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Inhuman Warlock

951 Chapter 951

Lucifer took a few steps back to her to Yui, who was the only person that could tell the truth. It was clear that the man wasn't going to tell the truth, let alone accept it if someone else told him.

"Tell me what happened?" he asked Yui. "Also, stop crying. No one is going to hurt you, I promise. Just tell me what happened. Did you really take anything from him?"

Yui shook her head in response. "I didn't take anything."

Yui told Lucifer everything, including how she just went to buy some essentials for her family when Huang saw her.

Ever since, he had been following her and eventually approached her, directly telling her to come to his castle with him.

"When I said no, he started threatening me that I didn't know what I was doing and that he could make my life hell. I didn't listen and left. And now here he is, with this lie! He's doing all this to punish me!"

"I see... So that's what it was." Lucifer understood everything after hearing Yui's version. It was clear to him that the man was attracted to Yui as soon as he saw her, and being a Prince, he didn't accept a no from her.

"You hurt his ego, and now he wants to hurt you in return..." Having the complete story, Lucifer walked back to the middle-aged man who was still trying to make the Prince calm down.

Huang refused to calm down and kept insisting that he wanted his treasure back.

"I'm sure she will have my treasure! Either you give me treasure, or your entire family won't be alive to see the sunrise tomorrow!" Huang declared, sounding very serious.

"If she doesn't have the treasure, how can we even give you?" Hun's father asked, not knowing what to do. On the inside, he was so angry that he just wanted to kill the young man for messing with their family, but the Dragon Clan was very powerful.

He could kill the young Prince, but the Clan was something that couldn't be defeated. If he as much as even scratched the young man, it was no less than signing their own death warrant.

"Prove it! I won't believe your words! You are the family member of that thief! How can I take your words seriously? If you still insist that she didn't take it, I'll give you one last chance!"

A barely noticeable smirk spread across the lips of Huang as if he was waiting for this moment only.

"What chance?" The middle-aged man asked, not having a good feeling from the tone.

"I'm sure she took my treasure, but since it's small, she could've hidden it anywhere, including inside her clothes. That's where I think she kept it!" Huang declared. "I want to check myself to see if she's keeping it or not!"

"To make sure there are no distractions, I want to check when I'm alone with her!"

Hearing Huang's words, the middle aged man felt his blood boil. This man was actually asking him to go alone with his daughter so he could strip search her? What nonsense!

His fists clenched tightly. In his mind, he had already killed Huang a thousand times, but he controlled himself.

"I'm afraid I can't allow that. She doesn't have any treasure, and I'm not letting a guy touch her!" The middle aged man decided to stop taking the young man seriously. "And if you want to bully my family just because we live in your city, then we would happily leave!" i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

The man turned around, being done with this conversation. It didn't matter if he offended the Royal Clan. As long as he didn't hurt the Prince and ended the conversation right here, at worst, he was going to be kicked out of this place.

"I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter. Stealing a royal treasure is a sin that only has one punishment! Death! But since I'm so King, I'll make sure myself that I'm not publishing the innocent!" He clapped his hands once.

Following his clap, a group of men rushed ahead and captured Hun's Father.

All the men that caught him belonged to the Dragon Clan as well, so they possessed a lot more strength than a High Beast like the Snow Wolf. Even the middle aged man couldn't free himself despite the struggle.

Hun's father tried to transform to free himself, but before he could finish, the men placed a collar around his neck. It was unclear just what that collar was, but it stopped the man's transformation right away. Not only did it stop the transformation of a High Beast, but it also weakened them.

"As I said, you have no choice in the matter," Huang smiled as he stepped forward. "Don't worry though. If you're all truly innocent, we will free you. I am not evil after all."

Licking his lips, the man walked closer to Yui, looking directly into her scared eyes.

Hun stepped between his sister and the Prince. "If you want her to be checked, you can send a female guard. We would be happy to prove our innocence."

"Idiot. Like Father, like son." Huang appeared right next to Hun within a fraction of a second, grabbing Hun's neck.

"Young man, your father might be strong enough to stop me, but you aren't. You are nothing! If I want, I can kill you right this instant, and no one will be able to stop me. Your father is weak now, and my men are holding back your mother as well. So it would be best for you if you controlled that boiling blood of yours!"

Huang tossed Hun back, straight to his men, who caught struggling Hun as well. Fortunately, Hun wasn't killed by him.

"Little girl, come. Let's see your innocence... I'll make sure to be really thorough, so no innocent gets punished, and no guilty escapes punishment!" Huang chuckled, stopping barely a meter before Yui, whose face was stained in tears seeing her father and brother in this condition.

Watching Huang's hand coming toward her, she felt even more scared.

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