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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 81: Let Sheng Hui Go Bankrupt

Chapter 81: Let Sheng Hui Go Bankrupt

Getting rid of a problematic student was a piece of cake. He could even change the principal if he wanted to.

But on Sheng Hui’s side...

Wei Zheng thought for a while before saying truthfully, “Chairman Mo, Sheng Hui is a renowned medium-sized enterprise. They’re rather large-scale, and there isn’t any problem with their management. Sheng Hui is unlikely to agree to an acquisition.”

Mo Yesi looked up coldly and Wei Zheng instantly went quiet.

“The way you say it, Mo Firm’s acquisition of another company depends on that party’s approval?”

Wei Zheng was startled to hear him say that. “Chairman Mo, that’s not what I meant.”

Mo Yesi narrowed his eyes and slammed the table. “If they aren’t willing, then we’ll sell their stocks short and make them go bankrupt. By then, they’ll come begging us to acquire them.”

Wei Zheng was evidently shocked.

Sell their stocks short?

Wouldn’t that require a lot of money?

Although the Mo Firm could well afford it, the point of acquisitions was to make a profit.

Given Chairman Mo’s thought process now, he wasn’t concerned about making money at all.

He seemed intent on losing money in this transaction.

He had been with Chairman Mo for so many years and had never seen him make any dealing that would end up in a loss.

This was the very first time.

Wei Zheng was starting to think that Chairman Mo’s weird doings had something to do with Young Madam. i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

Could this be part of it too?!

“... Yes, Chairman Mo!”

Wei Zheng had so many doubts, but all he had to do was to follow his Boss’s orders, not question them!

Chairman Mo wanted Sheng Hui to go bankrupt, then so it would be!

Nothing else mattered!


The following day.

Qiao Mianmian heard that Shen Yueyue and Zhao Wanting had been expelled by the school.

The entire school was informed about it.

At the same time.

All the leading finance media channels were reporting the overnight bankruptcy of Sheng Hui Corporation. Their stocks fell drastically overnight and there was no chance of even salvaging the situation.

Sheng Hui was also a well-known firm in the city. In the 20 years they had been around, they had never faced any financial crises.

And yet, they went bankrupt in just one day. The public was in shock.

Everyone began speculating what happened.

Some said that there were internal problems in Sheng Hui that no one had exposed before. And now, things finally fell through.

Some others said that the boss of Sheng Hui had offended someone, and this was revenge.

If it was the latter, one could imagine just how rich and powerful that enemy was.

Qiao Mianmian also heard about it soon.

She sent Mo Yesi a text: [Sheng Hui’s bankruptcy... is it your doing?]

Mo Yesi replied very quickly: [Mm.]

Qiao Mianmian was stunned for two seconds when she saw the reply.

She asked again: [Is... it because of me?]

Mo Yesi: [Mm.]

Qiao Mianmian was speechless.

Although she didn’t know much about businesses and finance, she knew that it wasn’t easy to cause a medium-scale company to go bankrupt overnight.

She never expected Mo Yesi to make such a drastic move.

It wasn’t as if she had been taken advantage of. In fact, it was Shen Yueyue and her people who had had to pay the price.

She thought that the beating was enough warning and punishment for them.

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