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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 4: I Plan to Keep This Baby

Chapter 4: I Plan to Keep This Baby

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao Mianmian dragged her fatigued self out of the hotel.

She’d just left the place when Qiao Anxin’s phone call came in.

“Sister,” Qiao Anxin gently said on the other end, “let’s have a talk.”

Qiao Mianmian gripped her phone tightly and took a deep breath. She said coldly, “There’s nothing for us to talk about.”

“Is that so?” Qiao Anxin smiled. “What if it concerns Qiao Chen? Wouldn’t you want to talk about it?”

Qiao Chen?

Qiao Mianmian’s expression changed immediately and she clenched her jaw. “Qiao Anxin, what are you talking about?”

Qiao Anxin did not answer her. She simply said, “Sister, I’ll be waiting for you at Ming Yue Hotel. See you there.”


When Qiao Mianmian reached the restaurant, Qiao Anxin was already sitting in the private room awaiting her arrival.

She had on exquisite makeup and donned a figure-hugging black dress. Her hair was slightly curled and a pleasant perfume fragrance surrounded her.

Seeing Qiao Mianmian, she smiled and said, “Come, Sister. Have a seat.”

Qiao Mianmian stood by the table and glared at her coldly.

Qiao Anxin did not appear bothered at all. She gracefully took a check out of her purse and placed it on the table.

“Sister, here’s 10 million yuan. I believe it’s enough for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life.”

She looked up, and on her face was a clear look of arrogance and superiority. “I know that Qiao Chen’s illness requires a lot of money, and you’re only depending on your income from the shoots. It’s hard on you.”

“With this sum of money, you and Qiao Chen can both live a little better.”

Qiao Mianmian stared at the check on the table but did not respond.

“Sister, let’s just be open with each other and not beat around the bush.” Qiao Anxin’s lips curled up and she rested her hand on her belly. “I believe you’ve heard what I said last night. I’m pregnant with Brother Ah Ze’s child, and I plan to keep this baby.

“But before that, you’ve got to renounce your engagement with Brother Ah Ze. Otherwise, his child and I wouldn’t be officially recognized.

“As you know, Brother Ah Ze is about to take over the Su Mandate. He can’t possibly make any mistakes or risk anything at this point in time. As such, I hope you’ll take the initiative to go to the Su family and ask to renounce the engagement.”

Her words were so shameless, yet Qiao Mianmian wasn’t exceptionally angry with her.

She’d probably already vented all her emotions the previous night.

Now, as she listened to all of it, she found it ironic and ridiculous.

She smiled sarcastically. “Qiao Anxin, all that you’re doing here, does Su Ze know about it?”

When Qiao Anxin mentioned her being pregnant the previous night, Su Ze hadn’t appeared especially happy.

This child was evidently an accident.

He was about to take over the Su Mandate soon. Before that was successfully done, he definitely wouldn’t go public about his relationship with Qiao Anxin.

After all, this wasn’t glorious; if anything, it would tarnish his reputation.

It was clear that Su Ze couldn’t have known nor approved of Qiao Anxin coming to look for her.

As expected, Qiao Anxin’s expression changed instantly. “Qiao Mianmian, just let go. The person Brother Ah Ze likes is me. He’s stopped loving you a long time ago. If not for the engagement that our families had set since we were young, do you really think he’d choose you?

“Qiao Mianmian, is there any point in clinging onto a man who doesn’t love you?”

Qiao Mianmian seemed rather calm. In fact, she cooled down more easily when she heard these shameless words coming from her mouth. “This is between Su Ze and me, there’s no room for interference from a third party like you.”

Qiao Anxin’s expression darkened and stiffened.

She bit her lip. “In that case, you’re saying you won’t ask to renounce the engagement?”

Qiao Mianmian sneered. “If you’ve come to look for me just to discuss this matter, I’ve got no interest in it.”

With that, she turned around, ready to take her leave.

“Hold it there!”

Qiao Anxin stood up and grabbed her hand tightly. “Qiao Mianmian, just how much money does it take for you to leave Brother Ah Ze? If 10 million yuan won’t do, what about 15 million? Don’t be too greedy, my offer is enough...”


Qiao Mianmian couldn’t hold it in any longer and slapped her on the face!

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