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Invincible Kungfu Healer

Chapter 1078 - Sacred Treasure

Chapter 1078: Sacred Treasure

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Mo Wen had just taken two steps forward when the sinister voice sounded from behind him. Mo Wen frowned and paused, turning to look at the Devil Kingdom cultivator straight in the eyes. Judging from the Devil Kingdom cultivator’s words, it seemed like he was not going to let Mo Wen leave.

“What do you mean?” Mo Wen asked calmly, slightly annoyed internally. This youth snatched the savage ancient beast from him and now the youth was stopping him from leaving. Mo Wen had never encountered such an unreasonable person before.

The Devil Kingdom youth ignored Mo Wen and continued to harvest the important parts from the corpse of the savage ancient beast. The blood of the savage ancient beast could be refined to form blood essence. Cultivators could improve their mortal bodies by consuming this type of essence. The blood essence would not cause any side effects to the immortal cultivators and even if it was consumed in large amounts, the consumers would not develop an immune response to it. Hence, it was a safe and steady supplement for the immortal cultivators.

During the Immemorial Age, the living beings drank blood and consumed raw flesh of the savage ancient beasts. Hence, the living creatures during that era were huge in size and had endless energy. They could traverse the terrain, chase after the sun, move the mountains and fill the sea with their bare hands. In the modern day, there were very few living creatures in various realms who had bodies as strong as that of those from the Immemorial Age. This was because of the environmental changes and the rarity of these types of wild beasts.

Therefore, the Devil Kingdom cultivator did not want to miss out on obtaining the corpse of a Tide Changing Realm wild beast. Even if he had no use for the corpse, it could be sold at a high price after he left the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield.

Mo Wen was both enraged and amused by the arrogant cultivator. He then decided to stand on the spot and remain silent. He put his hands behind his back as he waited for the Devil Kingdom cultivator quietly.

“You are quite daring.”

After a long while, the Devil Kingdom cultivator finally finished handling the corpse of the wild beast. He then slowly looked up and stared at Mo Wen in the eyes for the first time.

“More or less so. Why do you make me stay?” Mo Wen replied nonchalantly.

“Do I need a reason to make you stay?” the Devil Kingdom youth retorted, with a tone of taking things for granted. A glint of crimson light flashed past in his dark pupils.

“Then do I need your permission to decide whether or not I can leave?” Mo Wen sneered.

“You are very bold, daring to speak to me with such a tone. Of course, you do not need my permission to leave, but you will die here today.”

The Devil Kingdom youth cackled and took a step forward. Evil, dark, and destructive aura surged out from his body frenziedly. The power that the youth practiced was rather demonic and powerful, seemingly on par with the Yin Yang Qi.

A beam of crimson light appeared on top of Mo Wen’s head. The crimson light was terrifying; all the demonic Qi in the heavens and earth within the radius of a thousand miles was stirred up by the crimson light. Streaks of dark red cracks appeared on the ground, enveloping Mo Wen in it like a crimson web.

Mo Wen’s facial expression changed. This youth was far more terrifying than Mo Wen had expected. As soon as the youth attacked, Mo Wen realized that this youth indeed had the ability to kill him.

Within the radius of a hundred miles, all trees and stones turned into dust. Mo Wen attempted to escape from the attack range of the Devil Kingdom youth. With a flash, his figure had appeared in the sky.

However, the crimson light followed Mo Wen closely like a shadow. In the blink of an eye, it had appeared inches away from Mo Wen.

“All the stars shine in the heavens and earth.”

The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear appeared in Mo Wen’s hand in an instant. The power of thunder exploded as the long spear transformed into the Heavenly Serpent and crashed forcefully with the crimson light.

The might of the Glory of Star did not need to be mentioned. However, the crimson light was like a messenger from Hell; it was far more terrifying.


Mo Wen coughed out a mouthful of blood as his figure flew backward for a hundred miles. Should his body be any weaker, he would have been killed instantly by the Devil Kingdom youth.

