminations.

There was a strange law of nature: when competing with the same generation, the more geniuses one killed, the higher their future achievements would be. The logic behind this law was simple. If one didn’t oppress other people, they would be oppressed. An example would be Gu [1]. Millions of venomous creatures were gathered and were left to devour one another. The last one standing would become the king of Gu.

The devil saber traversed through space and with a flash of crimson light, it slashed down on the soul of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent.


The Immemorial Heavenly Serpent howled and took the slash of the devil saber sacred treasure head-on with its body. However, its defense only lasted for a second before the soul of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent cracked inch by inch. It then returned to its Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear form and was sent flying by the force of the devil saber.

Even though the residue soul of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent was powerful, it was but an incomplete soul. Its source of power stemmed from Mo Wen. Since Mo Wen’s level of cultivation was not strong enough, the power unleashed by the residue soul of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent was not at its maximum limit as well.

However, it could be considered formidable for the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent to be able to block an attack from the devil saber.

“Divine Sword of the Primordial Soul!”

A beam of golden light flashed past Mo Wen’s eyes. The next moment, formless energy expanded and appeared before Gu Motian in an instant. Immeasurable amounts of Primordial Soul Sword Qi popped out of nowhere and was suspended in the air. Then, all of the Sword Qi gushed into Gu Motian’s body.

Countless Primordial Soul Sword Qi appeared in Gu Motian’s declarative memory. The Sword Qi rampaged through Gu Motian’s declarative memory with unstoppable momentum, as though they were ready to crush the space into dust.

However, before the Primordial Soul Sword Qi could go completely berserk, a beam of spiritual light lit up in Gu Motian’s declarative memory. As soon as the light appeared, all the Primordial Soul Sword Qi was instantaneously suppressed. Had Mo Wen been in Gu Motian’s declarative memory, he would notice that the spiritual light was actually a quaint bell that was emerald in color. The bell was magnificent yet mysterious. It appeared out of the blue and vanished without a trace. It appeared for an instant and disappeared completely the very next second.

Gu Motian’s body shook and he let out a moan. His brain seemed to have been pricked by a needle. Even though the feeling only lasted for a second, it was enough to cause his face to turn slightly pale. His gaze turned sharp. He realized that he had actually been attacked without him noticing.

“A very well-played Primordial Soul technique. Your Primordial Soul’s level of cultivation is actually so profound. Besides that, the Primordial Soul Sword Qi you unleashed just now is most likely not an ordinary remarkable power, right?”

Gu Motian glared at Mo Wen with a piercing gaze. Gu Motian’s gaze turned more and more sinister and terrifying as he thought to himself: if it wasn’t for that thing... he would most likely be injured by Mo Wen’s Primordial Soul technique. In terms of their Primordial Soul’s levels of cultivation, Mo Wen was at most on par with Gu Motian; Mo Wen might even be weaker. However, the Primordial Soul Sword Qi was clearly not an ordinary Primordial Soul technique. The youth had certainly practiced a very profound Primordial Soul technique.

Mo Wen ignored Gu Motian. He had his mind set on escaping now. The more they dragged on the fight, the higher the possibility of Mo Wen suffering a great loss. Mo Wen had already expected the Divine Sword of the Primordial Soul failing to do much to Gu Motian. Gu Motian could not be treated as an ordinary cultivator.

Mo Wen activated his illusionary spirit divine wings to its maximum speed. In the blink of an eye, the distance between them was more than 10 000 miles. In terms of speed, Gu Motian was much weaker compared to Mo Wen who had the help of the illusionary spirit divine wings.

“Interesting. I just arrived in the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield, and I have already encountered an interesting cultivator. This person should have an interesting background. However, I have never heard his name before. Which realm is he from? The Spirit Realm? Or is he from the Magical Realm? With such ability at the Tide Changing Realm, he does not seem to be someone without fame to his name.”

Gu Motian licked his thin lips. The look in his eyes became even more evil and bizarre. The figure that was 1 000 feet tall with two heads and four arms reminded him of some ancient sorcery techniques from the Magical Realm. It was more likely that this youth was from the Magical Realm.

“Unlimited Traceless Sky-Merging Apparition.”

Gu Motian once again unleashed the technique that expended large amounts of blood essence. He became a mass of crimson mist and disappeared from his original spot. When he appeared once again, he was less than 300 miles from Mo Wen.

He could not unleash this technique that expended large amounts of blood essence many times. If it wasn’t for the fact that Gu Motian’s desire to kill Mo Wen had grown, he would not have unleashed it a second time. This was because unleashing this technique a second time was dozens of times more harmful to his body than the first time. Even Gu Motian would need to pay a rather high price to use the same technique twice. The amount of blood essence he expended would drain 50 years’ worth of his cultivation. If he did not have some treasures that could replenish his blood essence, he would not be able to break through to the Supreme Profundity Realm within the next 50 years.

However, in order to obtain the residue soul of the Immemorial Heavenly Serpent and the combination type heaven spiritual treasure, such a loss was considered worth it.

Mo Wen sensed a terrifying pressure that was emanating destructive aura appear again 200 miles away. He was secretly angry inside. Release techniques that allowed instant movement like that were definitely not simple. How could it possibly be unleashed consecutively? A Tide Changing Realm cultivator instantly moving across 10 000 miles was destroying the natural balance of the world.

“There is no grudge between us. Even when you killed my wild beast, I let you have the kill. Why are you going out of your way to make things difficult for me?” Mo Wen sighed as he glanced at Gu Motian behind him. When the two of them first encountered each other, this youth immediately had to kill him. What grudge did he have against Mo Wen?

