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Inhuman Warlock

Chapter 14 - 14: Legion City

Chapter 14 - 14: Legion City

The red-haired man realized that Lucifer was a Variant and that it wasn’t his Hallucinations. His heart was thumping like crazy as he wondered what he could do.

There was a gun near him, but he had already seen how useless a gun was against Lucifer. It was as if the bullets were not made of metal. They entered the skull of Lucifer and disappeared.

Were these bullets even real? Or was something wrong with them? The bullets entered the skull of Lucifer, and instead of killing him, these seemed to make him seem even more intimidating.

He looked towards the door, which was behind Lucifer. That seemed to be the only path to escape.

He placed his fist on the table and filled it up with the drugs that he tossed towards Lucifer. The white powdery substance filled the air, some of which even entered Lucifer’s eyes.

The man utilized the opportunity as he started running towards the door.

He had almost managed to reach the door. There seemed to be only a few meters of distance between him and the freedom. Unfortunately, the last few meters seemed like miles as the man saw Lucifer appear in front of him.

He opened his lips to speak something, but no words came out of his mouth. Sweat filled his face as he started stepping back slowly.

Lucifer ran towards the red-haired man, and without delay, he packed his fist before he punched out.

Lucifer’s fist hit the stomach of the man, making his eyes open wide in pain.

The man flew back and crashed on the wall. Extreme pain gripped his body as the man felt like his whole body was going through internal bleeding. He also had an assumption that all his bones were broken. At Least that’s what it felt like.

Lucifer once again appeared in front of the man, walking in slow steps. His eyes remained on the man who was lying on the ground, groaning in pain.

The red-haired man could see death right in front of his eyes. The fear of death was evident on his face as he watched Lucifer step closer to him.

While the red-haired man gazed at Lucifer like he was a grim reaper, Lucifer was also looking back. His eyes were on the man’s face, observing the fear. He couldn’t help but enjoy this fear.

He also wondered when he’d get to see this expression in the face of those scientists. He didn’t realize that there was a slight change taking place inside him. The more he killed, the more he was changing. It was a change he was utterly unaware of.

It was exactly what the APF was worried about when they profiled Lucifer.

The fear of death was enough to make the man go crazy. He couldn’t help but yell, "You bastard! Why are you even hitting me? What did I do to you? Don’t tell me I fu*ked your mother!"

Those seemed to be the last words he had managed to speak as the next thing he saw was only darkness. Lucifer had punched his face in rage at having his mother mocked again. His punch was enough to make the man’s head blow up like a coconut.

A gruesome scene unraveled in front of Lucifer, who didn’t spend even a single second more watching it. He instantly turned back to leave.

Lucifer had only taken a few steps when his stomach started growling.

He had run out of food some time ago already. Moreover, using his abilities had made him hungry again. In his hunger, he decided to find something to eat. It was a house, so he had a feeling that there must be things to eat.

He stepped inside the kitchen, where surprisingly, he found rubber gloves lying on top of a fridge. He touched the rubber gloves to test something.

A smile appeared on Lucifer’s face as he realized that these gloves were decaying slowly. They did decay as well, but their speed was much slower.

He instantly wore the gloves before he opened the fridge. He could see that the fridge was mostly empty. There was a bottle of water along with a few apples that were inside the fruit basket in the refrigerator.

He picked up the water bottle and drank a mouthful of water before he picked up the fruits. He started eating the fruits and only left after finishing them all.

His hunger was somewhat satiated, which made him feel better. He felt like he was ready for a long journey.

Lucifer didn’t waste any time in the town. He instantly left. After walking for two straight days, he finally reached Legion City, where his home was.

A board with the city name was at the city’s entrance, which made him know that it was his Legion City.

There was still one problem that he didn’t know how to solve. He didn’t know his address. The only thing he knew about his home was the city it was in, but not the address.

In fact, he hasn’t even left his house on many occasions. The only times he was taken out was when his mom went shopping when he was really young. The address was a completely foreign thing for him at that time.

He didn’t help but walk through the streets like a lost kid, trying to find his home, but everything was unfamiliar to him.

He was looking around at various infrastructure of the city as he walked through the streets.

The city seemed to have many beautiful buildings. He was amazed at how unique some of the designs were.

He was appreciating a building that seemed to be made in zigzag when a woman stopped in front of him.

The woman looked at his clothes; a confused expression was evident on her face.

"Hey, kid? Are you lost?" she asked Lucifer.

Lucifer raised his head and looked at the beautiful woman.

Lucifer didn’t reply to her and started striding away from her. He didn’t have anything to talk to the woman since he didn’t believe her, and even if he did, he wouldn’t know what to tell her as he himself didn’t know his address.

He strode through the city for two days. Extreme hunger had once again started to take him in his grip. His stomach kept making heavy noises.

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