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Chapter 1 - Liam


This was my second life.

My new name is [Liam Sera Banfield]– If I looked into a mirror, the image of a young boy with black hair and purple eyes would gaze back at me.

I’m currently five years old.

One day, while I was playing around in my room, I suddenly recalled all the memories of my previous life.

There was a large variety of toys scattered around me.

“...this room is big.”

The guide said I’d be born into a house of power and nobility.

It seems like he kept his promise.

Certainly, from what I can recall, I was definitely born into a noble’s household.

The Banfield house.

The intergalactic state known as the Algrand Empire, also known as the Albanian Dynasty.

In such an empire, I was born into an Earl’s house that dominates one galaxy.

And I was going to be its future lord.

No, I was going to be a king that controlled an entire galaxy.

“He kept his promise.”

I could feel a smile creeping up my face.

I didn’t know what I was going to be reincarnated as, but this is better than I could’ve ever imagined.

If they did this expecting that I was going to become a good person, then they have gravely mistaken their prospects.

After all, I don’t plan to be a good person this time.

This time, I’m aiming to be a great evil lord.

Though there are a few problems, like... What does an evil lord even do?

In dramas, they’d oppress the people and stuff, but what should I do?

Other ideas that come to mind include alcohol, women, and gambling maybe?

“In any case, should I just aim to feast on this life’s delicacies?”

That doesn’t really give off the image of an evil lord.

Should I imitate corrupt politicians and waste taxes while taking bribes?

Well, things should be fine as long as I live as I like.

“In any case, this seems like a lot of fun. ...huh?”

Something had fallen on my head.

It was a letter.

It was carefully sealed, and when opened, I was surprised to see that it was from the guide.

“Why didn’t he just come here himself?”

The answer to my question was written in the letter.

It said he was sending me a congratulations for my successful reincarnation.

But at the same time, it was written that unfortunately, he was a little busy and couldn’t come over himself.

However, he said he wouldn’t just leave me out to dry.

The letter said that he’d send over some support to help me soon.


While I was hunched over reading, my parents entered into the room along with a servant.

Cliff Sera Banfield.

Darcy Sera Banfield.

They walked over to me with smiles, and handed over something akin to a glass plate.

A document floated up on the glass plate’s surface.

What was written there was the transfer of titles, territory, and other rights over to me.

Why would they suddenly hand something like this over to a child?

“Father, what is this?”

Unfortunately, I honestly haven’t had much contact with my parents.

So I’m actually having a bit of trouble understanding why they’re doing this right now.

Perhaps noticing my complexion, the man who I wasn’t accustomed to calling father started to explain himself. However, the explanation itself was quite outrageous.

“Liam, Happy 5th Birthday. My present to you is the Banfield house in its entirety.”

In its entirety.

He just said that he was going to give a five-year-old child complete custody over his territory and all other assets.

Is he insane?

That’s what I thought, but at the same time I remembered the letter I just read.

It had already vanished from my hand but... is this what it meant by sending over support?

My mother Darcy then handed over a catalog.

“This is my present, I’ll purchase a maid robot to take care of you. So here, take a look and choose something you like.”

Darcy wanted to buy me a robot that resembled humans while doubling as a maid.

A robot that looks like an actual human... so an android?

As I opened up the received catalog, an assortment of images projected out towards me.

And not just images, videos and 3D holograms projected into the air, really giving off a futuristic vibe.

“W-what is this?”

Darcy smiled and started to explain how to use it.

“Just pick a maid that tickles your fancy, so you might as well choose one that’s cute as well.”

It was almost as if I was choosing a character for a game.

And if it’s like that then...

Underneath each android various numbers were displayed, but since I didn’t have to worry about the money, I wanted to make sure I got nothing less than the highest specs.

In the end, I chose the one with an appearance akin to a japanese-styled beauty.

Her long black hair was tied into a ponytail that flowed all the way down to her back, while her bangs grew longer on the right side rather than her left. Needless to say, I chose one that was well endowed.

The description even said that it was fully capable of processing sexual desires if needed.

I looked up.

Cliff was smiling at me.

“You really are my child, you have good taste.”

“Oh, um... I think I like chests because I’m still young?”

My parents had the warm, teasing smiles they could only show to a child buying a robot with adult functions.

It was quite the surreal scene if I do say so myself.

The elderly butler standing behind them– Brian, was sending over looks that seemed to say he had complex feelings about all this.

I could feel myself burning up in shame and embarrassment.

As I thought, this is quite unusual, isn’t it?

But now I’m sure.

This is probably the support the guide said he’d send over.

Putting aside how I was worried about how meddlesome my parents would be, I was afraid of women and how they’d act around me.

Women of flesh-and-blood can’t be trusted.

So I thought the robot maid was a really nice gift.

I’d have no worries about her betraying me.

In any case, I ended up choosing the one with the highest specs.

