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Inhuman Warlock

950 Chapter 950

"You bitch! Come out this instant!" A loud roar came from outside, which attracted Lucifer's attention.

"Do you have some enmity with people here?" he asked the middle-aged man.

However, seeing the man's expression, he realized that even the man didn't know anything about it.

Curious, he decided to see what was happening.

The middle-aged man also stood up and followed Lucifer, who left the room.

Leaving the room, Lucifer walked to the stairs which led to the main door, only to see Hun's sister Yui there, seemingly scared.

Her mother was right next to her, keeping the door closed. Someone was trying to break the door as a loud thumping sound echoed.

"Step out right now, or it won't be good for you!" The same voice came again, having even more authority.

Lucifer went down the stairs with the middle-aged man and Hun.

"What is happening here?" The middle-aged man asked his wife. "Who is yelling outside?"

Yui heard her father's voice and turned around, revealing her tear-stained face. It was as if she was just about to run to hug him when she froze, noticing Lucifer standing there as well.

"Y-you here?" For a moment, she forgot everything, thinking as if it was no more than a dream. How else was Lucifer going to be here?

While Yui was standing stunned, Lucifer was more distracted by her tears. When he had stayed with the family, Yui had always been really nice to him. She had always been like a very close family member, and he had never seen her cry. Seeing tears in her eyes was really off.

He didn't even need to ask her what happened to feel angry at the person who was outside. It was evident that the person had made her cry. πš’πš—π’π«e𝒢𝙙. 𝒸oπ‘š

He walked closer to Yui and raided his right hand, but he didn't touch her face. Instead, his gentle winds cleared the tears from Yui's face.

He didn't say anything either. After momentarily observing her to see that she wasn't hurt, he walked past her.

Hun's mother was still keeping the door closed, but he told her to move aside.

Hun's mother didn't know why, but she couldn't refuse Lucifer's commands. It was as if it was something subconscious. She moved aside, clearing the door.

The thumping of the door continued, and without support, it only looked like it was only a matter of time before the door was going to be broken.

Lucifer opened the door, noticing a ball of blue light flying straight at him.

He gracefully raised his right hand, casting the Barrier of Time, stopping the attack that was used to attempt to break the door.

While the attack was stopped, he placed his fingers on the sphere of light, letting his decay destroy the attack.

The attack disappeared without doing any harm to him, surprising the people who were outside.

Lucifer stood at the entrance of the door, observing the people outside. Even though there was only one person roaring, there were way more people outside.

In fact, there seemed to be close to twenty people there already. Even though there were so many people, only the blonde man in the lead looked like a leader, dressed in a lavish attire as if he came from a really good family.

"He is from the Royal Family. Don't do anything stupid. Let father deal with it." Hun also saw these people, recognizing the person in the lead.

He had been here for over a month and knew more about this place and the people who held influence here. Compared to his family, the top families here were much stronger, and if there was a Family that stood on top of them, it was the Royal Family!

The young man in the lead had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Even the man's skin seemed a bit blueish.

He wasn't very bulky, but his body was still oozing with power.

As Lucifer looked at the blonde man, the man also observed him. It was quite surprising for him to see this man stop his attack so easily. Moreover, he hadn't seen this person before, making him a stranger.

"Can I help Your Highness?" Hun's father stepped forward, standing between Lucifer and the blonde-haired man.

"Your Highness? He is the Prince?" Lucifer asked Hun. No wonder Hun was so respectful. So the Snow Wolf Clan was scared. But so what if it was the Royal Prince? He was here to destroy the entire Royal Family from its root, along with everyone else.

A simple prince was nothing to be scared of. Still, he let things play out. If the Snow Wolf Clan wanted to deal with things, he gave them an opportunity as he stood tall.

"We have you a place to stay, having mercy on you, and that's how you repay us?" The blonde man roared. Instead of talking calmly, he started scolding Hun's father without any respect.

"Did we do something wrong?" Hun's father hated having to be so respectful to a kid, but it wasn't the kid who was a concern here, but the influence and family which was behind the young man.

"Your daughter stole something from me! I want it back!" Huang exclaimed, looking disgusted.

"That's not possible. My daughter can never steal."

"Are you calling me a liar?" Huang squinted his eyes.

The man didn't know how to respond. He just glanced back at his daughter, who confirmed that she didn't take anything.

"Whatever it is that you lost, we will pay it back." Hun's father responded, having no other option. It didn't matter if his daughter took anything or not. Even if they were innocent, they had to pay back if they didn't want to face the wrath of the Royal Family.

"I don't want payment! I want the treasure which your daughter took from me!"

Hearing the conversation, Lucifer was sure that the man was lying, but why? That was the question. What did he want? Just what was he after?

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