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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 39 - Ch39. The Capital of Mizu, again

Chapter 39 - Ch39. The Capital of Mizu, again

Rei and Konan delivered the prince to the guards guarding the entrance to the castle. They still wore their while blank ANBU masks so nobody really recognized them. Stating they were busy, they quickly disappeared before any smart-ass decided to "invite" them in front of Daimyo.

Rei and Konan were not about to spend their day in that heap of problems!

They were in the capital of Mizu and they were going to enjoy it!


Rei and Konan found themselves in the best restaurant in the city, their hitai-ate stashed in the storage seals. They picked a table in the corner to be inconspicuous but they both forgot this was the so-called "higher" society of a feudal world. The second Konan walked in, many wealthy young masters turned their heads in her direction.

Rei"s jaw hit the floor when he saw it.

Brothers are you perhaps also transmigrants from a cultivation world? What"s with these lecherous looks!

He couldn"t help but mentally ask in utter bafflement. In the end, he realized these young masters are everywhere. They are FLOODING the omniverse! A shiver ran through his spine and a horrified look appeared on his face as he imagined Kisame spitting a tsunami of arrogant chibi-young-mast...


Konan thankfully swatted him, ending the nightmare as they finally reached the table and sat down.

"Young masters everywhere." Rei mumbled at her curious look, a shiver running through him.

Konan blinked and tilted her head as she scanned the room with the corner of her eye.

"These utterly powerless retards who stare at me without realizing it gets them closer to death?"

She asked in a deadpan voice, quietly so only Rei could hear her.

"Ah, uh-oh." He nodded.

Konan only smiled, stood up from her chair, walked to Rei, and sat on his lap.

"Then, let them seethe in their little world." Rei could feel her butt pressing onto his crotch. "We will enjoy ours." Konan saucily whispered to him.

The diner from then on was a very pleasant matter. If the hordes of murderous glares from incompetent young nobles were disregarded.


Rei and Konan left the restaurant in a merry mood, half-hugging as their heads were resting on each other.

"It was a nice evening." Rei stated.

"Mmm." Konan hummed. "But I still like cuddling on the bed more." Her face bloomed into a genuine full smile. It made Rei happy and satisfied.

That smile was the entire reason why Rei bothered. Konan didn"t smile like that. Ever. When she did, it meant she was inwardly jumping from joy. It was the same kind of smile she had when they slept together for the first time. Since then, Rei wanted to make her smile like that again.

He snuggled his head more into her hair, pulling her closer with his hand on her hip. As they got close, he kissed her cheek, making her close her eye.

"I love you, Konan." Rei whispered to her, making the smile widen.

"Mmm. I love you too." Konan blushed and nibbled on her lower lip. Rei could feel the fingers grasping his hip squeezing and dancing, not knowing what to do.

He spun her and kissed her crimson lips, completely ignoring the audience and the gasping grandmas who were hiddenly fangirling at such a scandal!

As the duo played with their tongues, caressing the other"s tongue with theirs while gazing into each other"s eyes and feeling their joined souls quiver at the intimacy... It was enough for them to be completely and utterly in need of more. Konan"s hand sn.a.k.e.d under Rei"s kimono, feeling up his muscles while her eyes were not-so-subtly hinting she wanted him to feel up her chest.

Rei ended their kiss, separating, making Konan sad and confused. She looked at him with an apparent question on her dejected face. Rei leaned closer to Konan, making her smile and close her eyes as she awaited his kiss but he moved his head to the side in order to reach her ear.

"We are being followed." He gently whispered while still tightly clutching her body to his. They outwardly looked like a couple intimately hugging.

Konan froze. Her brows furrowed but then Rei felt it. She... grew stoic. Now, coming from completely happy and elated to the heavens to stoic in a second... that was never a good sign. He barely managed to pull away from her ear and give her another searing kiss to get her head back into the gutter, away from murderous thoughts.

When the kiss ended he put his forehead on hers.