Confirming my choices, I set it so that she’d be wearing a classic maid outfit.

Miniskirts and such were overkill.

I was troubled whether I should set the skirt to be above or below the knees, but in the end I set it below them.

Darcy’s delight at my choices was just barely noticeable.

Hey, you know you still bought your son a robot maid fully capable of processing sexual desires, right?

“Oh, she’s quite pretty. I’m sure that if we left Liam to this robot, he’d be quite safe.”

I couldn’t help but feel discomfort at my parents’ attitude.

Gathering my courage, I looked up at the two of them and asked,

“Are you going somewhere?”

Cliff was rubbing his jaw.

“The Star Empire– I bought a residence in their capital, and we plan to move there.”

I started to sign the electronic documents that would transfer over the status and territory.

Then Darcy showed me another electronic document.

“Oh yes, Liam, sign here too please.”

It was a document that said I’d send them living expenses over at the star capital every year.

They were giving everything to me while they themselves would live out a simple urban life.

...they’re really pitiful parents.

This child of yours is a reincarnated person, it was the ridiculous truth that I already had the mentality of a fully grown man.

I don’t know what the guide did, but such a loving couple was now handing over their entire life’s status and property to me.

What else could I call this if not pitiful?

We might’ve not spent the most time together, but it’s only natural I’d send over living expenses to a couple that have given me so much.

“Of course!”

Only my face was smiling.

I was about to take everything away from the parents that I wasn’t even that close to.

Even so, I signed the electronic documents that seemed to push high expectations for my future.

◇ ◇ ◇

A few days later.

Liam’s parents arrived at the space port docks while being protected by an escort.

They boarded the private shuttle together, but they were actually sitting apart from one another.

First they’d leave the spaceport on this lavishly decorated shuttle, but from then on it’d be a straight trip over to the Star Capital on an official empire spacecraft.

This was quite the exciting development for a provincial Earl household.

While Cliff was reading an electronic newspaper, he opened his mouth and called out to Darcy.

They weren’t even looking at each other.

“You gave him a robot, are you even aware of your own motherhood?”

In contrast, Darcy was drinking tea.

There was no love between the two of them.

Their relationship was that of two nobles that had a political marriage.

“He’s a child who inherited my genes. My stomach went through many pains just to give birth to him, yet I can’t say I feel any real affection towards him.”

Liam was the product of their two genes combining together.

That’s all he was to them.

As Cliff put his newspaper down on the table, it was Darcy who spoke up this time.

“...are you sure it was okay to leave everything over to a five-year-old?”

“If I say it isn’t, are you going to stay?”

“I’m being serious here.”

Darcy continued after taking another sip of tea.

“I would never have married you if I couldn’t have this chance at freedom, but I can’t help but feel a little guilty forsaking a child who knows nothing. I gave him a robot, so isn’t that at least a small mercy?”

Cliff was laughing.

“A nobleman keeping a robot at his side, he’ll no doubt be a laughingstock.”

“You won’t betray me, I can at least trust you in that aspect, but if something happens to that boy we’ll be forced to return here, can’t you see that?”

“Don’t think about it.”

Darcy was anxious.

“So you’re totally fine with this? You have no qualms with pushing a five-year-old child into a venomous position he’s not ready for?”

Cliff reached out for some alcohol.

He was finally free from it all, and couldn’t help but smile at the newfound liberation he felt.

“It’s not unheard of, there are precedents of others succeeding that young, besides we have the permission of the royal court. There are lots of other people doing the same thing, so don’t worry. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter who the lord is, nobody wants to rule over a frontier region like that.”

The Empire was okay with imposing status and property onto five-year-olds.

But there’s a reason for this.

“The Empire doesn’t really want to get involved with the frontiers, as long as there’s a proper administrator there, it doesn’t really matter if one neglects their duties.”

For an intergalactic empire, governance was very difficult.

Moreover, the Empire has tried to avoid the use of artificial intelligences since its formation.

Humanity was once dominated by the very artificial intelligences they created to serve them.

And it was the people of the empire who rose up against that unreasonable force.

As a result, the aristocracy couldn’t feel at ease when maid robots and the like which used said artificial intelligence were nearby.

It was the noble society’s trend to use it only if necessary, but even then it was undesirable.

Darcy looked down towards the space port that the shuttle departed from.

The planet owned by the Banfield family.

A sullen place that was scarcely developed.

In addition, it was in massive debt.

“If he knew about the territory, there’s no doubt Liam would be angry.”

Cliff’s drink was probably strong, since his face was now a little redder.

“I’m pushing my territory to my only child and fleeing to the Star Capital...”

A place that no one would be happy to live at.

That, was the territory of the Banfield family.

◇ ◇ ◇

Banfield main estate.

An Earl at the age of five, I had become a man who ruled over an entire galaxy.

“Now I’m one of those in power, or maybe I can call myself a king?”

