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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 3002 - I Love You

Chapter 3002 I Love You

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

A moment later.

“Alright, I believe you.” Qiao Mianmian decided not to probe further.

It was over.

Mo Yesi explained.

She said she would believe him.

Moreover, she should be grateful for all the accidents that happened that night. 𝘪n𝐧𝓻eа𝒅. 𝘤o𝘮

If it wasn’t for those accidents, she and Mo Yesi might have missed each other.

She had been brooding over what happened that night and couldn’t let it go. At this moment, she could finally let it go.

Mo Yesi held her face and carefully read her expression. “You really believe me?”


“Then… you forgive me?”

Qiao Mianmian smiled. “Mm!”

Mo Yesi heaved a sigh of relief. It felt like someone had finally removed the stone that had been weighing on his heart for a long time.

He felt more relaxed than ever.

Nothing happened.

She didn’t hate him, blame him, alienate him…

She forgave him.

“Baby, thank you.” Mo Yesi pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the head. “Thank you for believing me and forgiving me.”

“You won’t hide anything from me anymore?”

“It won’t happen again, I swear.”

“Mo Yesi.” Qiao Mianmian rubbed her eyes and yawned again. The matter had just been resolved, and now she felt sleepy again. “I want to sleep.”

Mo Yesi kissed her on the forehead again and lay down with her in his arms. He reached out to turn off the lights. “Alright, Baby. Sleep well and have good dreams.”

“Mo Yesi…” Qiao Mianmian closed her eyes and soon felt sleepy. “You haven’t said… you didn’t say that you love me.”

Mo Yesi smiled affectionately. “Baby, I love you.”

“Call me by my name and say you love me.”

The smile in the man’s eyes deepened. He placed his hand on the top of the little woman’s head and stroked it gently. “Qiao Mianmian, I love you.”

“I love you, too.

“Mo Yesi, I-I love you too.”

The next morning.

Mo Yesi was woken up by the sound of vomiting.

He had always been a light sleeper. In the past, he would wake up at the slightest disturbance. After being with Qiao Mianmian for so long, his sleep condition improved

slightly, but he still didn’t sleep too deeply.

He opened his eyes and immediately looked at the person beside him. She was supposed to be sleeping on the bed, but she wasn’t there.

The bathroom door was open.

More vomiting sounds could be heard.

Mo Yesi’s expression changed. He immediately got off the bed and rushed to the washroom without even putting on his slippers.

He pushed open the door and saw Qiao Mianmian leaning against the toilet..

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