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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 85: Go Out There and Spend Like There’s No Tomorrow

Chapter 85: Go Out There and Spend Like There’s No Tomorrow

His warm breath could be felt against her face as his lips drew closer.

He was going to kiss her soon.

Qiao Mianmian’s heart was pounding furiously and she quickly closed her eyes in a fluster.


One second passed, two seconds...

The man’s warm lips did not land on hers.

Qiao Mianmian opened her eyes in confusion, only to see that Mo Yesi had buckled her seatbelt.

She was at a loss.

Was this all her wishful-thinking?

She had thought he wanted to kiss her, but it was just to buckle her seatbelt!

Qiao Mianmian wished she could find a place to hide from all the embarrassment.

To think she actually had that bit of excitement for it!!

Ah, what an embarrassment.


Qiao Mianmian’s face was still burning when they arrived at their lunch outlet.

She dared not even look him in the eye.

Mo Yesi naturally took her to a high-end restaurant. The boss himself had come forward to welcome him and lead them to a VIP room.

The furnishing of the place was rather vintage.

Mo Yesi didn’t even take a look at the menu. He simply handed it to Qiao Mianmian and said, “Order what you like.”


Qiao Mianmian flipped open the first page and got a shock when she saw the price.

Was this real!

A dish of crab roe and tofu was more than a thousand yuan?

And that was considered a cheap item on the menu.

The other seafood and delicacy dishes cost more than 10,000 yuan!!

She felt that this restaurant was way more expensive than the revolving one that Mo Yesi took her to previously.

After flipping the menu for the longest time, she chose the cheapest dish of stir-fried cabbage.

But even that was a few hundred yuan.

“I’m done, you can pick the rest.” She then handed the menu to him.

Mo Yesi flipped it for a while and asked the waiter, “How many dishes did we order?”

The waiter politely responded, “Mr. Mo, you only ordered one dish.”

Mo Yesi was shocked. “Only one dish? Which dish?”

The waiter said, “Garlic fried cabbage.”

Mo Yesi was speechless.

His brows twitched as he turned to look at Qiao Mianmian. “You just ordered a dish of cabbage?”

Mo Yesi would be a laughing stock if anyone found out that the woman he took to lunch ordered nothing but the cheapest dish.

“Yup, what’s wrong? You don’t like cabbage?” Qiao Mianmian looked at him innocently.

“... It’s not that. Never mind, I’ll order.”

This was the first time in his life that a woman was trying to save money for him. Mo Yesi felt... extremely confused.

Did this girl know just how rich her husband was?

Otherwise, why would she think of saving money for him?

He sighed helplessly and took the pen, checking off a few of the most expensive dishes. He then specially ordered an ice-cream for Qiao Mianmian’s dessert.

The last time they went to the revolving restaurant, it seemed like she liked ice-cream.

He waited for the waiter to leave.

Then, Mo Yesi reached out and held Qiao Mianmian in his arms.

He pinched her cheek and then gave her a peck on the lips. “Didn’t I tell you before that you don’t have to save money for me? I’m not so poor as to have you eat cabbage only. Baby, your husband is very rich. I’ve got more money than I could spend in this lifetime. I don’t want you to save money for me. In fact, I hope that you’re the sort of woman who goes out there and spends like there’s no tomorrow.”

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