In the empire, there were many houses on the level of the Banfield family.

But as long as I was in my own territory, I was the king.

An absolute person of power.

Brian brought over a report to me, who was sitting in an oversized chair in my father’s former office.

“Liam, your maid robot has arrived.”

“Understood, let her in.”

“As you wish– enter.”

The door to the office opened, and the maid robot that I saw from the catalogue walked inside.

Her movements felt completely natural.

If I didn’t know beforehand, there’d have been no way I would’ve guessed that she’s actually a robot.

Once she finally arrived in front of me, she proceeded to curtsy, picking up the ends of her skirt and bowing.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Master,1 I am your new maid, designated as ‘Amagi.’”

[Amagi], that’s a japanese name.

There’s no particular reason why, she’s just named that way.

Meanwhile Brian was standing by nonchalantly.

“Master, I plan to stay by your side to take care of you, however, it seems that I need to receive maintenance once every week.”


As I looked over her, maybe Amagi’s greetings were over, because she then proceeded after standing up straight.

“For regular maintenance, I can finish in about two hours.”

“That’s surprising, I thought it would’ve taken longer than that.”

Brian followed up, seeing how it surpassed my expectations,

“Even if it says maintenance, it’s just a body checkup. Cleaning and such, but if there’s a serious problem, then we’d have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs.”

When you think about it, isn’t it amazing that all it needs to maintain itself is just two hours of rest every week?

In curiosity, I stretched my hands out towards Amagi.

She then approached me, and gently lifted me up and proceeded to hug me.

I could feel her chest. It was a big chest that’d be impossible for me to grasp with my small hands.

“Its soft. The softness that every man desires.”

They weren’t too soft, they had a certain toughness to them, and they felt really nice.

Brian looked a bit perplexed.

“Lord Liam, please refrain from doing such things in public.”

Brian is a man who’s been serving the Banfield family for a long time, I’ve heard that he even managed the house for a while long ago.

Though as a butler, it seems he didn’t have the skills necessary for managing the house, but he was still a talent that we were reluctant to fire.

Even so, I’m the master here.

I was already in a ridiculous position, so I decided to abandon my childishness.

“What I do is my business. Anyways, continue with the report about the territory.”

Brian proceeded to touch his bracelet, and pictures started floating out around him.

They represented the state of the territory in numerical figures and graphs.

There was even a map displayed there.

“...I have no idea what any of this means.”

Brian seemed to have a slightly disappointed atmosphere of ‘as expected,’ but you couldn’t really see it on his face.

Still, this is bad.

I have no idea what to do.

While I was contemplating how much trouble I was in, Amagi, who was still holding me close to her heart, spoke up,

“I have the functions to act as an assistant governor if necessary. Master, if it’s okay, would you like me to assist you?”

“Really? I seriously don’t understand any of this, you know?”

“I recommend you enter into an education capsule. During this time, I can temporarily take over the administration rights of the territory.”

Listening to that, Brian bursts out in protest.

“Lord Liam, I’m completely against this! Leaving administration to an artificial intelligence is considered taboo in the Empire! Even allowing her to support you like this is questionable enough.”

But Amagi refuted his claim.

“There are no such laws in the Empire, that is more of society’s mindset of things, but either way, I will follow the master’s orders.”

Educational capsules sure were convenient devices.

When placed inside the capsule’s liquid, the knowledge you desire will automatically start to enter your mind while putting your body through physical therapy.

If it were elementary school knowledge, then you’d have to rest inside the capsule for a least half a year.

The problem is that you won’t actually be able to retain that strengthened body and sharpened mind unless you actually go outside to train and study afterwards. What was the point in living life if you were permanently stuck inside a capsule?

Even so, I hear that it’s still many times more efficient than studying normally.

Looking at these numbers and graphs, I felt once again how incompetent I was.

–Modern knowledge from my previous life won’t help me with domestic affairs here.

“Brian, prepare the capsule. Amagi, I will leave the territory in your care while I’m inside.”

“Lord Liam!”

Brian cried out in dissent, but Amagi just responded with, “Please leave it to me.”

It looks like my commands are the only ones that she’ll listen to.

Isn’t this quite wonderful?

I moved to persuade Brian.

“Brian, look at the facts. I really don’t know anything about this, so are you sure its okay for me to run the territory as I am now?”

“T-that may be so, but-”

“It’s only going to be for a little while, if you understand, then get it ready.”

In any case, if I can leave the work to someone else, I might as well.

Society might denounce artificial intelligences, but that doesn’t matter to me.

That said, I was still in a bad position.

If I just wanted to oppress the people, then I don’t think I really had any need to study.

However, let’s keep this to myself for now.

My body is still that of a child.

It’d be much harder for me to oppress them if they undermined my authority due to my age.

I continued to think about such things as I stared at Amagi’s chest.

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