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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 29 - Ch29. Nice morning, annoyed Ringo, and schemes of old coot

Chapter 29 - Ch29. Nice morning, annoyed Ringo, and schemes of old coot

Rei woke up and saw Konan"s sleeping face in front of him. She had a small smile and cutely furrowed brows, most likely from a pleasant dream. He couldn"t help himself and his hand quickly landed on her cheek, softly and gently caressing it.

Konan slowly opened her sleepy eyes while her head unconsciously leaned towards Rei"s hand. Her smile widened as her vision cleared and the first sight that greeted her was Rei"s eyes, intently staring at her face, enamored with it. Konan moved before she could even realize it and suddenly rolled Rei on his back. She sat on his belly, straddling him, letting him see her very n.a.k.e.d and very sensitive body while smiling at him gently. She lowered her upper body, laying her chest on his as her mouth claimed his in a very slow and deliberate kiss.

Rei"s hands sn.a.k.e.d around her torso, softly embracing her n.a.k.e.d back. He started to slowly stroke it while making sure to apply raiton chakra to make her feel pleasant tingling in her entire back. He could instantly feel her legs clamping hard on his h.i.p.s as her crotch instinctively pressed harder into his stomach. He could feel Konan"s hardening, poking his chest.

Konan ended the slow soft kiss and pulled her head slightly away before her head lowered again, towards his ear.

"That was not nice... Now I am all horny." She seductively purred into his ear and started to kiss his neck.

"That makes two of us." Rei returned the favor by releasing a hot breath into her ear that was conveniently close. His left hand raised from her back, taking hold of the nape of her neck as his right hand reached across her back, gripping her hip.

Konan only managed to yelp as she suddenly found herself lying on her back when Rei twisted their bodies. She blinked in momentary confusion at the ceiling. Tilting her head she was about to talk when Rei"s lips smashed into hers, his body leaning into her. Konan felt her body loosen, happy from the close proximity. She melted into the kiss and her eyes glazed over in want as her legs that were still around Rei"s h.i.p.s, tightly locked behind his back, refusing to let go.

They passionately made out, laying on top of each other and the time lost the meaning for them. Minute, five, ten... they had no idea.

Out of sudden, Rei withdrew from the kiss.

"Sorry, Konan." He kissed her cheek as she stared at him, biting her lower lip. "We have a mission today."

Konan slowly nodded, her greater than massive reluctance apparent. Rei could only smile wryly.

"Eh... Konan, your legs..."

Konan looked at him innocently, but her legs stayed firmly locked around his back, the same as her hands still held his shoulders.

Rei chuckled and stood up, making Konan yelp and tightly clung to him like a koala.

"You difficult girl..." He kissed her forehead, enjoying her pout and her accusing stare. "Well, then, shower first!" He said but Konan could feel his hands squeezing her bum. That instant she knew it would take a long, long time for them to leave the shower.

Her eyes quickly morphed into joy, claiming his lips as he carried her to the bathroom.


Annoyed Ringo was leaning on the gate as she sat cross-legged on the ground, the swords that she received from Rei were on her lap. She took great care of them. After all, not even half of the jonin were capable of having a weapon from chakra metal! Even if only as big as kunai, it would cost a fortune! Only the most skilled and successful ninjas could afford one! Or the wealthiest clans...

Yet, Rei-sensei gave her not one but two! It was half a year since she started her apprenticeship and she could never really put her head around where her sensei got the money for two short swords. Even the Mizukage dropped his jaw when she reported it! It really showed how big it was!

She was tasked with reporting anything suspicious about her sensei to the Mizukage. She... wasn"t very comfortable with it but she was a kunoichi of Kiri and Mizukage was her boss. She was very aware that her Rei-sensei knew but didn"t care. Ringo didn"t understand why it was important to have HER of all people spy on Rei-sensei. He could have killed her off in the middle of the village and make it seem like an accident. That much she knew from their training. It made her that much more glad she was given to Rei-sensei. She learned a lot about kenjutsu and raiton!

She started to like her sensei... even his cold teammate was kinda bearable, she guessed.

"Now... if only Rei-sensei and Konan-san showed up." Ringo grumbled under her nose, not noticing the ANBU and gate guards snickering at her, knowing full well...

This was the first official out of the village mission for Ringo and she was excited. Well, before she was forced to wait half an hour for her sensei!

Poor Ringo had no idea that Rei and Konan were pulling their inner Kakashi on her. It would be hours before they showed up.


The third Mizukage stood in his office, looking out of the window.