"Don"t go blowing up the entire capital city." He gently admonished, making Konan blush.

Yes, she was about to activate her exploding tags she positioned all around the city when they entered it. Because she was irritated at her lovey-dovey time being interrupted. But who could blame her!? She was enjoying Rei"s lips when some idiot decided to interrupt them! One city is a small price to pay for that!

"Let me deal with it, kay? Don"t go blowing things up." Rei whispered, making Konan nod in a great reluctance.

Now she won"t even be able to blow up that restaurant where the idiots made Rei feel bad with their stares. And she already packed it full with exploding tags too! Tsch, wasted effort.

Konan tried to avert her gaze from Rei, her cheeks red but he cupped her chin and trailed kisses on her mouth. She sighed dreamily as she reciprocated.

Rei was half a mind to just let Konan blow the capitol up and enjoy her body right there. She was definitely not making it easy for him, ramping up his desire higher and higher. But he was giving the annoying shits a time to approach. By now they were surrounded and the "audience" already left from fear. Even the very reluctant grandmas sullenly left while hitting the heads of the idiots who were surrounding Rei and Konan with their walking sticks.

"Cut it out!" A huffy voice resounded loudly through the street.

Rei ended the kiss with a very annoyed sigh. He looked over his shoulder and saw a lean man with a fan, clad in luxurious attire, and a very punchable mug that screamed one thing only.

Young Master.

Around the smug idiot were hordes of people holding swords. The entire street was empty bar them. They all looked high and mighty, thinking they have the upper hand.

"You peasant! Why are your hands on MY girl!" The "young master" screamed, pointing his folded fan at Rei who only blinked at the BOY in utter astonishment. "Unhand her at once! She belongs to this master from now on!" He smugly exclaimed. "For your cheek, I will grant you a swift death!"

Rei"s mood sank. He just met a young master disease. His mind blanked out and every word of caution and "not blowing" things up disappeared from his mind on instinct.

Young masters were truly fearful beings. Even someone as collected as Rei was afflicted with a mind effect: Rage when they opened their mouth!

Without even thinking he raised his hand, palm facing the sky as a small blue ball fire appeared above it.

Konan"s eyes went wide as her mouth opened in "O" when she saw what he decided to use. The blue flame was similar to mokuton! Merge between katon, suiton, and nature energy as the stabilizer!

Konan suddenly felt as she was enveloped with a coating of Rei"s suiton, katon, and nature energy, not different from how they coated themselves to prevent being soaked in heavy rain.

In a blink of an eye, a wave of light-blue flames spread away from Rei, growing and swirling until... a massive tornado of bluish flames burst out from the city, reaching the clouds. The flames visibly chilled even the air while violently spinning.

Fortunately, Rei didn"t concentrate the Jutsu towards the ground but fired it to the sky. Otherwise, the capital city would be akin to Cocytus. The entire street was covered in these bluish flames dancing on a sheen of ice, chilling anything that touched them to the bone.

The Young Master and his guards were already dispersed into the air as sparkling ice-dust as their bodies without chakra couldn"t guard against the chilling flames and froze way beyond the shattering point.

It was not the end though. The flames in the sky froze the molecules of water in the air, making them heavy, falling to the ground as vicious winds whipped the ground. For the first time in history, the city experienced a ferocious hailstorm. The people shrieked in fright as they hid inside their houses. The animals loudly panicked. The roofs creaked as the small shards of ice continuously fell on them.

"cling, cling, cling."

The ice fell from the sky, covering the streets and the buildings as if it was snow. The temperature of the entire city dropped far below zero as an eerie bluish mist started forming all the while the sky burned with the bluish flames, engulfing the entire horizon in blue light. The entire city was as if under a blue lamp as the hailstorm ravaged it.

And when the tornado stopped, the hailstorm ceased, the flames extinguished, only the bluish highlight in the sky still present, the frozen street... was empty. Konan and Rei long gone.

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