“Did you think that with just this level of ability, you could act presumptuously before me?”

The Devil Kingdom youth walked out from the destructive Devil Qi that filled the sky and looked indifferently at Mo Wen. He was extremely casual, as though he had simply waved his hand just now. The fact that this white-robed youth could withstand a hit from him had indeed surprised him. However, that was all.

“What is your name?” Mo Wen wiped away the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. The Yin Yang Qi circulating in his body suppressed the ever-spreading injuries within him. The Devil Kingdom youth’s power was rather frightening. After one blow, there was still destructive power clashing within Mo Wen’s body, constantly destroying his life force. Even his Yin Yang Qi could barely suppress it.

This was the first time Mo Wen encountered such a frightening cultivator. From the youth’s aura, Mo Wen also determined that the youth had not broken through to the Supreme Profundity Realm yet.

Even before breaking through to the Supreme Profundity Realm, the youth was already so frightening! As expected, Mo Wen could not underestimate the heroes of the world. This Devil Kingdom youth was definitely not an ordinary cultivator.

“What’s the matter? Do you want to know who will kill you? I do not mind telling you. I am Gu Motian,” Gu Motian said calmly.

“You are thinking too much. I just want to know who I need to find to seek revenge in the future.”

Mo Wen laughed and gave the Devil Kingdom youth a meaningful look. Then, Mo Wen became a beam of flowing light that directly flew into the distance. With his current ability, he was definitely no match for this youth. He also faintly felt that this youth had a very terrifying power in his body. The power even surpassed the limits of what Mo Wen’s body could withstand. There was a chance that it could destroy Mo Wen’s Celestial Body.

Although Mo Wen did not know what that power was exactly, to ensure his own safety, he was certainly not going to test it.

It was difficult for a cultivator with great attainment at the Supreme Profundity Realm to want to kill Mo Wen. No matter how powerful this youth was, it was impossible for him to be comparable to a cultivator with great attainment at the Supreme Profundity Realm. What power exactly could actually pose such a threat to Mo Wen?

“Even now, you wish to escape? You do not know your own strength.”

The Devil Kingdom youth coldly snorted. His silhouette became a mass of black clouds and instantly caught up with Mo Wen. His speed was actually even higher than that of Mo Wen. It far surpassed the speed of a beginning stage Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator. With a few flickers, he had closed the distance between them greatly.

Mo Wen shook his sleeve expressionlessly. Two beams of blue light flew out from his sleeves and became a pair of beautiful wings. They were the illusionary spirit divine wings. Under normal circumstances, Mo Wen’s speed could only compare to a beginning stage Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator. However, after he unleashed the illusionary spirit divine wings, the situation would be different.

Large amounts of Yin Yang Qi in his body surged into the illusionary spirit divine wings. The exquisite illusionary spirit divine wings trembled slightly. A large number of ancient and mysterious runes appeared on the surface of the wings. All the runes linked with each other silently, seemingly forming a miraculous stratagem. The next moment, the air itself seemed to distort slightly and then Mo Wen’s silhouette disappeared from his original position and appeared several thousands of miles away.

“Huh? A combination type heaven spiritual treasure, and a rare speed-enhancing type treasure at that.”

Gu Motian raised his eyebrows. Combination type heaven spiritual treasures were rare, far rarer than sacred treasures. For low-rank cultivators, this type of spiritual treasure was more effective than a sacred treasure. It was because low-rank cultivators would have a hard time unleashing the might of a sacred treasure. However, the same could not be said for a heaven spiritual treasure.

“A nameless little cultivator actually has such a treasure on him. If I can get my hands on his combination type heaven spiritual treasure, I can go anywhere I want in this Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield.”

A strange and evil look flashed past in Gu Motian’s eyes. There were not many treasures that could catch his eye. Even ordinary sacred treasures might not catch his eye. Although sacred treasures were powerful, he was only a Tide Changing Realm cultivator currently and could not unleash the full potential of sacred treasures. On the other hand, if he unleashed such a combination type heaven spiritual treasure, its effectiveness would certainly be much better than ordinary sacred treasures.