"Sigh, if my clan knew..." A womanly voice resounded from within the office as the shuffling of dressing up could be heard.

"Himeno," Mizukage chuckled as with the corner of his eye he observed his childhood friend sluggishly pulling her clothes back on her body. "your grandfather knows about us..."

"Humph. I know!" She averted her eyes, making him snicker.

They have been sleeping together since they were teenagers. Himeno never married. Always beaten her suitor to an inch of his life to dissolve any arranged marriage. She was to be the next clan head and yet by now there was nobody in the Yuki clan who dared to propose. No matter the benefits.

The Mizukage came closer to Himeno and kissed her on the lips.

"How is our daughter?" He softly asked her, making her wryly smile.

"Still forbidden from any shinobi training. The elders are forcing her to be a civilian. The only civilian in the entire clan..." Himeno shook her head sadly. "Ah, it"s not that bad! She clearly has Yuki Kekkei Genkai and is treated like Princess." She elaborated when she saw Mizukage getting angry.

"She is only forbidden to train. They don"t want someone with "impure" blood to be the next leader of the clan." The Mizukage held back a sneer.

"Sigh. It was hard enough when I came back home pregnant, unwilling to tell who the father was." Himeno shook her head. "Only my grandpa supported me."

The Mizukage nodded and continued for her.

"That was the only reason why no repercussions were enforced." He sighed but then bitterly grimaced. "I know. He asked for a hefty price for that too."

"I am planning to retire soon. Unless a war comes, in five to seven years I will be all yours." The Mizukage hugged her and whispered to her ear. "Then, I can stop this politicking and we can make many more daughters together." He kissed her near the ear, making her giggle.

Himeno pushed him away.

"We just had s.e.x." She pouted at him, making him chuckle.

As she looked down, blushing hard, she found a file pushed to the side of the table they just used for their lovemaking. She took it to her hand and started reading. The more she read the higher her eyebrows rose.

"You..." Himeno looked at her lover with wide eyes.

The Mizukage saw the file she was holding and let out an insufferable sigh.


"You want that orphan, Ringo, do what!?" Himeno shrieked.


"Are you sure?" Himeno quieted down and seriously stared at him. "I doubt Konan will let Ringo sleep with Rei..."

The Mizukage nodded.

"You never know but she is only a trial, anyway. I doubt she would manage it. I am sure Rei knows well what my game is and Konan will never accept Ringo because of that. Because both know..." The Mizukage smiled deviously. "But that will be their undoing, you see. I did account for my retirement into the plan! And I am counting on their cleverness too!"

"Ah... Ringo is a cover." Himeno stated dryly. She knew that smile, it instantly became apparent.

"Read ahead." The Mizukage told her simply and Himeno did.

"You... you... you..." Himeno could only gape as her mind stopped. "You betrothed him!?"

"Hehehe. Your man is a master at manipulation, after all!" He proudly stated with his hands on his h.i.p.s. "As Mizukage, I am legally able to do it! Kukuku!"

"This... the girl is barely four!"

The Mizukage nodded again. "That"s why it will work. The girl is four. Too young to predict it. At first glance, I won"t have any influence over her situation too. Rei and Konan will never see her as a threat, not when the exact same thing already failed with Ringo. They would think me too smart to go at it in the exact same way only without my own influence. The girl won"t even know it was all planned! And then, when they got close to the girl, hehe, I will spring the spiel at them! Either accept the betrothal or let the girl go into CRA where she would be used... well you know."

Himeno could only stare at him. It was a cruel plan. But she knew him. He always acted only after he got his facts straight. The CRA clause for a female was not activated... ever. Yet if this fails the girl will suffer.

"This... you are sure they will take her in, right?"

"I know Rei and Konan are loyal only to each other." The Mizukage waved dismissively. "I am giving them an incentive to be loyal to Kiri. Sure, it will take years but I observed them enough. With my plan? They will take the girl. A girl raised by Kiri. A girl whose inheritance is in Kiri. A girl who will receive her clan properties when she is of age. That will tie them to Kiri indefinitely."

"It can backfire." Himeno hummed.

"I know." The Mizukage sighed. "But Rei is reasonable. Konan would probably make the Kiri go kaboom but Rei... That"s why I am doing my best to accommodate them. I would probably want Rei as my successor if he was born in Kiri. You know, I am a very good judge of character. I judged you to be a pervert, after all..." He giggled perversely.

"You!" Himeno swatted his shoulders in good humor with a scowl. The previous topic already forgotten.

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