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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 67 - Ch67. The objective of the mission 2

Chapter 67 - Ch67. The objective of the mission 2

Both Rei and Konan rendezvoused five minutes after they entered the "chaos" in the treetops near the mansion. Rei had a stasis scroll in his hand while Konan had a kicking and thrashing girl over her shoulders that made her show a very, very annoyed expression on her face. Her eyes were dangerously narrowed and set forward, Rei could actually see she was trying very hard not to slap some sense into the girl. The only reason the girl was not screaming was the ball of paper that found its new home in the girl"s mouth and was apparently quite hard to get rid of, no matter how much the girl tried to spit it out.

The girl, Kimiko, suddenly slapped Konan"s butt quite hard and Konan snapped. She "gently" put the girl on the ground, making her stop thrashing around and for once, the only sound Kimiko let out was a muffled groan of pain. "That"s it, I"ve had it with you." Konan said in a cold tone, making Kimiko send a glare her way. The glare didn"t last long though. The second Kimiko"s eyes met Konan"s, she froze. Konan had a stoic expression on her face but something in her gaze was just incredibly chilly and threatening. Kimiko quickly balled into a ball and tried to make herself as small as possible when she saw the dangerous way Konan was looking at her. It was the first time the girl experienced such fear. Rei decided to intervene before Konan actually managed to make the girl die due to a heart attack from her frosty glare.

"Ma~, ma~, don"t give her that look." He quipped towards Konna, making Kimiko look at him hopefully while Konan crossed her arms and huffed. He crouched down in front of Kimiko and smiled at her. "Don"t worry. You won"t be harmed. We were sent by your father to "rescue" you." He snickered at the word "rescue".

"Papa?" Kimiko tilted her head. "But... why would papa..." That was as far as she got when Rei suddenly slapped her forehead, making her faint. Konan opened her mouth in speechlessness at the spectacle but when she saw the paper with a knock-out seal... she facepalmed.

"And that"s how you deal with annoying people." Rei told Konan, highly amused, as he was sealing Kimiko"s body into a stasis scroll.

In the end, Konan chuckled and kissed Rei while hugging him tightly. "Shouldn"t we do something like that to Mizukage then?" She asked offhandedly to which Rei rolled his eyes but tightened his embrace. He loved how warm Konan usually was and refused to not enjoy it when he got the chance. He caressed her back as his head swirled with ideas.

"Maybe later, dear." He whispered to Konan. "For now, we gotta interrogate my captive."

"A captive?" Konan asked and stepped back as she felt Rei released her from the hug. Rei only raised his hand with a stasis scroll and she instantly understood. "Which one?" She asked.

"The captain." Rei said, grinning. "Now we can find out just "why" was this trap set up for us." He said excitedly, happily noting the sadistic gleam in Konan"s eyes. Unfortunately, he had to crash her fun. "Sorry, dear, I won"t allow you to torture him. I"ve got a better plan. Much, much better." He said as his grin was widening into a menacing one.


Barbo groggily woke up, shaking his head to get out of the daze, and quickly found out he was in an unknown room and bound which made him completely awake pretty quickly. His eyes warily scanned the surroundings, trying to discern what was going on as he was mentally going through what happened before his blackout. His eyes suddenly widened as he remembered what happened to him, only for a colorful curse to leave his lips. He was careless and now he was going to pay for it. Nevertheless, he tried to squirm out of the bindings or use the rope-escaping Jutsu but as expected, it didn"t work. As he was about to get out of options, the door suddenly opened and two people walked inside. A young man and a young woman. He quickly understood his mission failed and he somehow got kidnapped by The Downpour.

Konan and Rei saw the man lower his head in resignation as they entered the room. They came in front of him when he suddenly raised his head and spoke. "If you are trying to get information from me, you will be disappointed. I will not divulge anything no matter what kind of torture you put me through."

Rei smiled at that as he gazed into the man"s eyes and saw he really believed that. "Let"s start with something simple, then. Your name." He stated and peered into the man"s eyes until the corner of the man"s lips twitched. The man sighed and half-shrugged.


