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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 33 - Ch33. Wonders of focused minds

Chapter 33 - Ch33. Wonders of focused minds

"So? What did you find?"

Rei looked at the source of the voice, Konan. Konan laid n.a.k.e.d on the bed, on her tummy was the small square paper with the seal that connected them together. Rei sat next to her body, studying the seal while touching Konan all over her body. On his hand was a seal that allowed him to inspect the soul of the person he touched. Of course, the soul was connected with the entirety of the body so he had to, ahem, molest Konan.

"Other than that one should not mess with the soul?" Rei quipped, making Konan roll her eyes at him.

"I found out we are going to do it again!" Rei exclaimed and took the small paper from her belly, putting it on the table near the sealing matrix he was working on.

Konan sat down, looking at Rei to scribble down more seals. The complicated seals were no longer only words with a few numbers. She just wasn"t able to put her head around them even though she learned English. Shaking her head she dragged her body across the bed, putting her ching on Rei"s shoulder as her arms sn.a.k.e.d around his neck. Closing her eyes she relished the closeness.

Rei could feel Konan"s b.r.e.a.s.ts on his back and smiled. Through the years he got used to working on seals in this position. He kinda started to miss it when he was trying to think of a seal and Konan was not hanging on his shoulders.

"What exactly are you trying to do?" Konan"s quiet whisper entered Rei"s ears.

He hummed as his pen stopped momentarily.

"I am making a soul detection seal geared towards our souls."

Rei could feel Konan tilting her head. It was more like she leaned it into himself but the meaning got across.

"You know my theory that seals are capable of creating dimensions, right?"

Konan hummed in affirmative. A farfetched theory but Rei was very convincing. After all, these storage seals must find the space to store all these things somewhere.

"I want to create our own place. Only for us." Rei told her, making her heart flutter. "For now, I am working on a mechanism to allow entry only to us."

"Rei..." Konan opened her ambers with a smile. "I love you."

Rei smiled and softly bopped her head with his. "I love you, too."


Rei and Konan entered a vast clearing. It took Rei two months to create the keys but he finally managed it.

"Whoa!" Konan spun, bewildered, taking a proper look around. "You created this with seals!?"

The clearing was huge. Enough to fit the entirety of Kirigakure with its training fields. But it ended with blackness. There was nothing following at the end. Just solid darkness. Even the sky was all black and Konan wasn"t sure how she managed to see without the sun! Rei told her the sight is dependent on the rays from stars and sun! Yet here were none and she could see!

Rei saw her looking at the sky with a confused expression and smiled.

"It"s due to seals. There are light-absorbing and air-absorbing seals. They suck air and light from outside, trapping it here. It is then sent from the sky down, making you able to see. I am sure I could get a better design sometime later but for now, it is enough.

Konan nodded and approached Re, kissing him.

"So, the ground is made with Jutsu then?"

"Yes." Rei softly laughed as he returned her kiss. "It is doton producing Jutsu. It actually worked! And the grass was an experiment to see if the plants can grow here.

"Where are we?" Konan asked curiously.

"Ah... I don"t really know, actually. My theory is we are outside of the space. I... think I may be able to define this little dimension to be outside of the time as well but it will take years..." Rei bitterly smiled.

Konan just kissed the tip of his nose. "We have all the time in the world, my genius."

"That we do, my love." Rei nodded and kissed her cheek as both felt the nature energy of their dimension increase by the second the more they were inside. It started to affect the grass near them, which was getting greener and greener... Rei got many ideas seeing it but he shrugged them off. He had to fulfill his boyfriend"s duties first.

"So... up for a picnic?" He raised the basket he was holding, making Konan giggle and hug him.


A month later, Rei and Konan stood in the middle of their dimension. They joined their hands.

"Ready, Konan?"

"Ready, Rei."

Both smiled as the chakra and nature energy surged from their bodies, affecting the surroundings. The ground soaked up every bit of it and the world stilled for a second. All was peaceful and quiet until the world trembled. The ground started sending pulses like a heartbeat, sending earthquakes that clashed with each other, making the entire dimension violently shudder.

Only Rei and Konan, standing in the center and the ground under them was completely still, not moving even an inch. The ground was twisting, raising, lowering, mixing...

It took twenty minutes until Konan and Rei stopped supplying chakra for the Jutsu that will change their dimension forevermore.

The ground stilled and then one last pulse could be felt like a shockwave under the earth surface slightly raised the ground before it promptly fell back and... started to lower itself, creating a perfectly flat surface. No longer was it a grassy plain. Instead, the grass completely disappeared as a hard brown ground replaced it.

But not for long...

The ground started cracking all around as if a bud of a new plant was about to rise. The only difference was that these cracks were a few meters large, cracking the ground in the entire dimension except a circle with a few meters radius around Rei and Konan.

Both Rei and Konan knelt down and slammed both of their palms to the ground, sending a pulse through it, pushing air away from themselves, creating shockwaves.

"Mokuton: Evergrowing Evergreen."

Their voices reverberated through the entire dimension as vines as thick as buildings started to cover the ground, snaking their way, intertwining, smashing, and pushing each other.

When the vines finally covered the entire dimension except for a circle of a few hundred meters around Rei and Konan, they stopped. Instead of ground, the dimension was full of massive vines.

Then the vines started creaking as if in pain when massive trees thrice as thick as the vines started forcefully pushing their way through them from the ground, reaching the "sky" almost touching the ceiling of the artificial dimension. Leaves started to slowly but at a visible rate grow from the branches, painting the dimension green.

These trees were all special. All having the power to gather the natural energy and saturate the ground and the air with it.

Rei and Konan could feel the nature energy being gathered from the space beyond their dimension. Space "around". Space "below". Or space "above". It just all started to hurtle and oversaturate their dimension. The more nature energy the trees gathered, the faster their leaves grew until they started falling down, touching the ground, dissolving there, gifting the ground with energy.

As the energy filled the ground, the earth surged according to the intent of Rei and Konan, covering the vines, swirling like a whirlpool with the center around the space with Rei and Konan, mixing the nature energy as if it was in a pot of boiling water being mixed by a spoon. But slowly, the energy started snapping. Transforming.

And then... everything changed. The trees stopped sucking nature energy from the surrounding space and instead started to "produce" their own nature energy. Completely different nature energy. Nature energy... tailored for Konan and Rei and their chakra, their souls.

Both Rei and Konan powerlessly fell onto the ground, unable to move as they felt their chakra stores completely drained almost as much as they felt the immense drain in their mind. Their focus.

"Heh, told ya it would work." Rei dryly chuckled.

"You and your theories." Konan mumbled with a giggle.

"If there can be two different nature energies in two different worlds..." Rei started.

"... then we can create our own nature energy suited only for us." Konan finished.

"We did it, love." Rei tenderly whispered, still in disbelief. "We did it. We created a self-sustaining dimen..."

"That we di..."

Both fell asleep mid-sentence from the sheer exhaustion.

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