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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 24: Really Here to Steal

Chapter 24: Really Here to Steal

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

This was the woman who had intended to purposely make Ms. Qiao and Young Master Su break up since young?

She was really shameless.

The clerk saw that Qiao Anxin didn’t like her sister, so he said flatteringly, “Ms. Qiao, is this poor woman your elder sister? The younger sister is a big star, but the older sister is just a gangster. Ms. Qiao, did you recognize the wrong person?”

“Yes, Ms. Qiao, you are so impressive, how could you have such a lackluster sister.”

“Tsk, she doesn’t even have the money to buy clothes, so why is she shopping here? Could she be here for the air conditioning?”

“Look at how sneaky she is, she probably wants to steal something?”

Qiao Anxin listened to the clerk ridiculing Qiao Mianmian and felt elated inside.

But she pretended to be unhappy and frowned. “Don’t talk nonsense, my sister isn’t like that.”

After speaking, she looked at Qiao Mianmian again. “Sister, don’t be angry. They don’t know you, which is why they said that.”

Qiao Mianmian sneered.

She had intended on ignoring Qiao Anxin.

And she had also intended on ignoring those bootlicking clerks.

But now...

Now that everyone was coming together to ridicule her, wouldn’t she be too soft if she didn’t fight back?

This was not her character!

“If you don’t know me, how can you talk nonsense?” She stared coldly at the shop assistants. “Do you know that you have to pay a price for framing someone?”

When she swept her cold eyes across the assistants, a few of them froze and felt a sense of fear.

But at the thought that Qiao Mianmian was nothing but a poor woman, they became arrogant again.

“Haha.” A shop assistant mocked. “Frame? We didn’t frame you. Why did you come and visit a luxury brand store if you don’t have the money? What else could you be trying to do except steal?”

“Yeah, you’re clearly a thief, yet you’re still threatening us. You talk as if you’re very powerful, and even said we had to pay a price! Who do you think you are!”

“Hahaha, we are all so scared. Pay a price!”

“Sister.” Qiao Anxin frowned gently. “If you have any trouble, you can tell me and brother Su Ze.”

Her words were equivalent to acknowledging the words of the shop assistants.

She also thought Qiao Mianmian was here to steal.

Su Ze also frowned slightly and looked at Qiao Mianmian deeply. “Qiao Mianmian, are you so short of money?”

Seeing that Qiao Mianmian had suffered so badly after breaking up with him and couldn’t even afford to buy a piece of clothing, Su Ze felt a pain in his heart.

He said with pity and pain in his eyes, “If you really lack money, you can tell me. After all, the both of us... I will help you regardless.”

Hearing Su Ze’s words, Qiao Mianmian felt like her understanding of him deepened another level.

Their feelings over the ten years had really been fed to the dogs.

She could understand that Qiao Anxin was framing her.

But him...

He also thought that she was here to steal?

She looked at him as if he was stupid and, without saying a word, turned and walked out of the store.

“She’s guilty, right? She really came here to steal.”

“She’s so shameless. She looks exactly like a thief.”


Qiao Mianmian walked out of the shop.

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