It wasn"t as if he was extremely famous and he doubted these two would get much from his name. Rei chuckled and nodded towards Konan. "She is Konan and I am Rei. But you probably already know that. Well, we don"t really plan to torture you." Rei said while his hand found its way around Konan"s waist to calm her down since she was pouting slightly. They had quite a debate about this. Konan wasn"t happy about having someone trying to hunt them and wanted to send a proper "message" to the world. As if they didn"t do that already... Barbo"s eyes warily observed Rei as he heard they don"t intend to torture him while Rei continued. "As for your team, half of them are dead, due to samurai that guarded the mansion." He watched as Barbo flinched, his lips twisting into an amused smirk. "The good news is that they killed every samurai." He stopped for a second to let that sink. It wasn"t something to be happy about. Barbo"s team practically slaughtered samurai belonging to his country which would have at least reputational consequences and depending on the stance of the Daimyo, could be quite damaging to the village in itself. Barbo showed a difficult expression as he completely understood what it meant when Iwa shinobi killed Iwa samurai. Especially in that kind of situation. Rei nevertheless continued with a bemused and light tone. "The bad news is... the "surviving" half is also dead because of Konan."

Konan watched Barbo"s eyes widen at that and decided that maybe it was quite good that Rei didn"t allow her to vent her frustration on him. She almost pitied him but the man would talk and it will be out of his own volition. She outstretched her hand and Barbo"s body was quickly covered in paper, only his head was peeking out of them. "Let"s go." She said and Rei shrugged. They had a plan on how to make the man talk and it seemed that Konan was quite impatient. Unfortunately for Barbo, he had a paper over his mouth so any and all protests were silenced.

The trio went outside, stopping only near Tsunade and her big slimy amphibian of a plaything. It was obvious the blonde didn"t even register them as she busied herself with "experimenting". Konan sat Barbo in a spot where he will have a front seat to the show and leaned on Rei"s back while putting her chin on his shoulder as her hands sn.a.k.e.d around his waist in a tight embrace.

Barbo couldn"t get his eyes away from the spectacle in front of him, only barely registering Rei"s voice. "You see... I am sure that as a ninja, you are used to gore but this is something different." Yes, Barbo could see "that". This was... he wanted to puke but he was too horrified to do so. Rei continued speaking. "I am sure you would rather tell us about your little mission than go through that, right?" Barbo flinched but his eyes still couldn"t leave the amphibian as the blond busty woman was rummaging in its body. It wouldn"t be such a disturbing sight if the summoning animal that must obviously be quite intelligent wasn"t cut open in such a way that Barbo could see the contents of its guts and organs still inside of its body... its heart was still pumping, signifying that the beast was still alive as the muscles visibly constricted and loosened in a show of breathing.

Even if Barbo wanted, he wouldn"t be able to avert his gaze. He could only grit his teeth to prevent the bile from rising from his mouth after he croaked out. "It"s still alive."

Konan rolled her eyes but it was very hard to spot since she was nuzzling her nose into the crook of Rei"s neck. "Of course it is," She playfully started. "and you will be too." At that, Barbo"s eyes widened as he understood why they were showing him this scene.

Rei smiled to himself. Yes, just a bit more, and the man will talk by himself, no need for boorish torture. He just hoped the man wouldn"t be too stubborn about it. "Yup, and I am not really inclined to put a seal that would keep you unconscious during the process. Instead, since you wanted to kill us, I will apply a seal that will keep you conscious as our little," He heard Konan snicker as he commented on Tsunade"s height, "friend will look at what"s inside of you. But don"t you worry your little head over it, she is too experienced to make you die during it." Rei said flippantly and noticed that Barbo didn"t really react to his threat which made him frown. He redirected his eyes towards Tsunade and instantly lowered them towards the ground with a groan. That was a mistake. He did not need to see Tsunade pulling the innards out of the beast as a goddamn rope. Rei audibly gulped and took a deep breath. "Okay, we will leave you here to consider your position." He said with a broken smile towards Barbo. "We will be back in a few hours."

And with that, Rei was dragged away by excited Konan who wouldn"t let these hours go to waste while Barbo was about to experience three hours of what Orochimaru would dub a "pleasant" afternoon, only two clones of Rei and Konan silently watching over him.

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