“Interesting. Let’s see how long you can keep struggling.”

The mass of Devil Qi on Gu Motian churned slightly. Bizarre masses of Devil Qi retracted and formed a layer of armor that covered his body. At the same time, a dark red devil saber appeared in his hand. On the surface of the devil saber, there were crimson souls constantly growling, screaming, and panicking as they appeared. An ordinary cultivator would most likely severely injure their Primordial Soul just by looking at the devil saber. If it was severe, they might instantly become idiots; if it was milder, they would need to cultivate for 100 years in order to recover.

“Unlimited Apparition Release.”

Gu Motian performed a few ritualistic gestures. The destructive aura on his body instantly converged in him. It was as though his entire person had etherealized, becoming a dark crimson shadow. The crimson shadow directly disappeared from its original spot with a flicker. The next moment, it had already appeared thousands of miles away, continuing to pursue Mo Wen.

“Such an advanced release technique.”

Mo Wen was secretly shocked. He never imagined that this Devil Kingdom cultivator would also be so proficient in release techniques. As expected of a genius, Gu Motian was an all-rounder.

However, although this Devil Kingdom youth’s Unlimited Apparition Release was advanced, it still could not keep up with Mo Wen’s speed. After all, the wings on Mo Wen’s back were the illusionary spirit divine wings replicas. They were the replicas of immortal treasures; how could they possibly be considered ordinary? The distance between the two of them still kept increasing.

“You can’t run away.”

Gu Motian’s sinister voice came from far behind Mo Wen. The voice was like necrosis on the bone; Mo Wen could not shake it off no matter how hard he tried.

“I never thought that in order to kill you, a Tide Changing Realm cultivator, I would actually need to unleash a self-destructive release technique.”

“Unlimited Traceless Sky-Merging Apparition!”

The aura on Gu Motian’s body changed. A mouthful of blood essence flew out from his mouth. He then extended his hand and pointed forwards. The mass of blood essence instantly exploded and became a mass of crimson mist. Gu Motian stepped forward and his figure merged with the crimson mist. The next moment, his entire person disappeared completely, seemingly melting into the crimson mist.

However, at the same time, tens of thousands of miles away, crimson light spots gathered and a mass of crimson mist similarly appeared. From the mist, a black-robed youth slowly walked out. The youth had a sinister look on his face and the corners of his mouth curled into a bizarre smile. He looked playfully at Mo Wen who was escaping with all his might just two hundred miles in front of him.

“Evil Dies Young!”

Gu Motian raised the devil saber in his hand. The devil saber shone with crimson light. Strange ancient runes lit up on it, communicating with the power of the land in all directions. Within 1 000 miles, all of the Vital Qi in the heavens and earth were affected by the devil saber and began to rampage.

The ocean below silently became a crimson sea. The corpses of sea beasts floated to the surface of the ocean one by one. Gu Motian was like a god of death from Hell. Once a god of death was angry, there would be corpses for thousands of miles around.

The power of Vital Qi in the heavens and earth frenziedly gathering behind Mo Wen scared him such that the hairs on his back became straight. He looked behind him in astonishment. That Gu Motian had actually appeared two hundred miles behind him. Initially, after a long chase, the distance between them was still more than 10 000 miles apart. However, in the blink of an eye, Gu Motian had actually appeared behind him and entered into Mo Wen’s attack range.

“That release technique is really strange. It is practically no different from instant movement.” Mo Wen drew in a cold breath. Gu Motian actually mastered such a terrifying secret technique. As expected of someone from the Devil Kingdom, they were different from small world cultivators like Mo Wen.

“Celestial Body!”

Right now, Mo Wen did not dare to feign clumsiness. A slight moment of carelessness and there was a possibility that he would be instantly killed by that Devil Kingdom cultivator.

