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Chapter 2989 Regret

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Back then, she was only in her early twenties.

She was a young girl who had fantasies about love and was passionate about life.

Although she was living a blissful life and had gotten the love she wanted, she was still passionate about life.

But time passed so quickly.

In the blink of an eye, her two sons were already married and had a family.

She was really old.

“Yunchen, have you been in contact with Wenpei recently?” Old Madam still felt a little regretful on such a joyous day.

It was said that everything would prosper if the family was harmonious, but her eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law were divorced.

Although Old Madam was unhappy with Madam Mo, she didn’t want a happy family to end up in a divorce.

Moreover, she knew her eldest son’s personality too well.

Now that he was divorced, he wouldn’t look for her anymore.

Old Madam didn’t want her eldest son to grow old alone. It didn’t matter whether they were men or women, they had to have someone by their side. Otherwise, it would be

too pitiful to grow old alone.

Mo Yunchen froze for a few seconds when Old Madam mentioned Madam Mo.

“She called yesterday.”

“Oh? What did she say?”

“She just asked about the wedding.”

Old Madam sighed. “Wenpei was in the wrong, and she almost made a huge mistake. But I think she must be sincerely regretful now. If she hadn’t taken things too hard and

insisted on going against Luoli and Mianmian, you and she wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

Mo Yunchen pursed his lips and kept quiet.

“In my opinion, if she really recognizes her mistake and is willing to change, shouldn’t we give her a chance?” Old Madam saw Mo Yunchen’s reaction and continued, “It’s

not like you should remarry her, but you don’t have to be strangers anymore.

“Yunchen, she’s been married to you for over 20 years, and she even gave birth to two children for you. She’s in the wrong, but she doesn’t deserve to die alone,” Old Madam

said earnestly.

Madam Mo sat on the sofa with a hint of drunkenness in her eyes and a glass of red wine in her hand. Her eyes were red as she pulled a housemaid beside her and choked.

“Today is Shixiu and Yesi’s wedding, but as a mother, I’m not qualified to attend.

“Do you think I’m pathetic?

‘m not even qualified to attend my sons’ wedding.”

“Madam, don’t drink anymore.” The housemaid looked at her worriedly. “You’ll get drunk if you continue drinking.”

“It’s good to be drunk. I want to be drunk.” Madam Mo’s eyes were filled with tears as she said sadly, “I won’t be as sad if I’m drunk. Do you know that Yunchen used to love

me the most, and Yesi and Shixiu were very filial to me? I’ve been very happy ever since I married into the Mo family.

“Although Old Madam doesn’t love me very much, she has never upset me.

‘ve lived a carefree life in the Mo family for over 20 years. Everything was wonderful…

it wasn’t until later when Yesi and Shixiu got married to ordinary women that I became dissatisfied.

“My sons are so outstanding, how could they marry women from ordinary families? I couldn’t accept it. I hoped they could find me daughters-in-law of equal status.” As

Madam Mo spoke, tears flowed out..

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