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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 30: Mianmian Is Not So Vain

Chapter 30: Mianmian Is Not So Vain

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


The shop assistants left resentfully.

President Chen looked at Su Ze and Qiao Anxin who were still standing in the shop and quietly cheered them on.

He knew of the Su family’s young master.

He could be regarded as quite a prestigious figure.

However, compared to Chairman Mo, he was simply not enough.

He wasn’t even qualified to be mentioned.

Although he and the woman beside him had not directly framed Ms. Qiao, they hadn’t been much better.

Since they had offended Ms. Qiao, if she wanted to harp over it with them, the Su family would be facing bad luck.

President Chen gave them a sympathetic look and turned to leave.

“Mr. Chen...”

But he heard a whiny sound from behind him.

President Chen looked back and saw that the woman in Su Ze’s arms was calling him.

He froze. “What’s the matter?”

Qiao Anxin disengaged from Su Ze’s arms, held his arm instead, and asked softly, “I’m Qiao Mianmian’s sister. President Chen just fired some of the clerks who didn’t understand the rules for my sister. I want to thank you in her place.”

President Chen froze again and his eyebrows shot up. “It is my honor to work for Ms. Qiao Mianmian! I wouldn’t dare to ask her to thank me.”

When Qiao Anxin heard this, her expression grew darker again.

Qiao Mianmian. How prestigious was she even?

President Chen was being so humble and respectful to her.

She was very uncomfortable and bit her lip tightly. “Does President Chen have a good relationship with my sister? How did you meet her?”

Only now did President Chen realize her intention.

He could tell that she was thanking him to dig for more information.

Suddenly, a little disapproval appeared on his face.

When he spoke again, his attitude was a little cold. “It has nothing to do with you. But since you are her sister, I can advise you. Ms. Qiao Mianmian is not a person you can offend. You should be kind to her in the future.”

After saying this, President Chen turned and left.

Qiao Anxin’s expression turned grey.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Brother Ah Ze, did you hear what he just said? Say, do you think sister has gotten intimate with a rich person?”

“That’s impossible.”

Su Ze’s face was downcast. “Mianmian is not such a vain person. She wouldn’t do such a thing.”

“But...” Qiao Anxin still wanted to say something.

Su Ze suddenly looked back at her. “Anxin, I have known Mianmian for a full ten years. I know her so well, I know she can never do such a thing. She has never asked me for anything before.

“Even when I gave her an expensive gift, she would be distressed over how much I spent.”

Qiao Anxin saw that when Su Ze was talking about these things, he had a nostalgic look in his eyes.

The jealousy in her heart was ignited instantly.

Su Ze said she loved her, but when he talked about Qiao Mianmian, his eyes still held so much longing.

Also, what did he mean by that?

Qiao Mianmian did not take the initiative to ask him for money and was reluctant to spend money, so she was not a vain woman.

And she?

She often asked him for gifts, and every time she asked, it was something expensive.

Was he implying that she was vain?

Thinking of it this way, Qiao Anxin’s expression got even worse and she grew extremely angry inside.

But she just didn’t dare to flare up in front of Su Ze.

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