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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 43 - Ch43. Counterattacking the schemes 1

Chapter 43 - Ch43. Counterattacking the schemes 1

The very next day Rei and Konan found themselves in the orphanage where Mei was residing. Rei was gripping Konan"s hand, making sure she won"t go ballistic upon meeting the "bitch", as she put it yesterday, who was helping in the scheme against her Rei!

Konan glared at everything in the room with her impassive stare. It made Rei proud and weirded out at the same time at this ability of hers. To appear utterly bored and impassive but actually show that she is completely enraged. For the first time, Rei saw how cold fury looks like.

They had a long debate yesterday after the clone reported its findings. They both were baffled. Sure, the Mizukage did it very cleverly. They knew he was smart and really didn"t think he would try the exact same thing as he did with Ringo just in other colors and under a pseudonym.

His influence would appear to be minimal on the entire thing as at most five people were a part of the scheme and other than them, only clan heads knew about it.

In their talks, Rei told Konan he was interested in Mei. Not romantically, of course. That would make for a good mental case to be interested in a kid you met only once. He was interested in her potential. To be honest, most crushes he could have had... he remembered he loved Hinata"s character... disappeared after all these years. He would still very much like to meet these char-, ahem, people. He would also like to swat Naruto on his head for being a naive idiot. Yup... he was a true fan! The kind that would beat that insufferable idiotic shit to death for not becoming smarter during the entire series!

Sigh, but he digresses. These feelings were somewhat dulled. He was interested in Mei because of her two Kekkei Genkai. Two in one body. That was almost impossible since genes usually merged or one dominated the other. Her two sides of the family were in such a synergy they created two Kekkei Genkai. It was a curious thing.

It all led them to this moment. They decided to make it easier on the Mizukage and adopt the girl, right? Well, if she will be pushed onto them anyway, why not make their influence prevalent? They might be forced to take her in but neither Rei nor Konan would suffer the fate of getting to like her and then having to leave her behind because of her overt love for the village. They knew it would happen with Ringo and it wasn"t a very nice feeling. Both Rei and Konan somewhat got to like her but knew well she would pick Kirigakure over them if she had to choose. That"s why Rei was not teaching the girl his best Raiton Jutsu for kenjutsu.

Konan had it easy. She was starting to feel fed-up with Mizukage. She understood he must protect the village and whatnot but right now, he was actually doing his damnedest to make Konan blow this village to smithereens. She didn"t like her Rei to be schemed upon!

As for the little girl herself... if she was really as interesting as Rei said, Konan didn"t mind taking her in. She would make the girl into a proper wife-material, yet! Konan was not as naive as to think that a decade of living together would not make the girl fall in love with Rei! Un, impossible!

And since Rei had a good impression of the girl and the girl had real potential, if she grew into a beauty, Konan wouldn"t mind giving her a hand. But the girl will become vicious and loyal only to Rei if she wants to stay anywhere near them! That Konan promised to herself.

Rei only cluelessly waited for the matron to finish the paperwork. He had not yet any clue of Konan"s already forming training plan for little Mei. Alas, history was set to repeat himself. As he saved Konan in her darkest hour and unknowingly created a fierce yan-, fuuuu, better not say the word! The same way he was now saving Mei. Or, at least, that"s how it would look like to the girl. Konan would make sure of that!

Aika Rukimi was flabbergasted when Rei and Konan came in the morning, willing to adopt Mei Terumi. She never expected such luck. The Mizukage wouldn"t even need to persuade them to raise the girl! While it made a few problems since the girl was not yet completely indoctrinated into being loyal to the village... she would let these worries to the Mizukage. The girl will probably make a few "friends" that will make her see the "light" shortly. It was not Aika"s problem anymore. She was only giddy at the fat paycheck she would receive for job-well-done! With a joyful hum, she filled the paperwork and... Mei Terumi was now adopted by Rei and Konan Yotsuba.


Aika dragged Mei into the room where Rei and Konan waited.

Both Rei and Konan noted the tattered torn clothes on the bo-, uh, girl. Her auburn hair was so short it was hard to recognize the little creature as a girl. Her green eyes were completely dull, almost lifeless with big black circles under then and the girl was unhealthily thin and small. Her skin was pale... well except the visible purplish, almost black bruises marring her skin.

When Mei"s eyes landed on Rei they regained a bit of light. She remembered the kind man who fed her yesterday and with a blush, she timidly looked towards the ground, wondering what he was doing here. She was dragged from her bed by the matron. Yesterday she was beaten by the older kids for being bad so she couldn"t sleep from the pain. She was dead tired and barely swayed on her feet.

"Mei-chan~." The matron started and Rei was instantly in "uh-oh" state of mind as he recognized the fake sweet and kind voice. "These two, Rei and Konan Yotsuba decided to adopt you."

Mei"s eyes widened and teared up. She meekly nodded. She was still afraid. The people didn"t like her and she feared being adopted. She thought she would be beaten by the people adopting her! But... the man was kind to her, right? He wouldn"t hurt her, right?

"Thank you." She quietly whispered as was expected of her after the matron squeezed slightly her shoulder, coincidentally pressing on one of her worst bruises, making her wince.

Konan was coldly glaring at the matron. She saw that it was no coincidence. Rei sighed and walked closer to Mei.

"Yo. So we meet again, kid." He grinned and hugged her.

Mei stiffened. She was never hugged. Tackled to the ground, maybe. But hugged. She couldn"t help but be frozen at the warmth it made her feel. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks as she leaned into the hug, pushing her small head into Rei"s shoulder.

Konan looked at the matron.

"That will be all." She dismissively stated, making the matron open her mouth but she swiftly shut it. Well, being dismissed might have hurt her ego but why bother complaining? Her job was done. Aika just left with a huff, heading straight to the Mizukage"s office to report.

Rei heaved Mei up into his arms and left towards their apartment.

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