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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 7 - Ch7. Chakra Nature

Chapter 7 - Ch7. Chakra Nature

Konan took the chakra paper into her hand.

"You gotta push a small amount of chakra into it."

"Okay, Rei."

Konan did so and the paper was torn into three pieces. One of these pieces was over half of the entire chakra paper big and was promptly shredded to small pieces. Wind.

One of the remaining pieces was completely soaked, signalizing water, while the other turned to dust. Earth.

Konan looked at Rei with an expectant and excited gaze at Rei who released a soft exasperated sigh.

"You have a main wind affinity. A strong one, at that. Well figures, this is probably what helps your bloodline to fold the paper and sharpen it? Mah, just my guess."

Konan nodded attentively.

"Next you have Earth affinity. I would say this is what makes your paper durable and capable of hardening? Maybe, maybe not."

Konan only relocated her gaze to the soaked part. She looked kinda like a puppy. Wide-eyes pleading for an explanation.

"Ah... the last is Water affinity. I must say I dunno... ah! Maybe it helps you keep the shape of your paper in the water? I mean it gets wet alright but I never saw it soaked. It"s as if it was made of something unable to absorb water or something. Can you even consciously control that?"

Rei meant that. This was Ame no Kuni. Most of the year, the rain never stopped. Yet, Konan"s paper stayed intact even under the rain when they ran through the forest. He always thought it was due to her chakra and looks like he was partially right.

Konan took his words to heart and filled one of her papers with her chakra. She sunk it into a bucket full of water and watched as the paper held its form. Suddenly, she started to get ideas on how to exploit it in battle. She was, after all, in a water-filled country. If she could shoot her shurikens from water... Ehehehe.

After she was done contemplating the best way to murder someone, Konan tried to actually control this attribute of the paper and the paper got soaked. She stared at it... giddy at learning something new about her capabilities and tried to un-soak the paper.

Rei could only stare in surprise as the paper expelled the water, still sunk deep in the bucket, and became yet again a properly flat form. A second later, he saw Konan start folding it into an origami under the water.

I call bullshit... He thought.

Three main elements and all helping in her paper manipulation. Rei knew what this was. It was obvious. No matter how much denial he was in. The girl didn"t have a Kekkei Genkai. No. She had yet unregistered Kekkei Tota.

Now... why the hell Jiraya in the canon never noticed?

Because it is bullshit! That"s why! Kekkei Tota is rare as f.u.c.k! In the entire world, only Onoki is supposed to have it at the moment and it is very destructive!

Even if you find somebody with three chakra natures it could be called lucky but wouldn"t mean that person has Kekkei Tota. Heck, It would not mean that person has Kekkei Genkai! To have Kekkei Genkai, one has to have two chakra natures capable of working in tandem to create a new, special type of chakra, in case of elemental Kekkei Genkai, or a special type of chakra, mostly derived from elemental chakra, that does something... not elemental. And then there are dojutsu.

Anyway, Konan is certainly in the second category as it was proven that her chakra natures indeed DO affect her paper manipulation.

As for why Rei called it bullshit... even he could fold paper with his chakra. He bet even Jiraya could! That was most likely why Jiraya disregarded it as a talent for chakra control when it came to making origami. But he can not make the paper fly, sharpen, harden, cut... etc unless he directly imbued the elemental chakra into it.

Konan can. On instincts alone. Jiraya surely just disregarded her the same as he disregarded Naruto. He saw Rinnegan, a candidate for the prophesied child, and anything else was a moot point for him.

Rei had problems with creating two exploding tags yet Konan is able to divide her chakra and manipulate up to fifty paper shurikens so far. Simultaneously at that. That"s multitasking at its finest. If it was not instinctive, there is no way her mind would be able to do it! He called hax!

"Rei?" Konan pulled him out of his reverie. "Your turn." She pointed at the chakra paper in his hand and Rei sighed, wishing for something good. Like... dunno. At least two natures would be nice...

He casually pushed a sliver of his chakra into it. There was really no need to be tense. The result would not change anyway.

What happened next made Konan and Rei widen their eyes.

The paper split into five identical parts.

One was torn to shreds.

One was turned to dust.

One was soaked wet.

One was crumpling with sparks.

One was set on fire.

"Oh... I have all five chakra natures..."

Rei stood there stunned, thinking about how it could happen while Konan was beaming! She was happy her friend had so much potential!

"Congratulations, Rei!" Konan excitedly jumped next to him and took his hands into hers as she expressed her happiness by spontaneously kissing him on the cheek and tightly hugging him.

"Thank you." Rei sincerely told her as his arms sn.a.k.e.d around her small frame and returned the hug.

"Let"s play?" Konan innocently asked and Rei didn"t want to destroy the atmosphere between them.


They then proceeded to spend the afternoon together, playing with each other. Either doing dodgeball with kunai, a tag on the ceiling or tug-of-war with a paper, Konan with her paper manipulation and Rei with his chakra strings.

It was only later that night when Rei laid on the bed, Konan snuggled into his side, fast asleep, he thought about his chakra natures.

His mind had a few solutions. His Supreme Chakra Control Talent or his Godly Nature Energy Talent. Or these two talents mixed together. He just had to know because it might be information capable of giving him an idea of how to exploit it further!

A task for another time, perhaps. Rei sighed as he felt very tired. Konan can be incredibly energetic when it comes to playing a tag...

Rei looked at the peaceful sleeping face of the girl and his hand rested on her head as a slight smile appeared on his face.

He closed his eyes and focused on the natural energy around them. Carefully pulling a strand into his own body, dissolving it in his muscles, bones, blood, and organs, feeling them get slightly stronger as his body felt as if it was just pampered and massaged. He then did the same for Konan who melted into him with a satisfied expression because of that.

Afterward, his consciousness was engulfed by the darkness. Night and exhaustion claimed him.

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