Gu Motian should have great attainment at the Tide Changing Realm level of cultivation. However, the level of cultivation of his Devil Qi was equivalent to the intermediate stage Supreme Profundity Realm. A simple punch or kick from him was 100 times more frightening than that of the mayor of Muhong City. Such a genius could not be understood using common sense at all. Just like how Mo Wen could kill the beginning stage Supreme Profundity Realm mayor of Muhong City, this Gu Motian most likely could even kill an ordinary intermediate stage Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator.

A body that was 1 000 feet tall immediately appeared in the sky above the ocean. Once the Celestial Body appeared, a wild and ancient aura swept over. The Vital Qi in the heavens and earth was frantically attracted to the Celestial Body, surging towards Mo Wen. A large portion of the Vital Qi in the heavens and earth within a radius of 1 000 miles that was initially frozen by Gu Motian was snatched over by Mo Wen. The radius even extended beyond that, increasing to 2 000, 3 000 miles.

In order to block Gu Motian, Mo Wen also activated the power of the Celestial Body with all his might. As a Heavenly Path remarkable power, in terms of seizing Vital Qi in the heavens and earth, it was far more powerful than Gu Motian’s technique.

“What remarkable power is that?”

Gu Motian stared at the thousand-feet-tall giant who was wearing armor. It looked as though it was the Battle God from the Immemorial Age. For the first time, Gu Motian had fear in his eyes. The aura emanated by the giant was too terrifying; it definitely wasn’t something that should appear on a Tide Changing Realm cultivator.

What rank was this remarkable power at? Was it a big path remarkable power? How was it possible? With the youth’s level of cultivation, he would most likely be unable to comprehend a medium path remarkable power, let alone a big path remarkable power.

Even with Gu Motian’s arrogance, he didn’t have the confidence of mastering a medium path remarkable power at the Tide Changing Realm. Since the beginning of time, even after taking into account the existence of various realms, there were very few geniuses who could master a medium path remarkable power at the Tide Changing Realm.

“Who cares what remarkable power you are demonstrating. I will kill you with a slash.”

Gu Motian snorted internally. He was at an absolute advantage in terms of power. Even though the thousand-feet-tall giant seemed extraordinary, it didn’t have much power. Its power was at most akin to that of a beginning stage Supreme Profundity Realm cultivator. Gu Motian was confident that he could kill it with one blow.

“Evil Dies Young—No Place For Human Souls To Rest.”

Gu Motian raised the bizarre devil saber and forcefully slashed downwards. The devil saber emanated a brilliant light while evil aura seeped out from it. However, the evil aura was equivalent to sacred spirits in terms of power.

A sacred treasure. Mo Wen could recognize it with a glance. The devil saber was a sacred treasure; only a sacred treasure could emanate such an aura.

Gu Motian even had a sacred treasure. Moreover, the sacred treasure that he owned seemed to be rather powerful.

Mo Wen felt tightness in his chest. He dared not take the incoming attack lightly but instead activated the Celestial Body to its upper limit. At the same time, the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spear in his hand transformed into a Heavenly Serpent, nimbly moving around like a real living creature.

“At the pinnacle of heaven and earth, may the stars shine upon you.”

Currently, Mo Wen’s most powerful attack was the Glory of Star. Even though he was well-aware that the Glory of Star could not block the attack from the Devil Kingdom youth, he had to try his luck.

“The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spirit.”

Gu Motian narrowed his eyes. Previously, the youth did not unleash the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spirit; otherwise, the youth would most likely have escaped uninjured from Gu Motian’s previous attack. Mo Wen was doing a good job hiding his true ability. The Heavenly Serpent Divine Spirit was a good item that was rarely seen. A glimpse of excitement flashed past Gu Motian’s eyes. He had not imagined that he would actually discover such a huge surprise when he first attacked this young cultivator. If Gu Motian could get the Heavenly Serpent Divine Spirit, his ability would surely skyrocket. Then, there would most likely be very few geniuses in the Ancestral Sorcerer Battlefield who could compare to him.


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