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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 62 - Ch62. Rain 1

Chapter 62 - Ch62. Rain 1

As the summoned salamander was about to ask why he was summoned, Rei, coated in raiton chakra, entered its mouth.

The salamander quickly closed it due to the unexpected feeling.

Rei didn"t need to do much. He only jabbed Chidori through the insides of the salamander and...

Hanzo gaped as the salamander boss summon, his personal salamander, was minced from inside by lightning jutsu and then went "puff".

When Konan saw Rei safely enter the Salamander Summoning Realm, she turned to Tsunade.

"Go and enter our dimension. I will be there in a second."

Tsunade wanted to protest but something in Konan"s voice stopped her. Konan was completely serious and it was clear nothing short of total obedience would be tolerated. It was the same kind of voice her uncle Tobirama used on her when she pulled on his hair as a kind...

Tsunade shuddered but nodded with utmost seriousness as she used the Self-Storing seal on her body to pop herself away.

Konan smiled as she saw Tsunade disappear and turned to Hanzo who was glaring at her.

"Girl! Do you know what you just did!?" He coldly shouted. He tried to spark a conversation while he molded his chakra for a finishing move.

Konan didn"t care and just cracked a slight smile as she put her hand next to her face and pointed upwards. It was a calm, and amused gesture that made Hanzo"s have a bad premonition.

He slightly arched his head back so he could look up without losing sight of Konan. His eyes squinted and his confusion turned into a confused one as he saw... black clouds.

It was the exact same black clouds that covered Amegakure all year long, showering it with rain. He pursed his lips and looked at Konan, about to mock her when his senses felt "it", making his head snap back onto the sky with his eyes widened.

"You didn"t think I just stood back without doing anything, did you?" Hanzo heard the amused voice of the girl but couldn"t bring himself to care. He had bigger problems than her.

His respiration mask almost dropped on the floor as he saw it.

The clouds were torn apart due to sheer wind pressure, stopping the ever-present rain for the first time in months. But it was not the sky that greeted Hanzo"s sight. Far from it...

He gulped as he saw hundred house-sized brown balls of rock falling from the sky as flames licked their surface, creating a fiery spectacle aimed straight at him. The wind was visibly washing over the meteorites as they pushed their way through it.

"Well then, I will be off. Good luck." Konan uttered in a smug tone and ported herself away.

Hanzo"s head snapped onto the spot Konan just disappeared from and he cursed. He didn"t have time! His hands snapped into a rapid flurry of hand seals as he started raising a wall of the earth after a wall of earth to make the surface as uneven as possible in the hope to mitigate the damage this would cause his village!

These "meteorites" were worse than normal ones. They were a ball made of Konan"s doton-hardened slices of paper. Millions of them stacked on each other to create a heavy and hard ball. Konan would never be able to use this without the MultiW seal, Rei"s dimension for creating Mokuton Trees, and her Mokuton to paper conversion.

It was a lot harder than normal earth, rock, almost surpassing metal or steel in hardness. Something like this impacting earth at high velocity...

For the first time in the history of the Land of Ame... the heavens rained fire and earth.

And then... the flaming meteorites impacted the ground, completely snapping any earth construct Hanzo was capable of making in the short twenty seconds he had. Loud booming explosions could be heard as one after the other, the meteorites landed, creating large craters due to the sheer speed they attained by falling. Shockwaves spread away from the landing-place, destroying everything in their path as pieces of earth flew all around in a flurry of dangerous and fast projectiles, most of them set on fire.

The clearing in front of Amegakure changed to fiery hell as more and more flaming rocks were sent all around, setting the previously created forest on fire, creating a maelstrom of an inferno that ferociously devoured the strong Mokuton trees.

