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Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 25 - 25: Discovered

Chapter 25 - 25: Discovered

Lucifer walked to the wardrobe inside the bedroom and opened it.

He could see clothes and other accessories of his parents inside the wardrobe and even some of his old clothes that were too small for him to wear now.

Inside the Wardrobe, he also found what he was looking for. There was a pair of Dark Gloves placed inside the Wardrobe.

The gloves belonged to his mother that she had specially made for herself so that she could go on with life without worrying about destroying everything she touched.

These were special items that were made of one of the rarest materials in this world. It was something that could resist the powers of Decay.

Unfortunately, it also couldn’t resist it for infinity. It also decayed, but it was able to resist many times longer than the most resistant item.

Lucifer didn’t even know how long he could keep the gloves for himself without destroying them. From what he believed, he should be able to get one year of use out of these gloves, but these were only his assumption.

He instantly wore the gloves and closed the door of the wardrobe before he walked back to the bed.

As Lucifer laid on the bed, he gazed at the roof as he talked to seemingly no one.

"I wonder how long it will take you to find me."

He soon closed his eyes and fell asleep.


The headquarters of the Awakened Protection Force (APF) was established far away from Legion City.

It was a place that housed the Variants that worked for the government to capture criminals with powers. It was also their office, along with being their residence and their jail.

They had a dedicated lab in the facility and forensic department as well.

The team that was handling Lucifer’s case was known as the Delta Team. Even though they were low in the hierarchy of APF, they were still very strong, especially their leader Xander Blake.

Xander Blake was counted amongst one of the top Warlocks in APF. He was even qualified and strong enough to be a part of the Alpha Team, but he was made leader of the Delta Squad instead, which he preferred as well.

He was an S-Rank Pyromaniac. He was able to control the fire. He also had another ability which was a physical ability that allowed him to control his emotions.

His second ability was mostly useless according to most, but Xander knew that a calm head was also essential for a warrior. He appreciated that ability.

That also allowed him to be ranked as a Warlock since he not only had an elemental ability but also a physical ability.

At that moment, Xander was walking inside a lab. He had stayed in the small town for quite some time but came back to the HQ.

"Did you find anything from the fingerprints and the blood samples?" he asked the woman who was in a white lab coat lazily.

The woman in the white coat was known by the people in the APF as Melanie Drei. She was in the forensic department of the APF.

She was also someone that a lot of men here had a crush on.

"The fingerprints you brought back belong to the ones that died. There was no fingerprint of the killer anywhere," Melanie answered Xander as she gazed at the screen of the computer which was in front of her.

"What about the blood samples? Anything useful there?" Xander inquired.

" We did find something from the blood samples. There was one sample that didn’t belong to the ones that died there. I believe that it should belong to the killer. I also ran a scan in our system to find the person, and you won’t believe what I found. Check it out," she let out as she smiled wryly.

She pointed towards the screen in front of her, which was showing a picture of a young kid.

There was a photo of Lucifer on the screen with a stat on the side that showed a 100% DNA match.

"This kid is the one that killed them all?" Xander let out in an unusual tone. "Are you messing with me?"

"Yes, he most probably is. It’s either that, or he happened to be in the restaurant when it happened and left his blood samples everywhere," Melanie replied as she shook her head. "The robe which you brought back also has his blood samples."

"Also, you might not recognize this kid, but he has a special identity. Look at the records," she further stated as she pressed a key on the keyboard. The window on the screen changed to show some more details.

"Lucifer Azarel? The Son of Zale Azarel and Clarisse? That does make sense. The Power of Decay and Super Strength!" Xander let out with a surprised look.

Previously he was doubtful, but now he believed it.

"Yeah, I looked into his records and found out that he had died in a Government Research Facility. There’s no further detail in the report as to what happened and how he died," Melanie told Xander.

"Interesting. Tell me the address of that Facility," Xander replied as he rubbed his chin.

’Looks like this is going to be a more complicated case than I thought,’ he thought as he gazed at the screen and the name, "Lucifer Azarel."

Melanie provided Xander with the address, after which he departed from the lab.

"Flourance, Get our team ready. We’re going out," Xander told someone over the phone as he walked through the long corridor.


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