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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2983 - What Should I Do?

Chapter 2983: What Should I Do?

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

Some things were probably printed in the genes.

‘The men of the Mo family were genetically devoted.

If that was the case, Qiao Mianmian was really worried about Qiao Chen.

Although he said that he would let go when Shen Xin got married, could he really do it?

What if he couldn’t let go of this relationship?

Qiao Mianmian could understand why Madam Bai was so worried about Bai Yusheng’s marriage. 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

She was also worried about Qiao Chen’s marriage.

“Chen Chen, if you really want Shen Xin, then you have to work hard to fight for your future.” Qiao Mianmian knew that it wasn’t realistic to persuade him to give up on Shen Xin now, but if Qiao Chen really only wanted her, as his sister, she still wanted to help him. “Whether your relationship succeeds

depends on Shen Xin. Do you know what Shen Xin’s feelings for you are now?”

“Shen Xin’s feelings for me?”

In the past, Qiao Chen was sure that Shen Xin liked him and was obsessed with him.

But now.

Ever since Shen Rou’s incident, the Shen family had become even more hostile towards the Mo family. Shen Xin’s attitude towards him had also become noticeably colder.

Qiao Chen could feel that she was trying to distance herself from him.

He was from the Mo family.

The Shen family now hated the Mo family. They felt that the Mo family was the reason why they were in such a terrible state.

Shen Xin’s parents would definitely not allow her to interact with him.

He’d hurt Shen Xin before.

He couldn’t read her mind at all.

It was also because of this that he became more and more afraid.

He was afraid that Shen Xin would really let go of him and lose all feelings for him.

Then… he wouldn’t have a chance anymore.

“I don’t know.” After a moment of silence, Qiao Chen said sadly, “She’s very cold to me now and won’t talk to me.”

Qiao Chen felt bad when he thought about her coldness.

“Is she only cold to you, or to others?” Qiao Mianmian wanted to analyze it for her brother.

“She’s only like this to me.” Qiao Chen smiled bitterly. “She’s good to everyone else. She talks and laughs with everyone, but when she sees me, she becomes very cold.”

“Sister, I think she must hate me.” Qiao Chen looked hurt.

“You think she hates you because she’s cold to you?”

“What if I said that she might still like you?” Qiao Mianmian summarized her experience. “Being cold to you alone might not equate to hatred. I think she just doesn’t want to give you hope.”

Qiao Chen’s eyes lit up. “Sister, do you think Shen Xin doesn’t hate me?”

“Because of the current relationship between the Shen and Mo families, she has to alienate you and be colder to you. Chen Chen, you’re a member of the Mo family. Her parents definitely won’t let you two be together. Shen Xin knows this too, so she can’t be with you.”

“So, Shen Xin might still like me?” Qiao Chen’s eyes shone.

Qiao Mianmian nodded. “You said that she liked you for a few years. Her feelings can’t be gone so quickly.”

Her words rekindled hope in Qiao Chen. The look in his eyes changed, and his loneliness vanished. He grabbed Qiao Mianmian’s hand agitatedly.. “Sister, then tell me, what should I do?”

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