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Heaven-Defying Gold Boss

“Shit! This still isn’t cheating? Who do you think you’re fooling? Is that kid the son of the game company’s CEO?” At the spawn point, Bai Wensheng looked at his stat panel, his mouth twitching.

God Forsaken debuff x2! This freaking thing could stack!

Even though he knew that it was probably useless, Bai Wensheng still ran off to find customer support and report Meng Jingtian again!

He then dejectedly logged out, opened a chat platform, and entered a chat group called ‘Godslayer’.

Meanwhile, Meng Jingtian was bursting with confidence. This Belief Halo was awesome! He could kill someone in a city without getting penalized! So what did he have to be afraid of?

The next time he saw that rascal Bai Wensheng, wherever he was, he would just kill him!

As bystanders watched in shock, Meng Jingtian strode out of Seaside City with his saber.

Unbeknownst to him, not long after he left, an unfortunate player who had watched Meng Jingtian get away scot-free with murder misunderstood ‘Tomorrow’ as not having ‘safe zones’. Thus, he tried to imitate him and ended up getting thrown in jail by the city guards.

By now, Meng Jingtian had arrived at the ‘boar forest’ outside the city. There were many players here already. Frequently, a boar would appear and instantly get cut down in a barrage of skills.

Meng Jingtian was rather dejected. Kill-stealing monsters was also a sort of skill!

His character was innately a bug-like existence with far more attack power than anyone else.

But it wasn’t cheating, and his skill still had a cooldown. While he was sure that he could steal a kill with Divine Punishment, for ordinary attacks, he would have to rely on luck.

There were many times when he swung his saber and the monster was dead before the damage could even be calculated.

Thus, gathering boar tusks was very slow. Meng Jingtian worked patiently for around ten minutes, and once he saw that the mission was done, he prepared to go back.

But just as he was about to leave, the surrounding players suddenly became restless. Meng Jingtian raised his head and saw a giant brown boar with long tusks charging out of the forest.

A boss spawned? Meng Jingtian was surprised. He didn’t expect his luck to be this good! 𝗶𝘯𝗻𝙧𝚎α𝘥. 𝑐o𝘮

After farming these little monsters for only about ten minutes, he ran into such a good thing!

He immediately began to walk over with a group of players.

Enraged Boar King (Gold Boss): As the leader of the boars, the Boar King possesses formidable strength that will tear apart all and destroy homes.


HP: 1,000,0

Skills: Stomp, Earth’s Fury, Bellowing Charge…

After reading the Boar King’s info, Meng Jingtian immediately backed away. He would let these excited players who had lost their minds after seeing this gold boss charge up first.

The players grinding here were all just ordinary players without any guilds. The moment the boss appeared, they took heart in their numbers to charge forward and unleash all their skills at the Boar King.

They had probably deluded themselves into thinking that the Boar King would be just like the smaller boars, instantly wiped out by their human wave tactics. All of them wanted to snatch the last hit!

But they had failed to realize that the Boar King had one million HP, and this wasn’t even considering its other stats or defenses. A skill from an ordinary player was like an itch, barely scratching off several dozen hit points.

“Earth’s Fury!” As expected, the Boar King roared and stomped down a hoof. A dark yellow ring spread outward, instantly turning those hundred-some players charging at the front into beams of white light.

The crowded area instantly became rather empty. Those players who had yet to charge immediately began to run, their courage broken.

But the Boar King wasn’t some passive monster. Even if players didn’t attack it, it would approach and attack any players within a certain range.

The Boar King charged, turning player after player into white light.

A few moments later, the bustling training ground that was the boar forest had become empty, a bleak wind blowing through it.

All that was left was the enormous and majestic Boar King and Meng Jingtian, staring at each other.

Was this a gold boss? Annihilating several hundred players as soon as it arrived? You’re telling me that this is a gold boss?

Meng Jingtian was rather unsettled as he looked at the Boar King with a complicated expression.

Should I be fighting this boss? Or not?

The Belief Halo’s effect was limited by strength. The stronger the other party, the weaker the Belief Halo’s effect. The Boar King was also in an ‘enraged’ state, so its Friendliness toward Meng Jingtian was only at 30.

It was an extremely precarious number. It wouldn’t be affectionate with him, nor did it attack him. Otherwise, Meng Jingtian might have ended up like the other players and been sent back to the city by this monster.

And would attacking it reduce its Friendliness?

Meng Jingtian was very troubled. He naturally didn’t want to give up on a boss, but this was clearly a boss he couldn’t fight alone.

“A gold boss has spawned in the boar forest! Gathering a team to fight it!”

“Super rare equipment is waiting for you! What are you waiting for? Brothers, join the team and let’s kill that boar!”

Players were a very capable kind of people, and as Meng Jingtian was having a staredown with the Boar King, Seaside City’s chat channel had already exploded, countless messages from players trying to start groups filling the screen.

Soon, several guilds began to form teams.

The Boar King instantly became the focus of Seaside City’s players.

“Someone’s coming?” Meng Jingtian soon heard the sound of footsteps, and in the distance, he could see a group of players dressed in similar equipment.

These players all had equipment incorporating black wolf fur, indicating that they were all part of the same guild, a guild that had the strength to completely monopolize a training ground.

How else could they have gotten so much similar-looking equipment?

He should leave fighting bosses to specialists!

Meng Jingtian rolled his eyes. This sort of guild was usually very experienced when it came to beating a new boss. He would just see if he could pick up any leftovers!

As they crossed a certain boundary, the Boar King in front of Meng Jingtian seemed to be provoked and charged over.

Meng Jingtian used this moment when the Boar King was distracted to climb up a lush tree and hide.

It was quite the coincidence. This guild that had come first was none other than the guild he had interacted with before, the Beacon guild.

As he had been very far away and everyone knew that this Boar King was a boss that would actively attack players, no one believed that there would still be a player near the Boar King.

Now that the Boar King was moving, their attention had been placed completely on the Boar King, completely failing to notice Meng Jingtian climbing up the tree.


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