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In Naruto: Reborn With Talent

Chapter 26 - Ch26. Easy money

Chapter 26 - Ch26. Easy money

Pa treon - 24 chapters ahead.

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The next morning, Rei made breakfast for Konan. They both enjoyed it alongside some light morning kissing.

Rei had a plan for his visit to the capital. As a Kiri shinobi, he won"t be able to come to this place often. Thankfully, he had Konan and his superb ability with seals!

They left their hitai-ate in their pockets and left the hotel room.


"Is this it?" Konan asked, bewildered as she stared at the run-down building on the edge of the capital. Both her and Rei were in a henge of their a.d.u.l.t forms.

"Yes..." Rei trailed off. "Anyway, let"s go in."

He reached for the door and they... broke. Sighing in exasperation, Rei just went past the now doorless frame and entered the building.

"W-who a-are yo-you!" An old man suddenly shouted, trying to sound confident but the stutter didn"t help it much.

"You are Mikado Biribiri?" Rei asked, trying to sound polite.

"Y-yes!" The man nodded, looking at him in suspicion. "Wh-what d-do y-you wan-want!"

Rei heard the guy was basically Hinata MK. Predecessor but this was really going to be a long talk, wasn"t it?

"I came to offer you a business deal."


"Yes." Rei clicked his tongue as Konan snickered behind her palm.


"I know!" Rei told the man with a groan. "Now, sit!"

He was aware that the man had a brilliantly inventive mind but was utter crap at social skills. It was utterly obvi-obvi-obvious!

"You want to spread your electric bulbs, street light, and electric appliances."

The man nodded, his back straight, and his hands perched on his knees.

"But you lack a stable power source and social skills."

The man nodded again, a little more enthusiastically.

"I can give you... this." Rei took out a seal matrix consisting of two seals. He pointed at one of the seals. "This draws a minuscule amount of nature energy into the seal which produces raiton chakra." He saw the utter look of incomprehension but didn"t care and continued. His finger trailed towards the second seal as he continued his explanation. "This raiton chakra is conducted into the second seal, where it is made to power up the seal to create electricity out of it."

Mikado"s eyes shone as he somewhat realized how it worked. If this was the truth then his power source problem would be solved! But...

"I-I-I ca-ca-can-can"t d-do s-"

"Yes," Rei patiently nodded. "That"s why a clone of Konan here will assist you and create these seals for you. A merchant, Karubo will come in a few days to act as "peoples" person for this little project. I only want fifty percent of profits for me and fifteen for Karubo."

Mikado blinked with his jaws hanging at the proposition.

"Y-yo-you, half!?" He shrieked and for the first time, didn"t stutter!

"Yes." Rei calmly replied. "You will receive thirty-five percent and be able to focus on inventing while Karubo does the merchant work for you."

Mikado was conflicted as he gazed into the emerald eyes of the pale blond man. On one hand, his life"s work would spread. On another... they asked for more than half of the profits!

"O-Ok." He grimaced but he knew he had no other choice. Kuruzu Inc. made him pauper when they introduced their own power source and appliances. And even if it broke more often than not... they were regarded better even though his never broke. It was all in their talking skills.

Rei signed a contract with the man and left a paper clone of grown-up Konan behind.

The clone had six seals, one in the head, one in heart, and four in limbs, that continuously absorbed nature energy and resupplied its chakra reserves, making it able to sustain itself indefinitely. It could even create more paper clones on its own that could make seals. A perfect factory!

Rei loved that these clones of Konan were like Shadow Clones only without the memory transfer function. He trusted Konan to do her best for his endeavors even if it was only a clone of hers. He wasn"t dense. He knew she would kill the entirety of Mizu no Kuni if he asked her. Or at least, she would try to.

As for why he didn"t use his own clones? How the heck would he stick seals made of ink onto a water clone!? It was really depressing when he tried...

They left Mikado"s house after they agreed the company would be called Biri-Biri... and that Rei"s profits would go to his account. Karubo was already convinced to go along with it for fifteen percent so that was not a problem.


Rei and Konan spent the rest of their time in the capitol visiting tourist spots, holding hands, trying out restaurants, and enjoying life.

After their frantic survival arc in Ame, this seemed almost like heaven to Konan. She got to eat good food, kiss Rei and he would even piggyback her through the city! She couldn"t help but have a barely noticeable smile on her lips the entire time.

For Rei, that smile was very telling. He made sure to kiss her a lot during their date. He knew she loved it and he could also say that her lips were one of his favorite places!

That"s why when they came back to their hotel room and Konan attacked him the second the door closed, he didn"t protest. Her lips trailed along his neck, chin, and cheeks until they finally reached his lips. Konan didn"t stop. She fully leaned on him, deepening her kisses as they reached the bed. Rei ended up sitting on the edge as Konan straddled him, her hands on the back of his head, pushing his lips closer to his. Her tongue started lashing at his lips, trying to find an in.

Rei allowed her entrance and the two made out while Konan tried to make her body melt into his while m.o.a.ning into the kisses as she could feel Rei"s hands squeezing her posterior.

It took them five minutes to separate and as they did, Konan"s eyes flashed. She wanted more than just kisses! She felt ready. She was ready! Her hand started to reach towards Rei"s crotch.

Rei stopped her hand from getting into his pants, holding it tightly. Breaking the tender atmosphere in the room.

Konan pleadingly looked at him. They were eleven but their bodies were thirteen! They had hitai-ate! She wanted to make him feel good!

Rei gave her a harsh look that told her what he thought about it. Their bodies were not yet mature enough. Maybe it was a remnant of his morals from the modern age but... it was still there in his mind. He just could not switch it off and f.u.c.k an eleven years old girl!

But when he saw her sad, longing, and loving gaze, showing hopelessness and need...

Sigh. The nature energy just had to mess up with our hormones when it made our bodies older! ... He cursed. His body wanted it too. It was an almost overpowering urge! Urge to become one. To connect! There was nothing that he wanted more than to have s.e.x with Konan. Oddly enough, it was ONLY Konan that evoked it.

With an exasperated groan, his free hand went to Konan"s nether area. He, at least, could give her the satisfaction. Channeling his fine-controlled raiton chakra, he pushed it into her.

Konan curiously watched his hand in expectation. But then her eyes bulged as she felt the chakra. She couldn"t hold herself as she shrieked in ecstasy for a full thirty seconds

The raiton chakra stimulated every nerve ending in her nether region, she felt a tingling sensation deep inside herself and it was unbearable. Konan, for the first time in her life, climaxed, wetting the spot under herself.

Her powerless twitching body flopped onto Rei"s as her eyes started to droop in exhaustion as she cuddled to him, falling asleep.

Rei looked at her satisfied smile with happiness.

"Sigh. Such a difficult girl..." He licked his wet fingers and his smile widened. "Eh, at least she tastes incredible!" He tenderly kissed her forehead.

"I will have to teach you how to let your carnal desires wash over you and disperse into the nature energy. It will alleviate at least some of this uncontrollable need." He whispered lovingly to sleeping Konan, falling asleep himself.

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