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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 405 - Ch405. Temari Vs Karin 3

The sandy ground was violently shaking, the tremors spreading even to the walls of the arena beyond the chakra barrier since it was a dome and the ground was not covered.

Suddenly, the ground underneath Temari became bloated, forming a massive sand dune, and it was ever so obvious an eruption was imminent. Temari furiously tried to pour more of her chakra into it, hardening and compressing it even further but something was pressing against the dune from within, causing it to expand outward no matter how much Temari tried to suppress it.

When she realized this tug of war would be eventually lost by her, Temari decided to stop trying to crush Karin"s attempt at getting out of the sand. She could delay it but whatever Karin was doing, it was working a bit too well.

Temari leaped back, landing on the side of the wall and crouching there in wait, mentally preparing herself for whatever was gonna pop up from the sand. She had no idea what Karin was doing but whatever it was, it must be huge considering the counter-pressure it was able to exert against her chakra.

Now that Temari stopped suppressing Karin"s attempt, the sand dune abruptly erupted as if a bomb had just gone off within it. Sand flew all around and dust clouds rose into the air before it was quickly dispersed by a huge gust of wind as a massive torso of a gigantic crimson samurai armor made of chakra violently tore itself out of the ground with a roaring blast.

Anyone who knew what Susanoo was would instantly notice the incredible likeness to that technique. The only difference was... instead of forming it via the Mangekyo Sharingan, Karin used her own bloodline, her Adamantine Sealing Chains, to create this construct according to the example Izumi showed her.

Of course, Izumi would have never thought Karin could actually pull it off but apparently, one should never underestimate a motivated Uzumaki. Despite that, it was very much a work in progress as it obviously lacked the lower part of its body.

The gigantic chakra samurai armor suddenly stopped and zoomed in on Temari. The atmosphere in the arena became still for a moment as if calm before a storm. The moment dragged on and the time as if slowed down... but a few seconds later, a chakra chain sprouted from the armor"s right hand like flames before it skillfully spun it like a whip, sending powerful gusts of wind all around the arena while aiming to completely devastate the place where Temari was standing.

Temari"s pupils shrank as she realized the chakra chain with the width of a room was just swung towards her at breakneck speeds. She reacted as if on autopilot and just barely managed to turn into the sand before the chain impacted her position.

The chakra barrier clashed with the chakra chain, sending a loud booming sound followed by a massive shockwave into the surroundings. The barrier remained intact despite the brutal raw strength behind the blow and because the arena was covered by it in its entirety, the shockwave had no way to "escape". This caused the pressure from it to build up until the winds picked up and the grains of sand started to erratically fly in the air, creating a powerful sandstorm.

Temari"s chakra only nudged that process a bit.

Karin pulsed her chakra, controlling her chakra armor to spin the massive chakra chain it held around itself, creating another gust of wind, dispersing the sandstorm in an instant and revealing Temari"s position.

Karin smirked at the wide-eyed Suna kunoichi and prepared to control her armor to strike again...

Unfortunately for her, Temari was not wide-eyed because she was caught completely off guard. She just couldn"t believe how stupid the Uzumaki bint was to do... this.

Before Karin"s crimson armor could brandish its massive chakra chain at Temari again, the powerful winds created by Karin"s previous swing rebounded on the barrier, engulfing the whole arena and picking up the sand upward to the air in yet another massive sandstorm, this time, one much more ferocious as the previous one.

There was no need for Temari to nudge this sandstorm with her chakra. Karin did all the work for her by being a mindless violent brute of an Uzumaki and thinking that punching a problem is the correct way to go. She clearly forgot they were in an enclosed space where the recoil of her swing will be rebounded right back at her in the form of strong winds.

Temari slipped from Karin"s radar, letting her chakra seemingly disperse into the sand. This was a technique she previously used to pass unnoticed underneath Karin. With this sandstorm, there was no way Karin could locate her.

Karin, realizing that Temari again used whatever she was using to escape her senses, had a problem. She could not sense Temari and she could not see shit through all the sand flying around! But she also couldn"t just disperse the sandstorm as it would only create a stronger one!

Not seeing any solution, Karin"s temper started to get the better of her.

"Agh! To hell with it!" She inwardly screamed and started to angrily fling her chakra chain around the arena in a tantrum, intending... well, more like hoping... to hit Temari with her blind blows.

Karin was furiously smashing and shattering every piece of the landscape around her immovable armor, powerful blows rained all over the arena, creating untold devastation and mayhem.

The sandstorm was continuously being blown away and reformed again and again, with each blow becoming stronger and stronger until there was nothing but sand everywhere.

Karin was blind and she hated it!

The sand was doing something to block her senses! It drove her sparse. The more she rampaged, the blinder she became, the more bothered by it she was. It was one vicious cycle.

Many in the audience, civilians and ninjas alike, went deathly pale at the sight of such mindless violence perpetrated by a hulking mass of chakra of the size of Hokage Tower. So much so Rei even regretted installing seals that allowed the audience to see what was happening despite all the visual obstacles such as the sandstorm.

Karin was simply not giving any shit about appearances. She utterly wrecked everything around her with extreme prejudice and the ninjas in the audience had their lives flashing in front of their eyes as they started picturing encountering... that... during a war.

The reluctance was almost palpable in the air.

Both Raikage and Tsuchikage stared at the spectacle in mute horror, quickly abandoning their plans to deal with Uzushiogakure after they dealt with Konoha.

The massive chakra construct was causing craters with every blow. Hills were created and then demolished in an instant as the powerful force of the chakra chain terraformed the landscape in a mindlessly casual flick.

Yes, Raikage could punch strong enough to pulverize a small mountain but not with such ease!

Yes, Tsuchikage"s potential for destruction far outstripped what he was seeing but he could not use his Dust Release so casually.

This large-scale destruction was visibly not taking any toll on the girl! She was not thinking where to strike next. She was just waving that chain of hers left and right, no technique or skill, just pure brute strength, and this was the result. She could go on and on. Powering that chakra giant as if it was some kind of D-rank Jutsu.

Needless to say, both Raikage and Tsuchikage were scared out of their minds. Just imagining that crimson armor being in the middle of their village...

It sent shivers down their spines.

If nothing else, Karin unknowingly earned respect from two leaders.

Without the chakra barrier surrounding the arena, the Kages surmised there would be no arena left standing after that tantrum of hers. Frankly, there probably would not be half of Konoha left standing.

The barrier soaked up all the shockwaves which were much more devastating than the blows themselves.

And while Karin was blindly rampaging, hoping to get out of her utterly mortifying situation, Temari was preparing her counterattack.

The Uzumaki wanted to pull a giant made of chakra out of her ass? Well, there was only one response to that! Since she wanted a giant, she will get a giant!

Temari"s eyes gleamed with vicious light.

And not just one but several!

"I am going to teach you some common sense, brat." Temari heatedly thought. She was trying to restrain herself for the sake of appearances but since Karin wanted to go hardcore.... "Who told you to pull a village-ending move in a competition meant for genins, haah, brat!?"

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