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I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 19: I’ll Take Good Care of the Both of You

Chapter 19: I’ll Take Good Care of the Both of You

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After knowing that Su Ze had cheated on her with Qiao Anxin, Qiao Chen found it easier to accept this new brother-in-law.

He even found it comforting.

This brother-in-law was so much better than Su Ze in so many aspects. If Su Ze did not know how to appreciate his sister, someone else would!

He would definitely regret this in the future!

Qiao Chen looked at Mo Yesi and politely called. “Brother-in-law.”

The way he addressed him satisfied Mo Yesi.

He immediately took the watch off his wrist and handed it to Qiao Chen. “It was an impromptu decision to come here today, so I didn’t have time to prepare anything. Take this as a greeting gift first.”

Qiao Chen drew in a shocked breath.

That was a diamond Patek Philippe watch, it cost more than two million yuan each.

How could he simply give something that cost millions to someone?

Just how rich was this brother-in-law?

Qiao Mianmian was shocked as well. “No, no. This watch is too expensive, Chen Chen cannot accept it.”

“He can. Because I say so.” Mo Yesi stuffed it into Qiao Chen’s hand, not accepting any other response. “Once I gift someone, I’ll never ask for it to be returned. You can do whatever you like with it.”

Qiao Chen was astonished.

He dared not decline it, but at the same time, he felt that the gift was too extravagant.

“Sis...” He looked towards Qiao Mianmian pleadingly, seeking help.

Right then, Mo Yesi’s cell phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID and picked it up.

A few seconds later, he hung up.

“I’ve got some things to settle at the office, I’ll attend to it first.” He said to Qiao Mianmian, “We’ll have dinner together tonight. I’ll get the chauffeur to pick you up later.”

He then turned toward Qiao Chen. “Rest and recuperate well. If need be, you can come to me anytime, I’ll take good care of both of you.”

They had no idea how precious Mo Yesi’s promise actually was.

Neither did they know what it meant for a man with such power and status to give a promise.


Mo Yesi took his leave.

Qiao Chen looked at the watch in his hand, his curiosity piqued. “Sister, just what sort of person is Brother-in-law? Is he very rich?”

Even Su Ze wouldn’t be able to give someone else a two-million-yuan watch so casually.

“Yup, he’s pretty rich.”

He came from Yuncheng City’s most powerful Mo family, a household that was immeasurably wealthy.

They weren’t just wealthy, they were so in an extraordinary sense that an average person could only begin to imagine.

“This watch...” Qiao Chen looked glumly at it, unsure of how to handle this piece of valuable.

“Give it to me.” Qiao Mianmian put her hand out after some thought. “This is too expensive a gift, we can’t accept it. I’ll find a way to return it to him.”

Qiao Chen nodded and handed it to Qiao Mianmian.

This gift really was too extravagant.

Even if they accepted it, they’d never find an occasion to wear it. In that case, they might as well return it.

“Sister, how did you meet Brother-in-law, and how long have you been together?” Qiao Chen was very curious about this handsome and rich Brother-in-law.

Qiao Mianmian was paring a fruit for him.

She hesitated for a moment before giving him the pared and cut fruit. “Chen Chen, he and I... are married.”

Qiao Chen widened his eyes.

“You’re married?!”


“When was that?”

“Just today. We went to get our marriage certificate before coming to see you.”

She’d wanted to keep it from Qiao Chen, but since Mo Yesi had no intention of keeping this under wraps, she found no reason to either.

Qiao Chen choked on his own saliva.

This was simply incredulous, he could barely believe what he was hearing.

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