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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 27 - Ch27. Apprentice 1

Chapter 27 - Ch27. Apprentice 1

Rei and Konan did D and occasional C-ranked missions for two years until they were eligible for promotion to Chunin. During this time, they traveled most of the Land of Waters as the Mizukage tried to keep them outside the village but never allowing them to leave the Land of Water. They were the only duo genin team and sending them could free one team so they were run ragged these years.

Well, they would be if they did not make free time whenever possible on their way back. Their list of dates in various locations was almost as extensive as their mission record. After all, Rei made sure he had enough of his private Konan time to refill his Konan reserves after every mission with Konan!

Since he taught her how to get rid of her desires, she got quite tame. Rei knew it was not a solution, only temporary help. Her desires were still building up. But... only two more years and he would feel okay with it. On the other hand, since he pushed his lightning chakra into Konan, she demanded some "attention" every other day. Her taste was almost addictive to him. He couldn"t but feel wry at that.

Konan quickly put a stop to these feelings though. One day, he woke up with Konan"s tongue working its way up and down his morning wood... Rei could only take a firm hold of her messy bed hair and enjoy it. Since then... he also received the tender care of her mouth and silky tongue every other day. Konan seemed to get almost addicted to his c.u.m. She tasted heavenly to him so he surmised that it was the same for her too.

Both knew that what they felt for the other was in no way normal. They loved each other for years, sure. But they were aware that these intense insatiable feelings for the other dated to the mishap with linking and that they only grew stronger by the day.

It got so serious that Rei even started to develop a special seal. Soul affecting seal to bind them together completely. He felt their bond was somewhat incomplete. Open. And that was slowly driving them nuts. They needed some kind of control. And if that pushed them beyond the proverbial line and made them desire the other with their very being? Why not... He was even adding some special benefits!


Two years. That was the minimum period for a foreign shinobi to be trusted. Rei felt that the 3rd Mizukage was really pushing for their integration with Kiri. In these two years, he and Konan didn"t fail any mission. They had the best record out of all genins... which was a big embarrassment for them since they were solid elite jonin level already. They often sparred with the Seven Swordsmen, more often than not beating them. It brought only increasing depression to the 3rd Mizukage seeing them beating his best. Alternatively, he jumped from sheer joy when Rei or Konan was defeated!

But then again, neither of them actually showed their full skill in these spars. Rei often limited himself to raiton and kenjutsu while going blow for blow, bettering his kenjutsu in these spars and Konan preferred her paper clones and explosive tags while employing more of a hit and run tactic. To be honest, most fights, she was not even on the battlefield, instead, she ate snacks in the treetops as her clones did the work. It was driving Maduro sparse and the current wielder of Kiba... that man hated Konan with passion. Especially since she took a sick pleasure of always canceling his raiton coating on the blades with her futon. Always finding a different way to do it too!

Rei mostly sparred with Samehada and Nuibari wielders.

Samehada wielder. It was some unknown dude with spiky white hair... Rei didn"t care enough to remember his name. All the guy had was a large chakra pool, speed, and compliance of Samehada. His skills were good only at waving the chakra-sucker around. But fighting him was really a good exercise for dodging.

Nuibari was... dangerous. Even Rei received a few holes in his body when sparring with the woman wielding that sword. She was insanely skilled and fast with it! No matter the edge he had as someone who was strengthening his body with nature energy for years. No matter that his senses were incredibly developed. The woman always found just the right hole in his defense to put the needle in. It really showed Rei that he was not yet invincible. Rei found a new respect for shinobi by fighting her. She was the prime example that it was not all in pure una.d.u.l.terated power and that precision and skill could kill too. A pity the woman will be killed by her student, Kushimaru...


It was the day of their promotion to chunin when the Mizukage called for them.

Rei, expecting another mission, came leisurely into Mizukage"s office and with a slight bow, waiting for instructions. By now, the secretary was not even stopping him as his "team" frequented the office the most. The benefits of being able to fly on a platform made out of Konan"s paper, enhanced by Rei"s raiton chakra. Their traveling speed was insanely fast. They are able to have two days off after every long-distance mission and be in Kiri three days before their expected return. To this day, Mizukage didn"t know how they did it and always grumbled about that feat. Alas, sooner returns meant more missions. Pissing off Mizukage with even sooner returns from them, made for even more missions too. Which made for more free time with Konan outside the village and a bigger paycheck. Rei thought it was a win-win!

"Ah... Rei-kun~!" The Mizukage cheerily shouted, making Rei scowl. "You made chunin, I see!"

