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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 61: They’re So Arrogant!

Chapter 61: They’re So Arrogant!

“Do you guys remember, Chairman Mo was like this too at the last meeting.”

“Could Chairman Mo be in love?”

“How’s that possible? Chairman Mo has never been interested in women. If he really is in love, wouldn’t we have heard something about it by now?”


Outside the meeting room.

Mo Yesi called Wei Zheng over after his call with Qiao Mianmian.

“Chairman Mo.”

Mo Yesi tugged at his necktie and walked towards the elevator. “You’ll help me host the next meeting. I’m going out for a while.”


Wei Zheng’s jaw dropped.

This was a high-level meeting, how could an assistant like him host it?

Also, Chairman Mo was doing just fine in the meeting, why did he leave all of a sudden?

This was an important one.

Wei Zheng quickly caught up with him.

“Chairman Mo, I can’t do it.” He gathered enough courage to go on. “Everyone inside has a high post. It’s not appropriate for me to host it for them.”

Mo Yesi seemed to be in a rush.

He pressed the button to the elevator. “I say you can do it, so you can. Don’t say anymore. This is part of your job scope. If you can’t do even this, then leave.”

The elevator doors opened.

With that, Mo Yesi walked in and pressed the close button.

Wei Zheng was left speechless.

He was threatened with a pink slip, what else could he say.

He had no other choice.

His boss’s words were final.

As difficult as this task was, he had to complete it.

The thought of all the high-post managers and such caused Wei Zheng a lot of stress.

He felt that Chairman Mo was getting increasingly wilful recently.

He was coming in later and leaving earlier, and now he was even leaving midway through a meeting.

This wasn’t the Chairman Mo he knew!


Qiao Mianmian had just made the bed when she heard a noise coming from downstairs.

It was a rather huge commotion, and the few people in the bedroom went out to take a look.

She and Jiang Luoli went out too.

They looked down and saw that a group of well-groomed and well-dressed men was about to enter the female dormitory, but was stopped by the attendant.

The attendant was already over 50 years old and definitely wasn’t a match for them.

There was no way she could hold them back.

One of the men looked impatient. He went forward and gave the attendant a push, causing her to fall backward onto the ground.

“Damn it, they’re too much. This is a school, how could they be so arrogant!” Jiang Luoli was furious.

Qiao Mianmian’s expression also darkened as she pursed her lips. “Shen Yueyue actually brought this group of men to school. She’s got guts.”

If the school management found out about this, Shen Yueyue would definitely have to face the music.

Shen Yueyue herself was clear about it.

The fact that she dared to do this meant that there was definitely more backing than just that rich, handsome man.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t go overboard like this.

Qiao Mianmian suddenly recalled that she hadn’t told anyone about her breakup with Su Ze.

And yet, Shen Yueyue and the other roommates knew about it.

“Luo Luo, let me ask you something.” Qiao Mianmian’s eyes darkened.

She had her own speculations already.

“What is it?” Jiang Luoli still had her eyes on those young men.

Qiao Mianmian kept quiet for a while and then asked, “My breakup with Su Ze... who told you guys about it?”

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