Fortunately for the Amegakure, it had its own sealing protections and some capable ninja as walls of earth and water raised almost instantly, in the hope to mitigate some of the damage. The ground trembled as if in pain from the impact, creating the first-ever earthquake Amegakure experienced. Shinobi barely managed to stay on their feet while the unfortunate idiots who stayed on the streets, gawking at the spectacles instead of hiding inside, were sent rolling and sprawling on the ground.

But even then, the shockwaves came just a bit later and tore through the defensive Jutsu as a knife through butter, and as weakened as they were from it, they impacted the closest part of the village to the landing place of the meteorites. The civilians on the ground were again lifted to the air as they powerlessly sailed, stopping only when their bodies crashed into some obstacles while the shinobi tried to brace themselves as the wind pressure made them slid back across the ground. The buildings creaked from the strong pressure, making the people inside weep and shake in their boots from fear of the buildings falling on their heads.

It took an entire minute for the booming sounds of meteorites impacting the ground to finally cease. This minute was a nightmare for the inhabitants of the Amegakure as with every second, the earthquake got only stronger, with every second, another shockwave hit the village, with every second, the buildings groaned stronger and stronger from the pressure.

It was a miracle no major damage was caused to the village and none of the fiery debris created by the impact actually reached the village.

The Amegakure survived. Frightened, marked, traumatized... but survived.

The clearing in front of it though, the very same clearing that now had no trees as every single one burned down... now contained a multitude of craters and dents. A stark reminder of what could have been if the meteorite shower landed a bit closer to the village.

Hanzo"s head suddenly popped out of the ground in the central crater, making his heart tighten as he saw the amount of destruction all around. He barely managed to use the Hiding as a Mole technique to burry himself deep enough to come out of this almost unscathed. But even then, the pressure of the landing of the meteorites sent vibrations through the ground and many of his bones were either cracked or broken while bruises marred his body. He was dirty, sweaty, covered in dust and earth, and angry beyond belief... but he was scared first and foremost.

"Hashirama... Madara... is another world-shaking monster crawling its way out to the world?" His shaky eyes couldn"t stop staring at the many wide craters...

"I will need stronger ninja... more ninja. I will need a better deterrent." Hanzo glumly thought. He fancied himself strong. He knew he had nothing on the real monsters in this world but these rarely paid attention to him and in this era with both Hashirama and Madara dead. With the first and Second Kages death, he thought he was finally getting back into the top three, at least.

Hanzo had no idea what the reason for this attack was as fortunately, he and his village came out of it relatively unscathed and the biggest losses were his summoned animal and a few shinobi but he couldn"t deny that it happened. It was time to start strengthening the village in the earnest.

Thoughts like these fearfully swirled in his head as he limped his way through the devastated land, back to his village. It was time to take the game seriously again. Determination filled his being. Determination to survive. Determination to train. To become stronger. To make Amegakure greater. Hanzo regained his long-forgotten resolve as he survived the obvious reminder of the era long-past.


In Rei"s personal dimension, Tsunade watched Konan as she teleported herself inside the dimension, taking off her raincoat with a nostalgic smile as she shook the water out of it on the porch.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked worriedly, her eyes trailing on Konan"s frame, trying to find even the smallest of wounds with worry in her gaze.

"Ah... I am fine. Just showered Amegakure a bit." Konan dismissively waved her hand in a "no big deal" gesture. "I definitely lived up to the reputation of Downpour..." Konan"s lips stretched into an amused and knowing smirk.

"Suiton Jutsu, huh..." Tsunade accepted the explanation with a nod, not really caring all that much. But this was Hanzo they just faced. Of course, she was worried about her sister facing him alone!

"Let"s cook something for Rei." Konan excitedly told Tsunade as she took her hands into hers and dragged her to the kitchen. Tsunade quickly forgot her questions as both girls expectantly awaited their beloved while preparing a meal, peacefully chatting away the long while as they enjoyed the warmth and comfort of each other"s presence. In the end, both girls ended up covered in floor and cream after their escapades in the kitchen... well, nobody said they actually COULD cook.

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