“Can’t I just kill someone that I want to?”

Gu Motian smiled sinisterly, once again raising the devil saber in his hand. Did he need a reason to kill someone?

Mo Wen was so angry he nearly exploded in rage. The youth was practically going too far. His tone was as though he was killing a creature and not a person.

“Die! Blood Devil Saber — Soul Resting Slash.”

Prior to this, he had missed once; Gu Motian did not want to miss a second time. The Blood Devil Saber became a beam of crimson light that directly appeared behind Mo Wen.

With a Soul Resting Slash, a soul would be put to rest.

Mo Wen even felt his own soul tremble. What appeared to be a normal slash was definitely not simple.

Mo Wen activated his own powers to the limit, frenziedly trying to escape. However, despite being a few hundred miles away, he could not escape from a sacred treasure like the Blood Devil Saber at all.

The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear became an afterimage and collided with the Blood Devil Saber. With a loud ding, a terrifying power sent the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear flying out from the collision. Destructive power directly entered into Mo Wen’s body. The arm that wielded the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear was instantly turned to dust that disappeared in the air.


Mo Wen’s figure shook and he spat out large mouthfuls of blood. Crimson cracks appeared on his huge figure like crack lines on pottery. He seemed to be on the verge of shattering at any given moment.

After the slash from the Blood Devil Saber, another strike came down again. Crimson mist lingered. It was as though a blood ocean was contained within it. Countless restless souls floated in the blood ocean, howling and screaming miserably.

Mo Wen felt his soul being pulled into the blood ocean. His mind felt heavier and heavier and his will seemed to show faint signs of being separated from his body.

This Soul Resting Slash not only attacked the body but also had such a frightening effect on his soul. With Mo Wen’s Primordial Soul level of cultivation, he actually could barely withstand the slash after being injured...

The Blood Devil Saber’s second slash once again slashed downwards, preparing to slash on Mo Wen’s figure without fail. It directly cleaved him in two. Blood rained down in torrents, splashing into the ocean below. Half of Mo Wen’s figure that was slashed off by the Blood Devil Saber turned to dust and dissipated bit by bit.

A hundred miles away, the corners of Gu Motian’s mouth curled into a sinister smile. Among those of the same realm, aside from a few chosen ones, he had never yet failed to kill those he wanted to kill.

However, the smile on Gu Motian’s face had just appeared before it immediately froze on his face.

“Don’t push your luck!”

A hoarse voice sounded. The remaining half of Mo Wen’s figure remained standing. His remaining arm furiously formed a fist that punched downwards towards the surface of the ocean. A huge whirlpool suddenly appeared in the ocean below. A large volume of seawater shot into the sky. The sea level rose, actually surpassing tens of thousands of meters. Even Gu Motian’s position was flooded by the waters.

Wisps of formless flame emanated from the remaining half of Mo Wen’s figure. At the same time, a terrifying pressure that seemed to be able to destroy the heavens and the earth frenziedly scattered in all directions. Within a radius of 10 000 miles, the seawater instantly evaporated. The large volume of water vapor formed a sea of mist.

“Heavenly fire! How is it possible?”

Gu Motian shrieked as he stared with a horrified look at the shapeless fire which was expanding. The fire was imposing like the heavenly force, as though it could engulf the entire world.

“How is it possible for him to have heavenly fire in his body? Even Virtue and Justice Realm cultivators would not dare to simply come in contact with it. How can a Tide Changing Realm cultivator possibly master the power of the heavenly fire?”

Gu Motian behaved as though he had seen a ghost. He gawked in disbelief at the shapeless fire that was burning more and more frenziedly. His face was as pale as a sheet as he subconsciously took a few steps back.

It was impossible for a Tide Changing Realm cultivator to have control over such a terrifying heavenly fire. If the heavenly fire spread and Gu Motian was caught in the fire, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Gu Motian, since you are pushing your luck, I’ll take you down with me.”

Mo Wen’s hoarse voice sounded once again. His remaining half of the body pounced toward Gu Motian suddenly. The horrifying heavenly fire gushed forward like a shapeless sea wave as Mo Wen’s haggard body moved closer towards Gu Motian.

“You are a lunatic.”

Gu Motian was scared out of his wit. He had never imagined that this youth would actually have something as terrifying as the heavenly fire on him. Normally, this would not be a threat to Gu Motian since the youth couldn’t possibly utilize much of the power of the heavenly fire with his current level of cultivation. So, the heavenly fire was not menacing for Gu Motian.

However, right now, Mo Wen was at the brink of being killed. Would he still care about the heavenly fire when his life was almost ending? Mo Wen’s self-immolation was clear that he wanted to bring Mo Gutian down with him. Even Gu Motian trembled when faced with such a mighty force.

“Unlimited Traceless Sky-Merging Apparition.”

Without hesitation, Gu Motian unleashed the forbidden release technique and ran away. Unleashing it thrice consecutively would cause him to pay a price more than what he could bear; it might cause him to be severely injured and lose a great amount of Qi and blood, resulting in him to not be able to break through to the Supreme Profundity Realm in the next hundred years. However, it was still better than him losing his life here. The heavenly fire that was out of control was too appalling. Even a Divine Illusionary Realm cultivator would not dare to try their luck with it, let alone Gu Motian.

[1]: Gu or jincan was a venom-based poison associated with cultures in south China, particularly Nanyue. The traditional preparation of gu poison involved sealing several venomous creatures inside a closed container in which they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor.

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