Rei"s scowl deepened. The man pulled all pretenses with Rei and Konan a year ago. He no longer was that stern serious leader but he was now more of a goofy idiotic and annoying... shit.

Of course, you know I am chunin, you approved of it, baaaka! Who do you think signed the library slip to jonin section right before my eyes!... Rei mentally raged.

"Anyway, I have something special for you, you see..." The Mizukage trailed off. "Call her in!"

Into the room walked a nine-year-old girl with a hitai-ate on her forehead. She was... small. But her eyes were sharp, used to fending for herself. Instantly darting all around the room, checking for ways to run, just in case. Her eyes instantly snapped to Mizukage and she bowed.


"Aah... Ringo-chan~! You will be given to Rei-kun, alright~?"

The girl, Ringo, instantly looked at Rei with a conflicted but kinda disappointed gaze. After all, he looked fifteen at most and not that strong either! She was to…! The girl blushed and looked to the ground.

"As a disciple." Rei finished for Mizukage in deadpan, making Ringo blink and nod slowly as her blush deepened for that misunderstanding.

"Of course... as a disciple." The Mizukage repeated with a smile. "How perceptive of you, Rei-kun!"

Rei would forever remember the day he doomed himself and allowed the Mizukage to call him Rei-kun. The twat used it against him in EVERY single instance he could!

Mizukage"s jovial mood suddenly disappeared as he deflated.

"That said... Genin Ameyuri." He sternly uttered, making the girl straighten up. "Your affinity for kenjutsu and raiton was duly noted. That"s why you are getting the best teacher for raiton and one of the best swordsmen of Kiri. Any questions?"

"I-" The girl at first hesitated but then her eyes flashed in resolve. "I thought the best was the wielder of Kiba!"

Rei couldn"t help but smile. The girl had guts to speak like that to Mizukage.

"Ah... spunky one, aren"t you?" The Mizukage chuckled. "Maybe, maybe not. Rei-kun is not a dual-wielder, therefore, Kiba is not for him."

The Mizukage knew Rei would steamroll the current wielder of Kiba. He saw it happen quite a lot too. But to actually admit it to a girl whose dream is to be Kiba-wielder? He was not so cruel! It would crush her dreams! That would not do for his plans. Not at all.

Ringo observed Rei. He had long pale blond hair in one massive braid, starting from the back of his head, flowing over his shoulder and lazily laying on his chest, reaching the middle of his abdomen. His eyes were piercing of shiny emerald green color and his face had high cheeks with some aristocratic features. He was pale and lean. Unassuming in his loose white long-sleeved kimono, reaching only a slightly above mid-thigh, and black pants. Ringo would peg him for a noble rather than ninja.

Nothing like the badass muscled swordsmen of Kiri! Ringo also noted his casual posture and annoyed expression as he stood five meters away from her. She then turned to Mizukage.

Where the heck is my muscled piece of a hunk? Is this lanky dude going to be my sensei? But, but, but… no muscles! … Ringo mentally whined.

"Mizukage-sama, are you sure this ma-" She didn"t finish it as she felt a powerful swat to the back of her head, sending her face-first to the floor.

"That was not nice, Rei-kun~." The Mizukage halfheartedly rebuked Rei who was now standing straight, a few inches behind Ringo"s form sprawled on the ground with one of his hands outstretched in swatting motion and the other behind his back.

"Is that any way to talk to your master, baka-deshi Ringo!? Look how I will beat you to death!" He ignored Mizukage as he scolded Ringo.

Ringo wasn"t that new in raiton manipulation. She felt the slight buzzing and then "Bam!". She was hit! She sprang to her feet, her eyes sparkling like stars as she looked straight at Rei with admiration in her gaze.

"Yes! Master!" She exclaimed, awe-filling her eyes.

Rei blinked at her. Then blinked at the gawking Mizukage.

"Did I break her?" He pointed at Ringo who was still looking at him like a fangirl.

"Congratulations Rei-kun... you just gained your first admirer. Make me proud!" The Mizukage wiped a mock-tear from the corner of his eye.

"Come with me girl." Rei decided that a swift retreat was in order and left with Ringo.

It was not like in Konoha. He was given an apprentice and that was that. If he didn"t want her, he could find someone who did or let her self-study... or provide an accident. She was an orphan and it was a viable opinion. But he could not reject her appointment as his apprentice. But that basically meant, her skill will reflect on him and his resume. It was a nifty way to keep jonins in line and make them pass on at least some of their skills.

As the door closed, Mizukage"s expression changed from jovial and goofy to complete seriousness. He clasped his hands in front of his mouth that twitched upward.

"Heh, consider this a test run... Rei...kun."

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